How Law of Attraction Works – Is it real?

how law of attraction works

Hello, welcome to Zero Point Awakening, this time we are going to talk about this popular topic of how the Law of Attraction works, well, rather it was very popular a few years ago when the movie The Secret was released and nowadays its popularity comes into discussion because many people wonder if it is indeed a real process.

I have heard that many have endless arguments such as, “I know a person who is like a very good girl and has very nice thoughts and even so, life is going badly for her” or “Look at him as he misbehaves and his black intentions and looks how he has everything and is economically abundant ”, and then apparently this contradiction comes to light and makes us think that the law of attraction is not real.

However, this has a reason and here we are going to see a completed version of how the law of attraction works that can explain these differences, so, pay close attention.

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The inspiration for this post came because recently I was reviewing this term of the LOA with the videos of Bob Proctor, who was one of the protagonists in the film “The Secret”, and in his videos, he presents some diagrams that will be similar to what I am going to present you here but which remain incomplete because there is a part that he does not explain. And I understand that maybe it is because he wants to stay with an audience that has a level of acceptance up to that level of understanding precisely, but here I am going to talk a little more deeply about how the Law of Attraction really works, look the diagram:

Law of attraction how it works physical level

The Law of Attraction – Don’t forget the Subconscious

Ok then let’s start, imagine that your physical body is the first level of reality and has its own language that would be biochemical, biological, physical-chemical, and so on.

Then we have the part of the mind that is divided into two, first, there is the conscious mental level, the level where is your personality or what you think you are when you are awake, everything you think, your ideas, your concepts, memories, etc. and I say what you think you are because there is a whole world in other levels of your being, for example in the subconscious.

That is why I made the subconscious area much larger compared to the conscious area. And this broad level is the subconscious symbolic level or also in other cultures they call it the soul level.

The Three Selves in Ho’oponopono and Huna

It is interesting to note that in reality, this subconscious level is much broader than what I am illustrating here since it is calculated that for each conscious though there are billions of subconscious thoughts that are happening “behind the scenes” and of which you as a conscious being do not notice all the time, and that is fine, because many of them are information for various functions such as attending to the physical body, or to have reflexes, but there are also many more that are building your entire reality.

For example, Bob Proctor says that in this subconscious mind is where the paradigms are found, or also we have heard of them as limiting beliefs, or simply beliefs, because they not only refer to the limiting ones but they can be positive or neutral beliefs, that is, a series of beliefs or paradigms that are running as programming there in your subconscious.

Law of attraction subconscious

The power of these paradigms to orchestrate reality explains why there are people who at first glance are very good and who have many good intentions and even are the kind of people that say, “I say my prayers to the angels and make my affirmations every day” but they do not have positive results in their life, so let us remember that we do not know the paradigms that are running behind in their Subconscious.

In fact, it is very likely that there is a conflict between their conscious and subconscious thoughts, for example, the person may have good behavior but behind it, there may be a paradigm that is in conflict with that behavior (for example, they do not estimate themselves) and that could give rise to attracting unpleasant circumstances.

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The Law of Attraction and Emotions

Generally, when this happens, there is a symptom in the body, which is the emotions, when there is a conflict between the paradigm in the subconscious and the thoughts of the conscious mind, there will be that clash and a negative emotion is usually presented.

In fact, some authors have commented that this could be the compass and invite you to look for where you feel good and avoid where you feel bad, however, I think that would also be an incomplete recommendation because if you guide yourself only by the compass of feelings it results that you can identify where there is a conflict between your conscious mind and the paradigms of your subconscious mind, yes, but it tells you nothing about the direction you should go to correct this point, that is, which part needs a change? examples:

* A: The conscious mind has a positive thought and the subconscious has a negative one – Solution: clean the subconscious and plant something new there.

* B: The subconscious mind is leading towards positive change but the conscious mind is resisting. Solution: Be brave and discipline the conscious mind to have more positive thoughts towards change.

So we can see that case B is a case where the conscious mind is resisting growth, because when there is growth there is also a conflict, that is, it will scare you, it challenges you, it will seem uncomfortable, when you want to change towards a new paradigm that favors you then it is logical that there will be discomfort, so it is not possible that the compass for the law of attraction is only the feelings or how you feel because it does not tell you anything about whether it is a case A or case B and you do not know where the conflict comes from, so there is nothing left but to use conscious criteria to qualify the panorama and make decisions about what things to change.

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And for that we are also served by certain disciplines that help us to listen more and connect more with the subconscious, that is where meditation comes into practice, contact with the inner child, or ho’oponopono that also helps us to clean all this relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, or practices such as shamanism where we also connect that level of the symbolic because the subconscious mind understands in the form of archetypes, images, music, ceremony, it likes that kind of symbolic things and has to be an emotional connection to get his attention, the conscious mind is like its shepherd but it has to make the subconscious to fall in love to influence it. This knowledge is the key to understand how the law of attraction works.


Do Affirmations Work?

Another thing that we hear a lot in the Law of Attraction world is that to reprogram your subconscious mind you have to use affirmations, and there is much talk about that repetition is the greatest teacher of all and that all that remains is to repeat the positive affirmations so that one day your subconscious mind understands it, records it and discards the rest, and suddenly makes your life wonderful.

But repeating the affirmations is a half-truth because if it may be that the affirmations work and that somehow they give you a focus, to say; “Ok, I’m going to focus on what I want” and that is fine but under that scheme of only affirmations it is like wanting to decorate the table without having cleaned it first because you have not gotten rid of the rest, there is the garbage of the other paradigms and there may still be a conflict and your subconscious mind and because of that, your subconscious may not even be interested in hearing your statements.

So if there is not a deep connection with the subconscious and a cleaning job it can take a lot of work and it can be very ineffective to be only focused on the affirmations because, in fact, the minimum to make an affirmation work is to repeat the affirmation a thousand times a day for 90 days, this is not said by me, it is by Bob Proctor and some other authors of the law of attraction.

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A Higher Level in Perception – The Key of the Law of Attraction

This is because they stay with the work tools up to the mental level whose language is the words, the affirmations, it is the level of the eternal psychological analysis and all that mental game but it does not occur to them to touch the soul or symbolic level. Although a little has been tried through meditations or hypnosis, in fact, there are hypnosis audios that help on a slightly deeper level, but I am convinced that other ceremonial and symbolic practices can help us make the job easier to achieve a change instead of taking you to make a thousand affirmations for 90 days, the change could happen in a single day or in a span of 15 days.

How the law of attraction works

And this could be so because we also could make an intervention at a level that is not mentioned in other places where they talk about the law of attraction, but that exists and that is already recognized by many experts in the study of the psyche, and also in the level of spiritual authority. This level would be the supra-conscious level, the level of the spirit, the mystical level, the energy level, we can call it in all ways, but if we intervene either at the symbolic level or at the spirit level, the other levels (the conscious mind and physical), can change much more effectively.

Well, it is as if we wanted to change the course of a river and we have two options:

  1. We spend our time fighting here where we are in this part of the river trying to fight the current by putting stones on it, or building dams, etc, and imagine the material that would have to be spent to make a dam and all the time and effort.
  2.  Or you go to the starting point where the river is born and with just one finger you can change its flow, its strength, and its direction.

Seeing this, isn’t it easier to go to the source of the river than to get to work correcting all the mess here? That’s the difference, between getting to grips with affirmations on a mental level or going and working on an energetic level. In addition, from the energy level, a whole cascade of events unfolds at all other levels.

How our levels of consciousness communicate

Another very interesting thing is that this has an order, the physical and mental levels are completely united with the subconscious, while the superconscious already resides outside of time. And they have an order of communication so that your conscious mind only has an influence on the subconscious (you cannot jump directly to the supra-conscious), this of course if we are blessed to know tools to work with our subconscious, and if not then you spend it on automatic pilot just reacting to life, but if you get a little knowledge to work within yourself, what you are going to be able to do is influence your subconscious as a father or as a mother to her child.

Now, for true miracles to occur and how the law of attraction works at a new level is when we request the help of the supra-conscious, of the divinity, but it turns out that only the subconscious (as seen in the diagram) has a direct line to the supra-conscious and this detail is another point that explains why some people do not achieve many things even if they “behave well” because if they are not cleaning that field of memories and paradigms and beliefs that are in the subconscious then the subconscious never opens the door to communication with the super-conscious and then, although we think that we are praying to God, to the divinity or to the universe, it turns out that in reality the doors are closed.

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The sages, shamans, kahunas, etc., know perfectly that we cannot go directly to ask the divinity for something the first time, but that we have to clean the channel, we have to clear the way and for this, the great work is with our subconscious and if we work with it, it will be able to more easily open the doors to the super-conscious.

The Law of Attraction Works?

In summary, it is because of all these details regarding our relationship with the subconscious that I tell you that the Law of Attraction as it is popularized seems to be incomplete, but if we explain it in this other way, you will see that it is a law that is operating all over the world all the time because all this vibration that your personality emanates, your paradigms and with all your energy level, is being emitted to the universe and you are going to attract what is harmonized with all that (not just your positive affirmations). This is how the law of attraction works.

Whether you are aware or not is something else but it is always like that, that is why in disciplines such as ho’oponopono we are going to find the term of 100% responsibility, which is to realize that we must always look inward and ask ourselves “What is it in me that is harmonizing with such a situation? What is there in me that is attracting or causing this to appear to me, that they tell me this or that in my work that happened? ” and not looking for someone to blame.

Ho’oponopono Technique – The History and Steps

Seeing it like this gives you back your power because if you can really say “I am in harmony with this and I recognize it”, then there may be a change, that is why the ho’oponopono phrases are used and above all connecting with love, with sorry, with the gratitude to help clear all these memories and paradigms and make reality change as a consequence, but if we do not recognize that and we cling to becoming “the victim” then we have no power, we have no way to change, why change to others it is very difficult.

So this is how the law of attraction works, the only way is to see how much I can clean inside myself and just as the station changes on radio, so the changes are reflected in my reality as I change from the inside. I’m Stela Ahau, thanks for reading, please share and comment.

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