Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Here we have a compilation of the Dr. Hew Len Inner Child Meditation used as a main practice in Ho’oponopono Technique. But first let’s give an introduction to the Unihipilli and Inner Child in the context of this Hawaiian healing technique.

Please note that in the Ho’oponopono wisdom three selves are recognized as part of us:

  • Uhane: Conscious mind
  • Unihipilli: Subconscious mind
  • Aumakua: Superconscious mind.

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All the problems that we face on a daily basis are based on the memories that are replaying on the subconscious mind or Unihipili “The inner child”, so everything that you experience is, in fact, you, everything, moment, places, people, circumstances, everything is happening within you because of these memories being replaying, so please observe yourself and pay attention at all times.

inner child ho opono pono meditation

Whatever you are experiencing in your life you have to know that those things are not the real problem, they are just the result of the memories that you have kept (unconsciously) and that are being replayed over and over… but know that you can let go of those memories.

If you clear more and more with ho’oponopono you can enable your Unihipili or Inner Child to show you more relevant things and you will be more aware of those inspirations that will lead you to live a plentiful life flowing with the vital source of life.

The inner child is a very important part of yourself because among other things it can help you to reach the Zero Limits state, and also it is the clue for you to connect with your higher self so you can be in union with divine inspiration.

However, for a long time, you have been responsible for ignoring and abuse the inner child, because you have not been aware. But now that you know, think of you as a mother of a young child and do your best effort to not let your child suffers. 

Keep cleaning,  keep clean the communication with your inner child, and live in harmony with it so you can communicate directly with divinity. Your inner child wants to be free and wants to get rid of all that mortgage, and it uses all kinds of messages to let you know so you give it attention to these memories within and gives you opportunities to clean them.

Ho'oponopono Technique

The Inner child knows that you can have more inspiration and surprises and development coming if you get rid of those memories, so use the four phrases of Ho’oponopono to clean, do it with your inner child and this will improve the communication. Also, you can use Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation to help with the cleaning.

I’m sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I love you

You can make an inventory and accept the existence of all these memories and then clear them one by one use the four phrases to do it.

Other resources:

  • Use the phrase “Ice Blue” and touch a plant at the same time, this helps with painful memories.
  • Say in your mind or out loud the words “Golden Drum” and spin it within you, this helps to release from blockages and curses.
  • “Drum sticks” this aligns you with the rhythm of life, of the spirit, and the flow of life and will help you to evolve.
  • Use “Blue net” phrase as a tool that catches all thoughts and memories and transmutes them.
  • Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Keep a kind and loving communication with your inner child, it can give you information about all the things around you, and remember to keep cleaning so you and your inner child can be free from all memories.

Peace begins with you.

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With that said let’s go to:

Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation


Relax with your eyes closed

I’m gonna take you through to me what is the most important relationship in the creation that is between the conscious and subconscious or between the mother and child, the mother being the conscious mind has the choice to take care of the child or ignore it, so let’s suppose for now we moved the terminology where the conscious mind is really the mother aspect of creation, the subconscious is the child and is the child who has all the memories since the creation and it’s burden, burden. 

Clear if you have depression it’s the information in the child that’s experiencing the depression so we want this relationship to work so the first thing you want to do, is that you want to do this really slowly, the first thing you want to do is you want to say to this child:

“Oh, for the first time in creation I am acknowledging your presence in me”

So that’s the first thing that it’s important to do is acknowledge that you are aware that there is this being in you called the inner child, and you’re talking to your inner child, so oh wow this is the first time that I’m aware that you are part of me and then the next thing you want to say to it is something very simple:

“I love you, I love you”

And then you acknowledge the fact that all of the hurts and pains, our data kept in this child, you say to this child very simple:

“I’m sorry, Please Forgive me for all the accumulated memories that you experience as sorrow, as grieving, as pain…”

hoponopono dr joe vitale course

So you are talking to this child acknowledging your responsibility that all of the wounds that this child has, that you have created, accepted, and accumulated, and you would like to have it undone. So one of the processes very simple to do is you must always ask the child for permission, you must never do to the child without watch asking for permission. 

So this is what you want to do, you want to say this child:

“Please, please allow me to stroke the top of your head with love and concern”

Just talk it, please allow me to do this and just do it, don’t have to imagine anything just do it, so see yourself just stroking the top of the head of the child, and as you’re stroking the top of the head of the child you’re saying to the child:

“I – Love – You, Please Forgive me for all the accumulated wounds that you now had stored, I am Sorry”

Again, I’m subbing back, this is the most important relationship because you can teach this child how to do the cleaning so you can put this child on automatic, but if you have not been acknowledging this child or really caring for it, it won’t do it. So as you’re stroking his head:

“I love you, thank you for being part of me and I’m sorry if I have been neglectful. if I’m not taking good care of you, if I have manipulated you… I’m sorry”

And then you kind of take an inventory, you talk to the child where all the memories replay problems and say to the child:

“If you don’t mind help me to let go”

so you start at the top or your head, if you have any headaches, any back pains, you walk you go down your body, you take an inventory and you say to the child:

“Oh this that we have experienced (this headache), please let go, of the memories that are replaying this… I don’t know what the memories are, I don’t want to know what the memories but you know and we can offer it to the divinity through the superconscious we can ask the divinity to set it free”

hooponopono advanced course fifth phrase joe vitale

So, what you’re doing is you’re stroking the head very gently, so now you gonna ask the child permission to hug it gently, not bear hug, bear hug frighten the child, so you’re saying the child:

“Please allow me to hug you very gently”

And when you do it just do it, you don’t have to imagine, just hug the child gently, and you have this little child in your arms and you talk to it:

“Thank you for being part of me, I love you and I’m sorry for all accumulated memories that you’ve experienced as pain and suffering, please, please forgive me”

After you’re done with that you ask the child to give you attend:

“Please give me your hand so I can grasp it, gently, gently stroking it, whatever hand you want to give to me, please give it to me”

So in your mind, you reach for the hand, you grasp it gently, gently stroking, and again you acknowledge is part of you:

“Thank you for being part of me, a part of me I’ve not paid very much attention to and I’m sorry, please please forgive me, I love You”

Then you might want to take another inventory, you might want to take it financially, and you say to the child:

“Ok. It’s just the memories that are the problem, so I’m asking you to let go, please let go”

Inner Child and Ho'oponopono

And then you take an inventory of whatever financial thing that you’re going through, any tax audits you wanna work on that, anything that has to do with a foreclosure of the home or anything you’re talking because the problem is not the foreclosure, the problem is not the finance, is the memories replaying, the wounds, it is the mortgage on your soul and you want this child who holds the mortgage to let it go.

“Please let go”

Oh If we have been overdrawn on the bank or we have been abusive to money, whatever we remember to be abusive to money, abusive to finances, abusive to the land…

“Please let go”

Then you ask the child permission to hold his other hand:

“Please allow me to hold your other hand”

Then you reach mentally the other hand, grasp it gently, gently stroking it. I want you to be clear, this child is where all the problem is stored so you want to be on a good relationship with this child so it will let go and let gone. 

So as you crave and you’re stroking the hand then you look at yourself and you take an inventory of what is going on in me that I’m having my experience of these problems with certain people so you bring them up in your life okay I don’t know what’s the problem, I don’t know what the memories are but I noticed that when I hang around with I’m annoyed, irritable and I don’t know what that’s all about, but it is memories in me and so please… you’re talking to this child with the memory bank:

“Please let go”

So this is the most important essential relationship in all of the creation between the mother and child, the mother can win the child over, she’s home free, the child will help her with the cleaning will be willing to let go will be willing to into it into her field and say to her, this is coming up, we better get to do it.

“Thank you very much”

Awakened Millionaire Academy joe vitale

Now you have to ask the child permission to hold its shoulders:

“Please allow me to hold your shoulders”

And so you reach for the shoulders and you begin the dialogue again, this dialogue about love, acknowledging the presence of the child:

“I love you, thank you thank you thank you for being part of me, I’m really grateful to know that there is you and me, that I’ve not been caring for since the beginning of time, please forgive me for ignoring you, not caring for you, causing you great harm and pain and sorrow, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you for being part of me”.

Then you reach for its shoulders and you say to it:

“Please allow me to hold your shoulders and give you unlimited love”

Again, if you’re looking for a business partner, this relationship with the child is the best business partner in creation if the relationship between the mother and child works it will work along for everything, so you’re holding a shoulder and then you’re looking to its eyes and you’re feasting up.

“I’ve ignored you, I’ve caused you pain and sorrow… I am sorry, please please forgive me, I love you, thank you for being willing to let go, so that you and I can be memory free, but you and I can walk hand in hand with the divinity and the Aumakua into the light”.

You can do this in the morning, you can do this in the evening, you can take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to get reconnected, relined up and when you’re willing to do this then the inner child would-be partner, so now I would like for you, we’re gonna do the seven-round of the breathing so both feed on the floor, your thumb, and your forefinger touching, both hand on your knees, on your lap and do the breathing, the breathing is the cleaning process the inner child would appreciate so one round is breathing for a count of 7, you hold for a count of seven, you exhale for a count of seven and you hold for a count of seven and you breathe seven rounds please, thank you very much.


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This has been the Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation hope has been a blessing for you. Here you have also the remixed version with music if you prefer:

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