What is Mana Energy in Ho’oponopono and Huna

hooponopono and mana energy dr joe vitale

In one of our latest post we talked about the three beings in us or the three selves, and for all the system can work and our prayers and desires can be heard and be effective we need the fuel, the fuel here is the mana energy.

mana energy and the three selves
ho’oponopono the three selves

Our three selves need this vital energy called “Mana Energy” to communicate between them and make all their functions including the creation of a new reality for us. In different cultures we can find references to this concept of vital energy, for example in the oriental wisdom we have the “Prana” which is now very popular due to the extension of yoga practices, also in the bible, we have a reference to the “Manna” the aliment that God gave to the Israelites and that probably was from energetic nature, and also from Chinese culture, we have the Qi concept that can be related to this idea of vital energy.

But according to ancient Huna wisdom each of our beings uses its own kind of energy to function:

  • Subconscious or Unihipili: uses simple Mana. This kind of energy can be produced from food, water, and air, and only the Unihipili have the capacity of making this conversion.
  • Conscious mind or Uhane: uses Mana-Mana a more refined version of Mana. In fact, the Uhane uses the Mana that the Unihipili collects in order to create the Mana-Mana, and with it, she can exercise the willpower and also with this energy can influence the Unhipili in order to co-create.
  • Superconscious mind or Aumakua: uses Mana Loa which is an energy transformed from the Mana and Mana-Mana and perhaps connected and transmitted also with help of divinity, and we said perhaps because of all the functions and abilities of the Mana Loa and unknow.

Five characteristics of Mana Energy.

All these three kinds of Mana has these 5 characteristics in common:

  1. The mana can be generated.
  2. The mana can be stored
  3. The mana can be downloaded to be used at a time other than when it was collected
  4. The mana doesn’t decrease with time and distance (different from the physical things or other kinds of energy).
  5. It can be transmitted from one being to another. These can be the origin of ancient legends that talked about healers and priests that were trained to help others with Mana and even on wars the warriors could be recharged and healed with mana with the help of these healers.

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How can the Mana Energy be generated?

Basically, we have two options:

  1. The emotions. This form to generated mana occurs naturally when you have a strong emotion or a great desire or great joy or great sadness, then the mana is generated, and this can impact your subconscious mind very deeply and open path to the superconscious and maybe without realizing it, you are generating a lot of things. For example, we can think about people that use penitence to generate emotions for their prayers to be heard, but also we have the case when you were very happy and just do it and the result was very well. But remember generally this process occurs naturally without our premeditated intervention.
  2. The conscious path. In this form, we fully intend to generate mana and are aware of the mechanism. In order to do it we need two elements:
    1. The breathing. Control the breathing
    2. The visualization.

In different cultures, there are practices that have one or another element, but it is rare to find practices that include both. I mean, we can find meditations but without breathing or breathings but without the visualizations, but here according to Huna wisdom, we need both? why? because basically, the breathing impacts the subconscious mind, and this is important because the Unihipili or subconscious mind always has the control of your breathing all the time, think about it, you are walking by the street and you don’t have to make calculations about your breathing it occurs naturally.

So when you take control of the breathing you got the attention of your Unihipili, so she can hear your orders and desires and then you both have a better connection, and also through deeper or stronger breathing you help to oxygen your blood and you burn more calories and then you can generate more energy, and then you can help your Unihipili to generate more Mana.

Regarding the visualization, this component is crucial to have a better communication path through the Aumakua. This is because your subconscious mind can understand you with words but for the Aumakua the language is merely holographic (with images). And that is why the way of communication is first to the Unihipili that can understand you in phrases and then she transmits the information to the Aumakua in form of holograms, and this is an inescapable path that we have to cross, we cannot avoid the first contact with the Unihipili because it is the subconscious mind who gives the strength to our message and create the basic Mana to do it.

Mana Energy

Conscious Methods to Generate Mana

There are a lot of ways to collect Mana but we here are going to mention a few basic ones based on the Huna ancient knowledge, you can experiment with these practices and even adapt them to you adding something that helps you to have more faith in your personal creation, but remember that the extra things are just to help you to believe and accept a new reality but they don’t have the real power, the real power is in you. With that said let’s mention the basic methods:

The first thing that you have to know is that all these exercises consist of belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, instead of chest breathing. This belly breathing has the characteristic that when you inhale, the diaphragm contracts and moves downward, you can use your hands to follow your diaphragm expanding and contracting.

  1. Follow the rhythm of your heart to do your breathing at the same rate. You can begin to hear the beats and count four by four, so you inhale in 4 times (all the inhalation lasts the 4 beats), then you make a pause with the air inside (this pause should be of 4 times too, but if you can’t the first time you can start from 1 and increase the time to complete the four beats), and then exhale slowly during the 4 beats term. You can find more references to this kind of practices through history here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_Rhythm_Meditation
  2. Ha Breathing – Hawaiian Breathing Technique. This is basically the same concept as the last one but instead of counting the beats of your heart you can follow your own rhythm and the count of 4 is also present. Inhale in four times, hold for four times, exhale in four times, hold empty for four times. Also, it has a quick version of ha breathing with a ratio of 1:1:1:1. In the art of Ha breathing different ratios of these times in the breathing can bring different levels of energy or specific results, for example, the Pro-Wellness Ratio breathing is 1:1:2:0 which means inhale in one time, hold for one time, exhale in two times and no empty time just return to inhale again, and this same ratio can be done with four times, that would be 4:4:8:0 which is: inhale in four times, hold four times, exhale in 8 times and no empty pause just continue to the next inhalation.

Also the Ha – Breathing incorporates movements to the breathing to help you to engage yourself in the practice and make it more effective because the movement harmonizes your physical body with the energy and bring them to congruency, you can see the Ha Breathing in action here in this video:

Hooponopono Dr Vitale Joe Vitoli Advanced course certification

Mana Energy and modern Ho’oponopono

The modern version of Ho’oponopono has been made known worldwide by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who wrote a book with Dr. Joe Vitale called “Zero Limits” where they together talk about the practice of Ho’oponopono and the different experiences and testimonies they have had with this technique.

Dr. Hew Len teaches his version of Ha breathing to infuse Mana, in fact, he explains that Ha means the process of Infusion and also says that this practice is not for the body, is for the soul and calls it “The four corners of the universe”, he also explains that this breathing exercise can help us to close all the physic doors that may be opened and are distracting our subconscious mind and that when you breathe you are breathing also to clean your family, relatives, and ancestors that came before you.

Hooponopono course review dr joe vitale

The Four Corners of the Universe Breathing is like this:

  • Inhale in 10 times
  • Hold for 10 times
  • Exhale in 10 times
  • Hold empty for 10 times
  • → Do ten rounds of these cycles to clean yourself.
  • In the pauses (holding time) he recommends to allow the change to occur, remember that the change and transmutation come from the divinity, so put your intention to receive it.

This exercise can ground you to the present moment, can help you to be more focused to do your ho’oponopono practice, also can undo depression and even help with jetlag!


If we collect mana prior to do our prayers, these have more chances to be heard and answered by the Aumakua who really makes all the transmutation and creation for a new reality, if we give to our selves a good and sufficient source of energy our prayers and desires can be more effective and more quickly answered.

I hope this information has been valuable to you, that it has helped you to learn more about yourself and that it has awakened in you the desire to know more and practice more. If you like it please share, comment and Smile!

With Love,

Stela Ahau

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