five elements test qi gong

QiGong for Self Refinement & Five Element Personality Types

Simple yet effective, the practices in this book will help you get your energies humming. Beginning with a clear explanation of the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, the book presents…

Freedom’s Coming Home Convention – Opening 4life Convention Video – Watch 4Life’s Passport to Freedom opening video and share the inspiring message of bringing freedom home with your friends, family, and potential prospects. Lyrics 4life Convention Song Planet…

the way of Qi Gong book review

The Way of Qigong – Book Review

Discover this book that discusses the mind-body healing method that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. This book that we are going to talk about today is a…

qigong for healing

Caretaking with QiGong before and after vaccination

Today we will focus on the effect and caretaking of vaccination before during and after, as well as the dealing with what we call the long haul of pose viral…

sexual desire support

Increase the healthy sexual desire and function with nutrition

There are three key areas of healthy sex-related feature: wish, stimulation, and also efficiency. Whether you’re male or women, you require all 3 of these in order to attain an…

morrnah simeona biography and prayers

Who was Morrnah Simeona? – Interesting facts

Ho’oponopono Self-Identity was mainly extended by Morrnah Simeona (1913-1992) who today is recognized as the first Kahuna (Healer or Guardian of the Huna Secret) to conceive a modern version of…

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