Gathering Qi to the meridians – Qi Gong

la qi zhineng qi gong gather qi to meridians

Master Yuantong Liu teaches us a technique that he developed to practice La Qi and work to open the meridians where Qi flows. Extraordinary session.


– arms open 

– elbows as if hanging. Choir points aligned to heaven and earth.

– open Shen Men point (hands should not hang down)

– two or three centimeters apart between fingers.

Initial exercise:

– start by feeling the space between the fingers

– notice sensations of tinkling, pulling, attraction and repulsion between the fingers. This is Qi.

– Right hand turns the palm (fingers now point to the front), fingers of the left hand point to the center of the right palm.

– put your intention to perceive, a slight pressure is felt and the Qi expands, it goes from the fingers of the left hand to the palm of the right hand.

– We return to the fingers point to each other (initial position)


The Qi towards the meridian channels

– movement guided by the elbows opening and closing. This movement does not allow us to open up too much and focus on experiencing Qi.

– When opening the Qi expands between the fingers and when closing the Qi expands inside the center of the body in the chest.

– In this step we are not using the mind but with the movement the Qi already penetrates the meridians and makes the Qi and the blood flow well.

– perceive how Qi enters the whole body. Membranes, muscles, bones, etc. and how we are moving Qi through the meridians and positively influencing the lungs and the heart.

– The heart feels more open and the lungs expanded and allow us to breathe more deeply.

– We continue opening and closing, remember to use the elbows to open and guide the movement.


The 12 meridians and the central palace

– It works with the 3 Yin meridians and the 3 Yang meridians, with the six. The Yin come from the tips of the fingers to the front and the Yang goes back to the head.

– With this exercise you work correctly to open these 6 meridians and these eventually connect naturally with the meridians that go to the feet.

– The Yin meridians go down from the abdomen towards the toes and the Yang meridians, if they are correctly open, will go up the Qi through the back towards the back.

– If these 12 meridians are well worked, they help to open the main meridians, such as the Concepción vessel, which passes in front and the governor, which goes behind, and promotes the correct flow of energy.

– All these meridians connect to the central palace (Gong Gu), the central palace connects the Conception and Governor vessel meridians towards Bai Hui and from there with the Dantiens and forms a column of Qi through the center of the body.

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– Also with this movement of opening and closing guided by the elbows, the Qi of the 3 Dantians is connecting and unifying.

– Opening and closing causes all the Qi in the body to open and close.

– Sometimes you feel this work of opening and closing and the work of the meridians in the feet.

– Simple but effective, powerful and safe practice to move Qi not only in the meridians but in various layers of the body to improve bodily functions and overall health.

– This practice was named by Professor Liu and he is the only one who teaches it in this way. In the future many people will teach it because it is very effective. This is based on the fundamental principles he learned from Master Pang but with his experience of over 40 years of practice from Professor Liu.

– Qi movement method opening and closing the meridians.

– Remember not to make extra moves. Only the movement that starts from the elbows that open and close.


*modified posture*

– slightly turn the palms facing the ceiling and the lower arms.



– open the hands and arms as if hugging to collect Qi and slowly bring that Qi towards the navel to harvest in the lower dantien./

– arm snake movements

– can rise up and move the whole body from head to toe.

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