The HA breathing Hooponopono

The HA Breathing The Ho’oponopono Secret

HA breathing is a ho’oponopono cleansing method that accompanies the practice to clear the subconscious of memories that are the root of problems that manifest in reality. This breathing generates…

Prayer to lead the inner child into the light hooponopono

Ho’oponopono Prayer to lead the Inner Child into the Light

My beloved child, could you forgive all mistakes in my thoughts, words, works, and actions that I have accepted and accumulated and have submitted to you since the beginning of…

Ho'oponopono and the Law of Least Effort

Ho’oponopono and the Law of Least Effort

When you practice Ho’oponopono, you are applying the two fundamental concepts of the Law of Least Effort: Acceptance and Responsibility. Everything that comes into your life is not by chance, you…

Ho'oponopono to Heal Addictions

Ho’oponopono to Heal Addictions

Through this post, I want to share with you a way to connect with divinity using ho’oponopono in order to free yourself from addictions. Remember that ho’oponopono considers that the…

The Fifth Phrase of Ho'oponopono - How to use it to attract money

The Fifth Phrase of Ho’oponopono – How to use it to attract money

(Guest post by Dr. Joe Vitale) Hi, dr Joe Vitale here I’m wearing my “expect miracle” shirt because I want you to expect miracles now in this special module. I…

hot chocolate hooponopono tool dr hew len

Hot Chocolate Ho’oponopono tool for abusive relationships

Multiple tools have been added to the practice of modern Ho’oponopono, one of the most popular being trigger phrases. Each of these phrases or words has the purpose of helping…

Ho'oponopono & Deserving and Merit

Ho’oponopono & Deserving and Merit

Hello, Welcome, today we are going to talk about deserving because how many times have we left a dream or a life project only in an idea for fear of…

Ho'oponopono for difficult times

Ho’oponopono for difficult times

When things don’t look the way you want, or your plans change, accept and let it flow, it is essential to accept and understand that we are instruments of a…

hooponopono to get a job

Ho’oponopono to Get a Job

In this post we are going to discuss how we can attract the energy of money and abundance through ho’oponopono so that getting the right job is part of your…

hummingbird hooponopono tool abundance

Ho’oponopono Tool for Abundance – Hummingbird Trigger Phrase

In what situations is the word “Hummingbird” used in Ho’oponopono? This trigger word is used in times of worry and anguish due to some adverse economic situation, such as the…

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