qigong for healing

Qigong for Healing

There are many reasons why people are initially drawn to Qigong practice, but healing is one of the main reasons. Often we have some sort of issue that we’re, trying…

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LAw of attraction for children

7 Keys to Teach the Law of Attraction to Children

Welcome to this post, this time we are going to talk about the law of attraction for children. This topic is really very nice and very interesting because children are…

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dr hew len interview zero state use of pendulum

Dr Hew Len Talks about Zero State Free Will and use of Pendulums

There is so much operating in the world but it depends on language and thought Only if you say so. You know it now, we’re stuck in that data that…

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Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Here we have a compilation of the Dr. Hew Len Inner Child Meditation used as a main practice in Ho’oponopono Technique. But first let’s give an introduction to the Unihipilli…

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aw of attraction game puzzle

Law of Attraction Game – Puzzle

Enjoy focusing on Wealth with this Law of Attraction Puzzle Game, you can reload the page for infinite combinations of the game. That all your wishes come true! Law Of…

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shamanic chant to water in fire ceremony

The Chant to Water in Fire Ceremony

The songs to the water in the fire ceremony are used to soften and make the fire sacred, so that the people who participate in the ceremony can approach it…

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hoponopono interview dr hew len

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len talks about being 100% responsible

About 100% Responsibility on Ho’oponopono RITA: I want to speak with you especially about some of the ideas that you bring up in the book Zero Limits written about you…

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hooponopono and mana energy dr joe vitale

What is Mana Energy in Ho’oponopono and Huna

In one of our latest post we talked about the three beings in us or the three selves, and for all the system can work and our prayers and desires…

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Instant Manifestation Guide

Instant Manifestation Guide and Real Cases

The idea of having the power for instant manifestation has fascinated more than one through the history of humanity. But what does it mean? and what are the mechanism to…

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Comparison Angel Numbers Meanings

A Comparison of Triple Angel Numbers Meaning, Should We Pay Attention to Them?

The first time I heard about triple numbers was in a book from Drunvalo Melchizedek, a respected sacred geometry researcher, in that book he was talking about an important mission…

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