quantum physics law of attraction

7 Links between Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction implies a variety of principles that make us feel like we have the opportunity to mold our reality according to our thoughts, but some people need…

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instant manifestation guide

Instant Manifestation Guide and Real Cases

The idea of having the power for instant manifestation has fascinated more than one through the history of humanity. But what does it mean? and what are the mechanism to…

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ho'oponopono technique

Ho’oponopono Technique – The History and Steps

The Ho’oponopono Technique has two main modalities: The Traditional Ho’oponopono Practice The Individual or Self Help Approach We are going to discuss what is Ho’oponopono and How is the Practice…

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steve g jones abundance mind

3 Steps To Triggering Your ‘Abundance Mind’

Let’s talk about how to trigger your Abundance Mind. But first I have a question for you: Did you recognize one of the most significant reasons why the majority of people…

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ho'oponopono previous version

Dr. Hew Len talks about Adam and Eve and the previous version of Ho’oponopono

The Story about Adam and Eve and women’s hatred for men I forgot all about that. Why did you tell us a little bit about women’s hatred for men? Well,…

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what is spiritual development

Spiritual Development: Challenge of Modern Times

To grow spiritually in a world specified by power, cash, and impact is a Herculean task. Modern benefits such as digital tools, gizmos, and tools along with enjoyment with television,…

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how to become a shaman online

How to Become a Shaman Online Best Options

Hello, I’m Stela Ahau and in this post, I’m going to talk about How to Become a Shaman, what is a shaman, where does a shaman get his power from?…

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dr ihaleakala hew len interview part 5 and 6

Dr Hew Len talks about Cleaning Projects and Angelic Kingdoms

  The Perfect alignment in Ho’oponopono and seeing others like Gods Do you have an experience of times feeling like you’re in the groove like you’re in perfect alignment like…

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ancestor altar

The Ancestor Altar – Honor and Healing

In this post, I’m going to talk about why to build an ancestor altar and how to do it. In many cultures, these kinds of altars were found and some…

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christ consciousness grid

Christ Consciousness Grid

Welcome this time we are going to talk about the concept of consciousness grids or consciousness networks, and especially about the Christ Consciousness Grid, this concept is briefly mentioned in…

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dr hew len mental hospital

Dr Hew Len Talks about his job at Mental Hospital

I’ve been doing marketing for you, oh just because I knew it was such a wonderful opportunity for me too. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what the…

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qigong for healing

Qigong for Healing

There are many reasons why people are initially drawn to Qigong practice, but healing is one of the main reasons. Often we have some sort of issue that we’re, trying…

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