What does the Great Conjuction brings to the next years? Chaos and Metamorphosis

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On the Winter solstice of 2020 we had a Great Conjunction, an astrological phenomenon that only occurs every 800 years, and this phenomenon, apart from being astronomical, also has energetic implications and influences at the level of the collective subconscious for what these planets that conjuncts represent in astrology.

What is the Great Conjunction?

And what happened in this great conjunction? Well, there are two planets that strongly influence life here on planet earth: Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn represents change but it is believed that it does so through chaos, pain, and hardship, what it does is that it practically comes and takes everything out of its way, everything is going to bleed, however its positive part is that through this process we can obtain enlightenment. Jupiter on the other hand represents growth and expansion, doing it all over again.

These two planets began to get closer together more noticeably from November 28 2020 and will culminate their approach and alignment on the winter solstice, that is, on December 21. They become one and will be aligned with the moon and the earth, this enhances the influence of these planets on life on our planet Earth, and this has been developing in this way for a long time creating a disruptive pattern and of changes on the planet that has its peak. on this December 21 but will also continue to be deployed after that date, for the next years, so this is why is important to know more about it.

And what has been seen? the influence of these planets has already been present, for example the chaos of Saturn that comes and breaks all the structures and schemes that we were used to, at all levels and globally in the economy, society, religion, etc.

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The Bad and the Good News

And there is good and bad news in this, let’s start with the bad… the bad news is that civilization as we know it will disappear … puff it is gone !!, and what is the good news? that civilization as we know it will end … how can the same be a bad and a good one? it depends on how we see it. The good part is that it HAS to end, because civilization as we know it has created an unsustainable situation on the planet.

At the beginning of human history we found ourselves in an environment much more similar to the Garden of Eden where there was great biological diversity, but what has man done with the knowledge that he has been acquiring? has he used it well in general? The truth is, no. In the recent report of the World Wide Fund we find the chilling data that the vertebrate species monitored since 1970 have been reduced by 68% and that is on average because for the area of ​​Brazil and Mexico this figure rises to 90 %. WWF REPORT

That’s right, we’ve been destroying the planet, so what was the good news? well, there will be change. But it is important to collect and become aware of the damage done. In the recorded history of the planet, 5 mass extinctions have been identified where cataclysmic events have extinguished 70 to 90% of all species on the planet, the last one was 65 million years ago where the dinosaurs became extinct under an impact of a comet or meteorite and where in just 30 days 90% of the population of life on the planet was gone forever. It was the fastest of all because the previous ones took hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

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The 6th New Massive Extinction

But in the era of the Anthropocene, that is, the era of man, it is believed that the 6th new great extinction is brewing and it is not being gentle like those that were gradual for millions of years, no, it is advancing at full speed pushed by the human behavior as we already saw in the World Wide Fund report where we already only have a third of vertebrate wild animals than we had in total in 1970.

We also have the example of the decrease in insects population that according to the journal Science, globally has decreased by 27% in the last 30 years (INSECT APOCALYPSE) but that for regions like Germany this was 75%, and one may think well what insects matter, but that’s how everything begins and if that affects bees then… boom!!, if we will realize how much we need them, we will realize that we depend on them for pollination and to be able to generate food and that if they disappear it will be a challenge to generate food.

Another study also ensures that by 2048 the entire stock of fish of species that the boats catch will have been exhausted! And one of the latest reports from the International Monetary Fund indicates that if the fish population survived, we would have more plastic than fish in the sea, and if the sea collapses in that way there will indeed be many challenges for the survival of the human race.

All this indicates to us that human civilization is facing its own destruction due to the misuse of resources, but also due to the bad distribution of them, since 1% of the population has 90% of the economy in their hands and the 99% of the world’s population has to fight just to survive.

We do not have much time left, in a matter of two or three decades a collapse will be more marked, if you are over 30 years old, think about when you were a child all the resources that there were, what the world was like, what the beaches, the rivers were like, and the nutrients and flavors that your food had … haven’t they changed? well now imagine another 30 years of more aggressive human behavior with population growth worldwide and higher demand for plastics and meats and etc … it does not look encouraging, not even farmers will have incentives to plant because they will not even be certain about the climate or that the pests get out of control or the level of contamination.

We are facing a whole new reality and where is it leading us? Well, to a point of change, to a point where the universe is telling us that we have to change, what a coincidence that the planet is experiencing this great conjunction of planets … rather it is not a coincidence at all, don’t you think?

This energy from these planets is exacerbating the crisis, but the crisis also invites evolution, it is true that we are about to run into a wall and that we will not be able to continue as we have been before but that means that we have the opportunity to evolve and if we do we can see a new future is born and if not then …bye.

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The Sacred Energy of Chaos

Now let’s talk a little about the energy of chaos that leads this change, this energy of chaos is equated with what happens in the process of metamorphosis of a butterfly, when the process begins even everything around it looks lush and even the plant that chooses is full of leaves, and its cells feel happy fattening and feeding … but soon all that ends, the caterpillar eats everything and leaves the plant bald, but precisely when all the food is finished is when the time comes: the time of metamorphosis.

Caterpillars are voracious and eat everything in their path, but on the other hand, butterflies are light and do not consume so many resources, in that sense we can compare human civilization with the caterpillar, a civilization that has voraciously consumed all resources but what when that reaches a limit the call to metamorphosis arrives.

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The Metamorphosis

But does the metamorphosis happen directly from caterpillar to butterfly? No, first there is the cocoon stage. A caterpillar has more than a trillion cells which we could compare to every human being on the planet and while there was food those cells are happy, that is, while there are resources we are here as if nothing and happy.

But the cocoon comes, the food runs out, there are no more resources and above all the cells begin to separate and disintegrate and everything becomes a soup of everything in chaos … but within all that chaos there are specialized cells that lead the change towards the vision of the future, some call them the cells of the imagination that carry a message like saying “hey we can rebuild into something different and better” and they begin to reorganize everything to create a new civilization called butterfly, but remember that first everything is he had to deconstruct, first there was chaos, a chaos that curiously also has a pattern … towards the butterfly.

So as a civilization where would we be now? just to enter that chaos, that change, barely realizing that we have to deconstruct everything because until now we have been like the caterpillar that eats everything but now we will have to face the “oh, what are we going to do”. We are facing a call to reorganize ourselves for the creation of a new civilization.

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This is already happening, for example with the pandemic, the way we communicate, work, transport ourselves, everything is changing, it is being restructured and I do not think it will return to how it was before, this energy of change is taking us to new states each time and with a little hope, hopefully it will lead us to states where we not only destroy everything but are able to protect and make life prosper.

So let’s look at this chaos as help because without change only extinction awaits us. And what can you do? Because maybe you think well, what can I do? I am only one human being among billions and many times we perceive ourselves as entities without any power but the truth is that we do have a lot of power, we have the power to raise our hands and say “I want to be that cell of imagination, I want to dream a new dream “.

Let us remember that everything in the universe in its deepest composition is a great mind and that our role as observers is important because depending on our programming is that we can create a new world because we are all connected so what we do individually does have an effect on everything. the rest.

Even quantum physics tells us, consciousness is behind everything and each one of us is a creator and we put our grain of sand so that something manifests in the world, later I will talk about this in-depth. In the meantime, I leave you with this exercise that you can do to clear your consciousness and begin to prepare it to dream the world of what it will be like:

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