Ho’oponopono & Meditation and The most wonderful experiences of Dr. Hew Len

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Ho’oponopono and Meditation

Rita: Do you, ah, meditate? Dr. Hew Len. 

Dr. Hew Len: I meditate with my eyes open, yes.

Rita: There are times when I meditate, there are times when you sort of get to a spaciousness, sort of a state of being, where it feels very peaceful and open, and connected. And I’m just curious if that is a state of being that would be similar to what you are describing. 

Dr. Hew Len: Maybe unique to you, maybe unique to other people, other people get it differently. We will be teaching a meditation process this weekend, but meditation is about cleaning, so let’s say we take it through, and you sit there and people.., there is one lady in Australia that said, “But what do you focus on?” I said, “You don’t focus on anything.” “But you gotta focus on something,” I said, “Well, be my guest.” But basically, you do the meditation, but whatever comes up would get cleaned up. As long as you are in that meditation, you can bring it to the end, but as long as you are in that meditation it is a cleaning process, you’re sitting there and all kinds of stuff would come up, it’s gonna get cleaned up. 

As opposed to sitting there and go, “Oh my God, do I have to put up with that thought form?” But Not in Ho’oponopono. In Ho’oponopono everything is about cleaning, including meditation. That’s why I love, I love doing it. I do it zillions of times a day, yes, but I only do it for cleaning. I really want to get back to my original state which is purity at heart. 

The Most Important Question Who am I?

I think the most important question is who am I? If you have no idea about that, you are always suffering. You can’t get home, you CAN’T get home. I mean that’s the most important question in creation: who am I? 

The Ho’oponopono is about saying, “Hello, this is who you are, you’re perfect already.” The garbage you are experiencing, is not you, just data. And you go, “Huh?” And then you go, “Wow, thank God!” 

Ho’oponopono Technique – The History and Steps

About Guilt

“How about guilt, Dr. Hew Len?”

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: “Data.” I was doing a class with Joe Vitale, and something phenomenal happened. Something that I was moved by. So, towards the end, a man in the back of the room, said, “How do you,” I think, I’m not quite sure if I’m doing it accurately, “How do you, how do you clean with mine if I had the experience of having sexually molested my granddaughter…” I thought, “Wow, there is, that’s the truth, like nobody’s business.” So I had a chance to end with that, and he did it, kind of like, he upped the pain. I thought it was beautiful. Yes. 


The Most wonderful Experiences in the life of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Dr. Rick: What are some other most wonderful experiences that you have, over these 30 years? 

Dr. Hew Len: Probably realizing more, and more, that this lifetime is really a gift, and it’s a gift for cleaning, it’s a gift of going home. It takes me years to kind of realize that this lifetime is truly a gift from the divine. And then it’s a gift to make amendments, and I’m willing to do it, yes. I met some interesting people over the years, I ll say that probably, you know, realizing this lifetime is a really a gift. And another gift is the cleaning process. Another gift is identity. And realizing that we are carbon copies of this pure perfect source, yes.

The Experience of Being Divinity

Miss Rita: Do you have experience of moments or blocks of time when you feel yourself as a source? 

Dr. Hew Len: As what? 

Miss Rita: As divinity, there being in a state of consciousness, perhaps where you would emerge with your high self, your conscious mind, and your high self, would open up a window of perception? 

Dr. Hew Len: I have moments of feeling love for myself, I have moments of feeling love for my children. I mean the kind of love where you have no intentions. I have this experience of experiencing God’s love for my children. I had that experience. I’ve had the kind of experience of God’s love for me.

What is Mana Energy in Ho’oponopono and Huna

Is God the only thing that loves?

Dr. Rick: Is it possible that God is the only thing that loves?

Dr. Hew Len: Oh, absolutely so, so God is love, everything else is a mimic. 

Dr. Rick: I’ve heard it said that love is looking with the eyes of God, and seeing God

Dr. Hew Len: Yeah, But that’s what Jesus said, Seek ye first Let’s see the pure-in-heart, zero, therefore you shall see God. Then the God in them is seeing God. I have had those experiences, they’ve come and gone. Mostly I feel like I’m caught up in data and so which I need to clean. Yes.

When you travel the world, you’re always apt to have a lot of garbage come up, yes. Like one of the garbage I deal with, and I cleaned with it before I showed up, I ve been cleaning with it for, for, well, almost 3 decades is this notion that you can, you can come to an appreciation of God, by grasp, by through the grasping process, by engagement process. It can’t be done, it can’t be done. 

Dr Hew Len Talks about his job at Mental Hospital

Surrender and Letting go

Miss Rita: Is it surrender? 

Dr. Hew Len: Yes, for me, it’s letting go, it’s taking 100% of responsibility to just let go. And it’s just not easy to let them go, because letting go, for example, some people would say, I am cleaning, but I don’t get any result. 

Well, as they talked to me I’m cleaning, What would we be cleaning with? Intentions, I’m cleaning with intentions. The person is cleaning with certain intentions, okay? I’m cleaning with, when people tell me that, I’m cleaning with God is not a concierge. You don’t say to God: God, I’m gonna clean it and I want this color, but I want it to look like this, and So I get to work on that because I didn’t realize I had it. So people would show up in my life if I don’t get really stuck in what the hell are they talking about? First of all, what’s going on in me that coming up I can work on. That’s a tough one.

Dr. Rick: Does anyone help you clean? 

Dr. Hew Len: What does that mean? 

Dr. Rick: Do you have someone that either sets an environment, or space for you? 

Dr. Hew Len: There is someone, actually there are 2 or 3 people that I work with, that we do cleaning when things come up. If there are things that, for example, if a request comes from… like if I got a request from Singapore, there is a banker that wants us to come, and so I do the cleaning, and then I give that information to 2 or 3 people and they can do it. So we can, we can get to information ’cause we are the baddest guys on the earth, clean out and just see whether it’s correct to do.

Miss Rita: Thank you.

Miss Rita & Dr. Rick: Thank you so much. 

Dr. Hew Len: Yes. I enjoyed it, I’m grateful. Got a chance to clean up, I’ve heard the question before. 

Miss Rita: I’m sure you have

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