Shamanic Legend – Why were You Born

Shamanic Legend - Why were You Born

In the story of the creation of the shamans the great spirit says “you know that I created the butterflies and the whales and the sparrows… aren’t they beautiful? And now it’s your turn to finish. The creation is not complete, our task is to complete the creation, it is to co-create, it is to co-create with the spirit, so while in the West our religions focus mainly on the creator, the creator God, the shamanic practices do not focus on the creator, they focus on creation and creation co-creating with the spirit because we are not separate from creation because we are the administrators and caretakers of creation, we are the guardians of the earth.

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As you learn about the shamanic initiations and healing technology you will realize that these are the tools of the great architect, the tools of the spirit that have been polished and perfected and carefully worked over millennia by sages, men and women. women of wisdom, these are the tools we use to dream that the world exists, not to twist the world to our will to make it a little more comfortable for ourselves or our loved ones, but to be of service to creation to create beauty and this is the task of the shaman to complete the creation, to dream the world, to be the whole world, not just his immediate world and while he dreams the whole world and to be his world too, he dreams of beauty and health and longevity and peace.

The more you use the knowledge of the sages and their tools and disciplines to be of service to all creation, the more creation is put to the service of you and for you and your loved ones.

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The Shamanic Legend – Why Were You Born

There is a story among the shamans that before we were born we were all gathered in a big green field and a very big angel came out and told us, you know, this is going to be a very challenging time for the planet, there will be war there will be famine, there will be epidemics, there will be a climate crisis, we need healers, we need shamans, who wants to come? who is ready to come into the world to bring beauty and healing?

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And we all volunteered, we all signed up to be part of the solution, we didn’t want to miss out on this extraordinary event that we are experiencing in this quantum leap to become a new human being that all the ancient prophecies speak of, that quantum leap that will happen within our generation, because quantum leaps happen within generations, not the way ordinary stepwise biology works, which is between generations, quantum leaps happen within generations so that you and I can become the ones we’ve been waiting for, the moment is now, this is the moment of the great awakening, of the great leap that we are taking together to become that new human that we call homo luminous.

Thank you very much for joining us and dreaming your world with beauty, with peace, with courage, for you, for your little ones, the children for the elderly and perhaps

near their time to cross, we know how to help them cross consciously, we know the ascension process, the Shamans have been masters in knowing the paths between the worlds and today we have the opportunity to incorporate these tools to use them wisely and co-create with beauty, Ahoo.

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