Sadhguru Tells Tom Cruise’s Past Life Story

sadghuru tom cruise past life

One student said: “Trying to remember past lives and all of that, because one may not know how to handle all the experiences, which come with it uh, but spiritually and on a meditative level I wanted to be useful to pick up from that and consciously pick up from that?

Sadghuru: I want you to just imagine yourself, suppose you suddenly realize one of these young women was your mother in your previous life, you go like this teary-eyed to her she is not going to like it, you cannot ignore her now, because she is your mother, all the emotions come back enormous emotions and all the things that were left unsaid and undone, now you want to do it but she is not willing, she is a young woman, she is not your mother, she will laugh at you, worst this boy who is sitting in front of you, you suddenly remember in your past life he was your wife.
See already, you cannot deal with this, isnt it, you cannot deal with this, current life-s emotion itself is bringing you out, isnt it? this lifes emotion itself with different relationships that you held in your life is just driving people crazy if you remember all this it is not going to serve any purpose. Only at certain times, because of a certain or if you want to call it a mission was on hand we have done certain things to remind people of their past lives but after that never again, because it is not important.

Sadghuru: I met a lady, I met a man first, the aggrieved husband I met first, the man comes to me and you know he moved from India to the united states and he is doing very well there, successful, everything, but now the wife has been seeing psychics and on the phone, she is on with them, on with them, paying hundreds and thousands of dollars as bills, above all the psychic, has convinced her in her previous life Tom Cruise was her husband and she believes 100 percent, so she buys a huge house in Beverly Hills and every Saturday she is throwing parties hoping one day he will walk in and she is sure he will walk in because the psychic has told her you just be in that area just keep throwing parties one day he will walk in and carry you away.

So he came to me and said Sadghuru what to do? I have Tom Cruise s wife at home, I said okay you send her to me, we will see so I said to let her come to the engineering program, we had a retreat on the great lakes in Michigan, so beautiful resort, and we have an engineering retreat (which we are not doing anymore), so she came for that, so as soon as she comes, she wants to meet her guru, meets guru, meets and I said no, no, go through the program, after that, we will meet, but uh she was putting so much pressure on everybody “no I have to meet him I have to meet him” so on the first evening, you know the evening introduction, happened next day I avoided her.

Somehow the next day evening I got stuck with her I had to meet her, then I said okay and we sat, then she opened up “I think my husband has told you already but I am telling you this is 100 true what do you think? I said yes, it is true, even I am very clear in your previous life Tom Cruise was your husband, yes, she was very happy at last she found a group that support her, then I said you know I also knew him very well in his last previous life but he was so ugly in his last life, but this time he turned out pretty good, she said “what?” it never occurred to her in his previous life he need not look the same way.

So this past life nonsense can get you into a deep mess, you dont do that, handling this life well is important, very important, this is on hand and another problem that people have is Sadhguru was I with you in your last life? I said see if you were with me and you did not make it I don’t want to have anything to do with you in this life, if you are a fresh candidate me look at you if you are a failed candidate what do I do with you? so I am saying all you will do is get into hallucinatory states of imagining all kinds of things, this is what you need to get out of because the mind has a million compartments it can make up stories in such a way that you cannot imagine possible.

It will make it absolutely real see? there are schizophrenic people, people who have multiple personalities, one case which has been recorded is a person having 32 full-fledged personalities 32, but I am telling you mind has the capacity to generate a thousand if you want that is the capacity of the mind unfortunately most human beings never explore it, if you give this much material to it, it can produce so much out of it like today you saw, you know, you program the computer, it can produce every permutation and combination that is possible from that little information that is what your mind is doing in a much more complex way so dont yield to this

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