The Secret Formula To Success in 4 Steps

The Secret Formula To Success in 4 Steps

The secret of success is actually in front of us, many times what we need is that it be presented to us in an orderly or summarized way so that we can identify the map more easily, and even many times listen to it in different ways because perhaps some way of explaining it is the one with which we are going to identify the most. So we will do that today, I will mention four steps that can be your map to success.

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Step 1: Identify your coherence goal and write it down.

Let’s go to the point, the first step is to decide what you want and when you’re doing this

please be very specific like you need to pinpoint exactly what you want. And you need to write that down, you can’t just say it or be too vague because you’re not going to work towards that goal if you don’t really know exactly what it is.

For example, if you want to make more money you can’t just say “my goal is to make more money” you got to be specific, like put a number out there “one hundred thousand dollars a year”  keep it above and remember there is no right or wrong answer, just feel that is coherence with you and what you feel in your heart.

Write what you want, do you want to make 200k? do you want to make a million in a year? keep it real and write this down, this is very very crucial, you need to have a piece of paper or a journal or anything, just write it down, and if you can please post that on your wall-like, literally tape it on your wall, so you can look at it every morning, every night, every midday, you got to see it, you got to remind yourself of your goals, what you truly desire because if not, you better forget. 

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By the way, if you don’t have a goal in mind you need to have one, you need to decide what you want and I know some of you may be thinking “I don’t know what I want to do, truthfully i have no humble idea”, well guess what, my humble advice for you is to get outside like get your backpack and temporarily take a trip to the outdoors, go on a mini-adventure right now and this adventure is to find your purpose. That’s another big topic,  how to find your purpose, but for now take that trip, if you were literally in there in that forest no stimulus at all, no phone scrolling, nothing, no screens at all, just you, the trees, the nature, the birds chirping and maybe just you and your pencil and a piece of paper, ideas will come out it will come from within.

Sit down and meditate and preferably do this out in nature, because nature is literally like a healing ground, just look when you guys go outside like no phones at all, and don’t listen to that dumbass music, please I’m saying this is getting out of your comfort zone. Just go to respect nature get out there and be open you pretty much got to be distraction-free because if you have distractions around you the thoughts won’t flow they won’t be as potent. So I highly recommend you to take a little trip outside preferably when the sun is out, that’s pretty much how you find your purpose and once you decide what you want now it’s time to get to step number two.

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Step 2 Take Action

And step number two is to take action, without action there are no results, I know that sounds low-key corny non-vegan cheesy, but it’s the truth if you don’t do those push-ups how are you gonna get any gains if you don’t head to the gym, if you don’t do any type of workout what’s gonna happen? if you don’t try to eat those healthy foods what’s gonna happen? basically, you’re gonna be down bad you won’t hit your goals, and what happens when you don’t hit your goals, ah, you low-key get depressed.

So that’s why I highly recommend that you get up and start making a plan right now. you have the goal in mind. that’s step one. you already made the decision of what you wanted to d. now it’s time to start making a plan because once you start making a plan now it’s time to execute on that plan and this right here is the whole take action step. because it does take some type of action to actually make a plan. like planning is not just an “in your brain” type thing now but you got to get out pieces of paper all types of calendars and google doc forms or what you like, don’t get too complicated with it, all you really need is just a piece of paper or two and writing down your schedule,  the time you’re gonna wake up you know basically like the whole daily schedule thing.

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So when it comes to taking action and making this grand plan don’t overthink it, like don’t think like oh my gosh how is this gonna fit my schedule, how am I gonna balance all this out, just focus on one thing today, do one priority that really focuses on that, one goal though you got to be consistent at the end of the day, it’s just like working out at the gym, yes you know you can have rest days throughout the week but at the end of the humble day you got to be working out though, there’s no excuse.

It doesn’t have to be every day because even if you work out every single day I don’t even think that’s healthy but you should be active, yes give yourself a rest every now and then but remember this whole success journey is a marathon, it’s not a sprint, you’re not going to become successful tomorrow, next week, not even next year to be honest, it’s all progress building up and up, and it’s going to be exponential at some point, it is all consistent hard work that’s all it really is.

I know it sounds really simple but that’s the secret because the most simple things to do are the most likely to forget to do, so when it comes to taking action there will be days where you feel like absolute bad like you don’t want to do anything, I’m telling you but there are some days I don’t even want to get up to write a post. I didn’t want to turn on the computer or anything, if that happens just take a nap, calm down get up, and just showing up, just do the bare minimum but never get the day pass without doing something for your goal.

Once you just show up to the test that you got to do, you know you’re just writing a few bullet points, you know, maybe you’re writing your book, you just write two sentences down, three sentences, four sentences, and guess what?  the sparks are coming and next thing you know now you got a whole fire and that fire is pretty much the will of fire to keep moving  forward oh yeah, that’s all you really need to know.

To be humbly honest with you the take action step is just to keep doing your little routine you know what you got to do now it’s all a matter of just doing, just execute and be the master of your feelings and emotions if you think “I don’t feel like doing it” please that sound dumb as “I don’t feel like going to work today” what will happen if you say that to your boss? you got fired, so don’t get fired from your success.

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3. Find out what is working and what is not

But with that being said let’s move on to step number three which is to find out what is working and what is not, this is pretty much the part where you would take a step back and really just evaluate what you’re actually doing and it is making progress, is this the best route you’re taking? is there anything else you could work on? you got to do this at least once a month, at least preferably once a week, like every Saturday or Sunday and on those days you would whip out your weekly accountability book or a little notebook or journal or whatever and basically reflect on the week what were the strengths, what were the weaknesses, and what can you do better, you have to always improve.

You can’t just think like “oh you know what I’m doing is perfect” because there’s always something to work on and when you keep working on your weaknesses every week imagine the progress you can make in three years, in five months, you will be unstoppable, so that’s why I highly recommend you to take a couple of minutes preferably you know 30 minutes, maybe an hour or whatever to reflect, reflect on your performance, reflect on your mental health, that’s a big one, right there you got to ask yourself how am I doing mentally like if you’re not doing well, well guess what? you got to maybe lighten your workload and work on your mental health, more meditating, more about the journal, more go outside in nature, more you got to do these things because if your mental health is not right, your actions will not be good, your business will crumble eventually, maybe not now but at some point, if the foundation is weak you’re not going anywhere, you can’t build from a weak foundation 

And besides that you know as you’re doing this process you might come to find out that what you’re doing is actually goofy and you might have to switch it up, again always think of the long run, look for the thing where you can be most consistent. As you’re doing your weekly reflection or whatever you might come to find out that you’re gonna have to let some things go, you may think that do something every single day will bring you success but if anything you’re feeling more burnt out now you’re doing too much, I’m telling you, sometimes doing less is actually doing more,  it’s all about quality over quantity, don’t get it twisted you really got to ask yourself: am I being efficient with my time? am I using my time wisely?  am I doing what’s really important right now? because if the answer is no, get up and get straight to it, do the most important thing that you got to do right now and this will vary depending on your schedule.

And always have this in your mind: “Success is not measured by how much you can carry it’s determined by how much you can let go”. You need to let go some bad habits, let go all that stuff in your room too, clean up all distracting things, remember that it’s more important to let go to try to do so much throughout the day, stop doing so much, stop it and recharge yourself to do the important things.

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Step 4. Change your approach until achieving what you want.

Now let’s move on to step number four secret formula to success and that is to change your  approach until you achieve what you want, it pretty much is very similar to step number three, I’m trying to cap but step number three is more about like planning out and reflecting and step four is all about taking action, now you know from step three what you need to change step four is all about changing it, just doing what you gotta do because you gotta remember without action there will be no results.

Because yes you could evaluate as much as you want, you can reflect as much as you want in your little weekly accountability journal but if you don’t actually take action, you don’t execute on what you rote, it doesn’t matter how many books, how many videos, how many things, you learn, how many things you watch, consume, etc if you’re not taking action, doing, creating, producing it does not matter it really doesn’t, move. That’s why I don’t even want to tell you guys to read so many books ‘cause yes reading books is cool but just sitting on a chair and reading books all day long for 12 hours well maybe is not productive and information overload is truly a thing you got to watch out, how much you’re consuming and I do think that reading books is much better than consuming a ton of youtube short videos because now many people are spending hours upon hours just scrolling on that and we have to have temperance with that.

So when it comes to step three and step four you’re pretty much going to cycle through them over and over again like it’s an endless cycle, you will continue to change your approach, you will continue to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes and keep moving forward, that’s how it works and eventually, you will reach that day, you will hit your destination and once you do, you can decide to make a new goal and keep moving forward or you could you know reach that goal stay stagnant and just sip on pineapple juice while staring at the ocean waves on a beach in Hawaii and with all that being said this right here is the four-step secret formula to success. Please keep visiting the blog and subscribe to the newsletter for more posts like this.

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