Like attracts like true meaning

Like attracts Like – The True Meaning

Confusion is the biggest enemy of manifestation and we have found out so many people are confused about even the basics of the law of attraction. So many people have…

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how to make things happen

How to Make Things Happen in 7 Steps

This is the time of the year when many goal-setting gurus begin to discuss assessing your goals for the past year and expecting the new objectives you will certainly develop…

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The lessons of Surfing – Can you catch the wave of Life?

I’ve never surfed in my lifetime. Maybe with the right clothes I can have the appearance of a surfer, however, never once have I gotten on a board out in…

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steve g jones abundance mind

3 Steps To Triggering Your ‘Abundance Mind’

Let’s talk about how to trigger your Abundance Mind. But first I have a question for you: Did you recognize one of the most significant reasons why the majority of people…

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quantum physics law of attraction

7 Links between Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction implies a variety of principles that make us feel like we have the opportunity to mold our reality according to our thoughts, but some people need…

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