The potential of our Four Brains

The four brains

On this occasion we are going to share more elements to know ourselves, briefly a review of the most extraordinary organ ever created in existence and it is the human brain.

The intention of this post is to give you elements to sow in you the curiosity to investigate more about it. When we know how the brain is structured and how it works, at least in the conception that neuroscience currently understands, we begin to understand that popular saying that says “change is in us” and “look for the answers within yourself”.

We hope that this information will serve as a guide so that you can investigate more in-depth, since we start from knowledge as bricks to build new realities. In this post, we will also share reference sources that you can consult in more detail.

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The Definition of Brain.

We can define the brain in various ways, neuroscience has been involved in the study of the brain and its structures for several years now and defines the brain as the organ that encodes sensory experiences from the nervous system, creates thoughts and emotions.

A very interesting definition is the one given by Master Ramtha in his book, “the brain, the creator of reality and a sublime life” where he defines the brain as a radio transmitter capable of capturing frequency waves throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. , and refers to the electromagnetic spectrum over seven frequency bands that go from hertz, through ultraviolet blue, and to the unknown infinity or vacuum.

Surely in the next post we will review more details of the 7 frequency bands.

What perhaps all the authors and scholars of the human body agree on is the important role that this organ occupies in the human physical constitution, placing it at a level as high as that of the heart.

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The brain and the encoding of experience.

Investigations carried out in Mexico by the late Dr. Jacobo Grinberg with his postulate of the Theory of Syntergy combine in a great way with works carried out in China by Dr. Pang He Ming with the Theory of Completeness Hun Yuan where they coincide in the paper determinant of the interaction of the neuronal field with the internal and external environment of the body to create reality.

This last approximation that we mentioned of the potential that is latent in the brain to modify or create reality is addressed in a very precise way by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book “Build Your Brain.” In this book, he describes, from his experience, the ability of the brain to heal the body, in his particular case managing to heal his body from a spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident, an injury that for conventional medicine could have limited their mobility abilities for life.

He recounts in his narrative that the determining element in being able to activate this healing potential in his body was to reform his pattern of knowing by expanding his frame of reference in the rational brain to new possibilities while at the same time implementing the daily discipline of modifying his focus. Elements that undoubtedly required an unbreakable will.

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Dr. Grinberg spent years studying the shamans of Mexico and trying to decipher the ability of some master healers like Pachita to manipulate matter through the mind.

You can review more details of this research work in the article we published some time ago entitled Psychic Surgeons.

In the 80’s Dr. Pang He Ming with the development of the science of ZhiNeng QiGong also tested the healing potential of the body through the interaction of Qi and the potentials of consciousness, similar to the case of Dr. Dispenza implemented a new way of knowing to broaden patients’ frame of reference, discipline and willingness to change focus.

Similar studies were developed by the psychologist and medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo Ph.D in the jungles of the Amazon and South America for several years alongside master shamans exploring the principles of illness and psychosomatic health and its relationship with the brain.

All these research works coincide in continuing to discover the mysteries and potentials of the brain to influence our body and the environment. They invite us to continue studying and experimenting through the discipline to learn to access levels of perception that allow us to understand the totality of what we really are and flow better in life.

You can review more details in the article about the 4 levels of perception.

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The brain and the evolution of the human being.

Something that biology and paleontology have done has been the evolutionary study of the capacities of the human being through the development of specific areas of the brain.

Various classifications have been made depending on the purpose of the necessary study, the classification that we present below also adds MacLean’s triune brain theory with additional contributions to the last area identified as the frontal lobe.

In the following text, we review in order of appearance and characteristics of each of the four areas.

1. The primitive or reptilian brain.

On an evolutionary scale, we place the reptilian brain as the basis of brain development. It is responsible for the biological functions of the body, such as controlling respiration, body temperature and other autonomic systems. To this brain, destiny means the preservation and continuation of life, and it measures time as an interval between meals and sex. This area evolved millions of years ago and contains the medulla and cerebellum.

This brain is where the greatest number of cells of the entire brain meet, therefore it keeps a compendium of information impossible to measure until now by modern science.

It is said that it is the place where experiences and stories have been stored since the beginning of time. Some teachers call it the seat of the subconscious. It is the guardian who watches and observes, the editor of the information that enters higher levels, the one who determines what you can or cannot experience according to your life map that you have consciously built.

The reptilian brain is related to the force of gravity, the force of union and creation, one of the four fundamental forces of nature.

The Laikas or master guardians of ancient knowledge identify this brain with the archetype of the serpent.

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2. The limbic brain or mammalian brain.

More complex and emotional, it is in charge of family and culture. Anatomically it covers the reptilian brain like a baseball glove. It is what holds the social fabric together, putting the good of the tribe before that of the individual.

Religion and law are products of our limbic brain; in fact, five of the Ten Commandments (the prohibitions against murder, theft, adultery, lying, and envy) are intended to control impulses in this area. Brain scholar such as Dr. Alberto Villoldo refer to this brain as the ‘monkey brain’ because what characterizes it is the programming of the instincts of fear, food, fight and sexuality 2 that it establishes in us.

If during our childhood we suffer some trauma or emotional damage, the programming of the monkey brain will make us accumulate excess material goods, see people we do not know as enemies, build weapons of mass destruction, eat and drink excessively, be promiscuous in sexual relationships and being afraid of the unknown. This is the brain of superstition and most primitive religions and experiences time as a series of moments of security, fear, or sexual desire. The limbic brain is the one that directs our lives when luck is what moves us; fate submits to an irrepressible desire for security. Over the millennia, some shamans have discovered that there are spiritual techniques or technology that can be implemented to override the four primary programs of the limbic brain, so that we can free ourselves from fear, anger, lack, and uncontrolled sexuality.

The limbic or mammalian brain is related to the weak nuclear force, the force of death and resurrection, the one where the old has to die to form something new.

The Laikas or master guardians of ancient knowledge identify this brain with the archetype of the jaguar.

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3. The neocortex, or “new” brain.

It first appeared about a hundred thousand years ago and is the result of an evolutionary quantum leap that caused the human brain to double in size over the course of about ten generations. The neocortex is present in all higher mammals and is our ‘scientific brain’. As precisely he has invented the machines to measure time, he lives to the rhythm set by the clock.

The neocortex is also the fiercely individualistic brain of entrepreneurs and explorers. It gave rise to the industrial revolution and the space race, democratic constitutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this brain, destiny is to become an individual that stands out from the crowd.

Many societies ruled by warlords and tribal chiefs find our desire for democracy profoundly incomprehensible as they continue to be dominated by the limbic brain, which values ​​the law of the group over the freedom of the individual.

The neocortex is where the conscious personality dwells. Art, math, music. The frame of reference or the box that determines what is possible and what is not in your life, beliefs and judgments, the willpower to walk the path.

The new brain or neocortex is related to electromagnetism, a fundamental force of nature where particles are integrated in a similar way.

The Laikas or master guardians of ancient knowledge identify this brain with the archetype of the hummingbird.

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4. Frontal lobe, or brain of god.

It is a structure that we share entirely with whales and dolphins, although it is present in all higher mammals. It is located on the forehead, above the eyebrows, ‘lower brows’ Neanderthals were told because they lacked this part of the brain.

Imaging tests show that the frontal cortex remains active during mystical and spiritual experiences. Buddhist monks entering the state of samadhi (or the experience of being one with all of life) exhibit neural activity almost exclusively in this brain area; Meditation has also been shown to cause intense changes in the electrical activity of this area.

Mystics and master shamans call this part “brain of God”, this center of perception transcends individuality seeking unity with everything and regulates the aggressive and fearful impulses of the limbic brain. To God’s brain, time is fluid, rushing back and forth as in dreams. In this brain we can connect with potentials never imagined, this brain has your information about who you are going to become 10,000 years in the future.

The frontal lobe is related to the strong nuclear force, a fundamental force of nature where unity with the whole prevails.

The Laikas or master guardians of ancient knowledge identify this brain with the archetype of the eagle.

And well, if you are already initiated in Munay Ki, now you will be able to realize how when opening sacred space, what we are really doing is unifying the 4 brains.

Finally, we have to remind you that this article seeks to unify pieces of scattered information for a better understanding of our potential as human beings with an active and constantly evolving brain. We continue to invite you to investigate and bring all this knowledge into experience through the discipline to clarify or reform the concepts we have just addressed.

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