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what do you need to become a millionaire dr joe vitale

(Guest Post by Dr. Joe Vitale) hi, I’m Joe Vitale, let’s talk about how to be an awakened millionaire, what is an awakened millionaire? what does this mean? what does it mean to you? and are you one? and can you become one?. First of all, an awakened millionaire to me is somebody who has a holistic integrated balanced way of living they’re not after money for money’s sake, they want money because they want to pursue a dream, to live a calling, to pursue a passion, to actually express their life purpose through their heart.

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See in the old days and sadly too often today, too many people are still focused on money for money’s sake, this is all about greed if you think about the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas, and it was pretty famous, but he talked about greed but he paid homage degree he loved greed and he thought greed was good, well greed is a motivator, but it’s not a healthy motivator and an awakened millionaire doesn’t really have greed as its source of motivation or power. Instead, an awakened millionaire has passion as the driving force.

Now, I didn’t always think this way myself, when I was growing up I learned that you made money the hard way, my father put me on the railroad when I was five years old. I learned that you made money by hard work and using your back, I also learned it didn’t like it, but at that young age I didn’t have any alternative, didn’t have an option, and I just pursued working and making money through labor, I also didn’t have the best attitude towards money because I thought money was almost a necessary evil, I saw my parents fighting over money, I saw people struggling over money, my father born in 1925 had gone through the Great Depression in the United States, as a young boy left the mark on him even today at the age of 90 he still pushes money away. he still wears clothes until they rot right off of his back literally. so I think that I inherited a whole lot of these limiting beliefs about money because even when I decided to be an author what I did was struggle, I struggled because I didn’t know I had these unconscious beliefs about deserving us, about money itself, about following my passion, about how the world could work, I was coming from how I was taught the world worked.

And for most of us, myself included, we were taught that you have to focus on survival and on one level that’s true you do have to survive and you’re wired to survive, but there was very little ever given about passion and about worthiness and about deservingness. I had to learn all of that the hard way, as I went through life I went through homelessness, I went through poverty, obviously during those times I struggled because I had unconscious beliefs about myself and about success and about failure that was not an awakened millionaire, I wasn’t even close and I still had a bad attitude towards money itself, because I thought money was something we needed but money also seemed to push the wrong buttons in people, people would do some pretty evil things the illegal things unethical things all in the pursuit of money.

I knew intuitively that was wrong but I didn’t know what to do about it so I struggled it was over decades in my case but I had to get to a point where I realized that there is something that I’m calling the awakened millionaire and that person is somebody who has a healthy relationship with themselves, healthy relationship with their passion, their calling, their life purpose, healthy relationship with money, healthy relationship with success, and they also have a balance of good health good family relationships. I’m doing something in the community to make a difference so an awakened millionaire is somebody who has this fully functioning positive outlook towards life and they have a neutral look at money itself, it’s no longer about greed what this is about is using a tool that we all agree is pretty powerful: money, and using it to make your dreams come true.

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Now we’ll be talking about this over the days and we ahead but one of my favorite quotes and one of my favorite people is Walt Disney and his quote was “I want to make money from my movies so I can continue making movies” do you hear the purity of that, it wasn’t about making money for money’s sake, it wasn’t about greed it wasn’t a power play it was all about making money to fulfill a mission, that’s what an awakened millionaire is and does, that’s what I’m doing, I’m an author I’ve written 50 or more books, I’ve lost count myself, I’m also a musician at this point I have 15 albums out and more coming I have courses, miracles courses, miracles coaching is one of my courses I have a lot of products DVDs digital products, download products, that goes on and on and on and why am I doing all this, because I feel my mission is to inspire people to inspire you, to go for and achieve your dreams.

Money enables me to do that money enables me to buy the nice camera so that I can film these moments with you, money enables me to have the literature that’s around me in order to inform myself so I can go on and inspire you money enables me to live in a nice place so that I can take care of myself and take care of my loved ones and money enables me to make a difference in the world by helping family and friends and causes I believe in, all of this is part of the awakened millionaire so as you become an awakened millionaire, yes, you’ll still bring in money because money is part of the equation more money is a tool that you learn to use in a very neutral way, it’s leverage to get results in the world.

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But you also learn to follow your passion and follow your passion in a way that you can profit, so you’re profiting from your passion and you’re profiting from your life purpose, but in this wholesome healthy way that makes a difference in your life and in the lives of everybody you end up touching. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are making massive differences today because they’re making contributions with funds, with resources, with connections that enable other people to fulfill their mission.

So this isn’t about you it isn’t about your egoit’s about fulfilling your life purpose, it’s about living your spirit through the material world and cashing in in a noteworthy way but as you’re cashing in you’re also fulfilling your passion and living your passion so the awakened millionaire is somebody who has this balanced view of life, mentally stable healthy, awakened when it comes in terms of facing life’s difficulties and challenges, making a difference in their life and making a difference in other people’s lives, this is you, this can be you and will become you over time, you begin today with an intention.

The intention is “I want to become an awakened millionaire”, “I want to learn what it takes”, “I want to make sure that I’m strong in all these areas”, “I want to make sure my weak parts are turned into strong parts then I have this chain of being that makes a difference in my life” it makes a difference in a lot of other people’s lives. You end up becoming an inspiration to other people as I hope I am to you at this point.

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So, all we’re doing right now is kind of putting our toe in the water, so to speak, and learning a little bit about what is it to be an awakened millionaire and maybe one thing you can do today is to be thinking about this if you were an awakened millionaire: how would you think differently? how would you behave differently? what would you do differently? maybe write down a few of those things right now, when we get done reading this, just go aside and write down some of this and think about it, reflect on it and act on it, because here’s what I’m really doing: I’m creating a movement, think of this as the awakened millionaire manifesto, think of this as a call to action, think of me as the person that’s standing up and saying look we need to make a difference in the world, the movie Wall Street gave the wrong impression people going around chasing greed and chasing money, there’s no longer helping the planet, it’s no longer helping each other, we need to do this as a team, each person is a leader each person is an inspiration but each person is part of a team that creates a movement and this movement goes on to change the planet.

I’m calling you out, I’m calling you to stand up and deliver, I’m calling you specifically you to become an awakened millionaire and to join me in not only profiting but using your passion to fulfill your life purpose and to make a difference in everybody’s lives, as we do this together, this is not hard, this is not something like when I was a kid and I was working on the railroad and that was labor, that was hard, this is not hard, this is living what you’re gonna consider to be easy because it’s your mission, it’s your passion when you follow your mission, you follow your passion, life just opens up, I’ve written 50 books as I mentioned and maybe to you that seemed like hard work to me it was easy because it was destined for me to do and as I did it and as I profited from it I was able to go on and touch even more lives including yours today.

So again, I’m inviting you to join a movement the awakened millionaire is me and is you, and can be everybody else that you reach and I reach but all begins right now it begins today, start thinking, acting, and believing like the awakened millionaire and together we can make a difference in our lives and everybody else that watches us or gets touched by that, so let’s do it and remember: expect miracles!

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