3 Steps to Mastering the Law of Attraction

3 steps to mastering the law of attraction

Let’s talk about 3 steps to mastering the law of attraction. (Recommended by Dr. Joe Vitale)

1. Become Aware of Your Thoughts

This is the first step, become aware of your current thinking. Most of the time our thoughts are negative, we are listening to ourselves saying these negative words like 70,000 times per day, and the majority of these thoughts are repetitive, they are saying the same negative beliefs several times over and over, things like “I’m not good enough”, “this only work for other people”, “Only them can do it, not me”, and also we have negative beliefs about the circumstances like “The economy is wrong”, “There is no opportunity now”, “These are bad times” or we think we need to have something first in order to succeed like “If only I had enough time”, “I need to have more money first”, “I need to be skinny”, “I don´t have enough education”, “I don´t have enough experience” or anything else.

All of these negative thoughts keep us like dead in life, with our energy shut down, so we don’t go for our dreams, and the only thing that we can do is react to the people, places, and events that happen in our life, it is like just crawl through life, and we don’t have energy, we have no enthusiasm, we don’t believe in real possibilities of something better and we are not empowered at all.

So the first thing that The Law of Attraction teaches us is that We have a choice, we can choose what thoughts to have, we can change our thinking, but in order to do that we have to notice the presence of those negative thoughts that we want to change, and that is why to become aware of your thoughts is first of the 3 steps to mastering the law of attraction.

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How to become aware of your thoughts

Let’s talk about some practical things that you can do to actually become more aware of your thought because to say it is easy but how we can do it? here you have where to start:

  1. Take a break of 10-15 minutes in your day to stay in silence, you can choose to sit or maybe you feel better taking a walk, and during that time be aware of what you listen in the continuous stream of thoughts in your mind, notice if they are affirmations or maybe conversations.
  2. Pay attention to your breathing, this can help you to increase your overall awareness by bringing your attention back to the present.
  3. Try to notice the pauses between thoughts in your mind. Imagine that you are like a cat waiting for the new mouse (the next thought) to come out of its hideout, and try to notice that time of silence and no action. In the beginning, those moments can be very short, but as you put more focus on them the size of these spaces of silence will grow and that silence is necessary to seed what we really want in the future.

Remember that in these exercises our only goal is to become aware but not to judge the thoughts, so we have to become aware also that we are just taking note, that our thoughts are not good or bad, they are being generated automatically based on previous experiences or believes but they just are a phenomenon.

“Awareness is the greater agent for change” – Eckhart Tolle

2. Realize that You are not your Thoughts

Then after we become aware of what we have been thinking, we have to realize that we can think of any sort of things but we are not that thoughts. You are separate from your thoughts, and this can be really shaking news if you hear it from the first time.

In fact, there are a lot of books that talk about this with titles like “You’re not your mind”, “You’re not your brain”, etc, and the main message is that all these thoughts that you began to notice that you have in the first step… well, you’re having them, you’re not them.

So we have to start to detach from those thoughts. For example, let’s say we notice a thought that says “I’m not good enough”, we can say “oh here is this thought again, and just let it go by, and that is how we can be one step closer to remove it. And furthermore, we save energy because we don’t give our energy to that thought anymore, so we can recover that energy and use it to our true goals instead of waste it mourning with the thought.

Practical Tips to Realize that You’re not your Thoughts

a) When you take your brake to notice your thoughts (in the first step), add these questions:

    • Am I these thoughts that I’m listening to?
    • Am I who is aware of this thinking?

It’s not even essential in the first place that you answer these inquiries. What’s significant is to ask them each time you take a moment to watch and tune in to your thoughts. The inquiries are just a gadget to help clear away some entirely thick spider webs. The questions simply hone our attention to these skimming thought streams.

b)  Use the word “Thinking” to break the “spell” of the thoughts.

The more you watch the more irregular you’ll see your considerations are. As you approach your day, and you notice your thoughts, remind yourself they are just “thinking”, and tenderly return to what you were doing. At the point when I see myself caught in musings, I basically state to myself or out-loud “thinking” and come back to what I was doing. On occasion I need to state “thinking” a couple of times straight to break the spell the musings are projecting on my creative mind, however, generally, I realize I’m thinking… Nothing more.

Getting aware of your considerations by utilizing the word “thinking” just gives you the opportunity to know that what’s happening inside your brain it’s just a phenomenon, just “thinking”.

3.  Start to Generate What You Want to Think

The last of The 3 steps to Mastering the Law of Attraction is start to generate that we do want to think and this is where things like affirmations, positive statements, positive thinking, subliminal reprogramming, or even hypnosis come to help us in this mission. So instead of saying “I’m not good enough” we can begin to say “I am good enough”, begin to say “This can work out for me. If the Law of Attraction works for others, why can’t it work for me? those people are humans, I’m human too.

Remember that successful people only think about what they want. In contrast, generally, we always think about all the things that could go wrong or for example if someone asks “what do you want?” the majority of people is going through all the things that they don’t want but they don’t have clear what they really want. And the problem with this is that being always thinking the thoughts of what we don’t want, actually pulls them into our experience. So what can we do to reverse the situation?

How to start to create what you want to think

So here we are, let’s resume, we begin to be more aware of our usual thoughts, then we start to realize that we are not our thoughts, they don’t define who we truly are. So, in this third Step for Mastering the Law of Attraction we will begin to seed new thoughts, and for that take this tips into consideration:

  1. First, recognize your responsibility. Recognize that your thoughts shape your reality, and begin to realize that if you created something you have power over it to either create it again or completely un-create it.
  2. Realize that every thought you think is going to become reality if not canceled out with the opposite thought. Here the exercise about saying “thinking” is still useful to stop undesired loops of thoughts, but also we can begin to add the new one to cancel the want that we want to clean.
  3. Take into consideration that your conscious mind is like a child and you have to treat it with love and negotiate with her so it can accept the new ideas or affirmations that you decide to adopt. Please don’t forget this important truth, because if you don’t check that your subconscious is cooperating then all your effort would be in vain.
  4. Choose your affirmations wisely. This is because they have to have an order, be in the correct positive voice, and even be in the correct tense. So I would recommend taking a proven course like The Official Certification in the Law of Attraction. So you can have more tools about how to use your affirmations correctly.
  5. Use visualization. Images, videos, visual meditations can help you a lot with your goals of having new thoughts. Here you have an example of a professional video to generate abundance and wealth thoughts, this kind of video tools are made by professionals using binaural technology to induce our subconscious to relax and gladly accept the new beliefs:

Abundance money affirmations – become a money magnet

Thoughts are said to be material since they convey energy.



I hope this post has been useful for you to rebuild the software in your mind, please if you liked comment and share. Thank you Thank you Thank you

With Love,

Stela Ahau.


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