7 Links between Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

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The Law of attraction implies a variety of principles that make us feel like we have the opportunity to mold our reality according to our thoughts, but some people need more than beautiful words and really want to know more about how reality is constructed from the scientific perspective and how that links to the law of attraction, and that is where quantum physics come into the scene.

So here I present to you 7 links between Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction that can help you to integrate the information about both.

1.The Wave-Particle Duality

Everything began to change at the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of Quantum Physics. This new framework was telling us that even those things that we have perceived as solid, were not solid at all, that at the lowest level they were something moldable, waves of probabilities, and the most strange of all this was the idea that these waves change their behavior depending on whether they are observed or not. We can realize this through the double-slit experiment where an electron “decides” to act differently if it was observed as if it was aware of the presence of an observer:


With Quantum Physics suddenly we were at the heart of all the phenomena because the scientists of this theory discovered that our relationship with matter was more profound than we had been told. All the particles at the quantum level existed in a potential state open to all possibilities… until we alter them by different ways of interaction including the mere act of observing. So here we have the first link with the Law of Attraction since one of the recommendations to apply it is to focus your thoughts on what you want.

And maybe we don’t know how all the process of manifestation occurs but what we know is that if we observe something there is interaction, we as observers cause an effect in what we observe so… don’t you think is better to interact with positive thinking that with non desired things?

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2. Non-Locality and Entanglement

“Nonlocality describes the apparent ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances (potentially even billions of light-years), almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events”. (physicsoftheuniverse.com).

This implies that once two particles had interaction then they are still connected when they are physically taken apart, and even when there is no exchange of energy or force in the future, so always the actions of one will influence the other no matter the distance. 

And this is very important also for The Law of attraction because now we can take into account that matter is not a bunch of separated things (in fact there is no matter everything is energy but we’ll talk about later), but in the most basic level is a world of complex relationships eternally indivisible.

So, when you focus on something and are taking action on one of your goals you’re not separated, you are interacting with all the reality in a mysterious but intricate way.

Entaglement in quantum physics

3. Like attracts like? Virtual Particles

One of the main objections to believing in a relationship between quantum physics and the law of attraction is that some people take very literally the affirmation that “like attracts like”, and for me, this is not so simple as people think, because we carry a lot of subconscious information that we don’t know so we think we are one way but inside our mind can be other, but besides that, there is also a good example of how even in physics like can attracts like even though it is not supposed to.

And this example has to do with the virtual particles. The virtual particles, in general, are elemental particles that exist during a very short period of time so their characteristics cannot be measured because of the indetermination principle of Heisenberg. One kind of these particles is especially interesting because they can be responsible for the “Strong Nuclear Force”.

The “Strong Nuclear Force” is the strongest force in the universe and it is responsible for keeping together protons and neutrons, which are found in the nucleus of atoms, even though the former is positively charged and repel each other. 

This is possible because of virtual particles called “Mesons” which are emitted by neutrons and protons so they can do the “impossible”, attract like particles. We can think about this like the Mesons being the will, the desire of the particles and this is a mystery that literally is in the nucleus of life and can inspire us to think that we can expect miracles!

Virtual Particles Quantum Physics Law of Attraction

4. Resonance and the String Theory

“According to string theory, absolutely everything in the universe—all of the particles that make up matter and forces—is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings.” (PBS.org). 

This theory is also called the theory for all because according to it there is only one kind of thing in the universe: the strings and the kind of particle that they can become depends on their “vibrational pattern” and the energy they have, for example, a lighter particle has less energy than a heavy one so they can be harmonious with the E=MC2 equation, but to do this a string has a multidimensional nature.

And how can we relate this with The Law of Attraction? it is simple, we can think about this as a theory that can give us an explanation about why we can manifest things according to our thoughts, and it is because of that vibrational pattern. If the universe is all correlated, why cannot this principle apply to the way we create? maybe we have a complex “vibrational pattern” that makes that our reality attract somethings and others not.


5. Holographic Universe Theory

One of the basic principles in quantum physics is that nothing disappears, especially information, that means that if for example, if we burn a book and It becomes a pile of ashes, from the quantum point of view its information is not lost, theoretically the composition of the paper, the ink, and the history can be recovered in some way if we had the correct tools, because the information remains.

But a paradox came into physics when Stephen Hawking says that everything that goes into a black hole is totally deleted, including the information, but from the perspective of quantum physics that cannot be true, so they think about what else can be happening there…

And the proposal was that the information is not destroyed but remains in the horizon of the black hole and is preserved as a hologram of two dimensions… but this idea can be expanded to the whole universe. (Vox.com)

This theory also implies that a fraction of the universe contains the information of all universe… and do we hear Joe Vitale here? hahaha… that’s right, literally, all the information of all the universe can be inside you, so everything you need (in terms of information) is inside you, and this idea of the holographic universe gives us a hint to notice that all the reality we see can be an illusion. Have you heard that for the teachers of the Law of Attraction?… yes, it can be only a projection of a hologram and the information in it can be changed… so there you have.

PS. Stephen Hawking had to admit defeat so… yeah… the hologram theory rocks!.


6. Morphogenetic Fields

Morphogenetic fields are invisible forces that guide embryos to become a specific kind of life (plant, animal, mushroom, etc), and also contain the information to help the body heal in an appropriate way. (quantumuniversity.com).

These fields are still a mystery but they are relevant not only for biological beings but for the entire universe and that’s why I include the concept here although it came first from biology. The morphogenetic fields are invisible pattern forming agents that guide the process of developing a living being, but wait, wasn’t that what DNA does?… no, the DNA is only responsible for the protein synthesis, but the form, the architecture plan is given by the morphogenetic field.

Yes, scientists have to admit the immaterial presence of intelligence as the primary developmental factor of life. So again, the observer, the intention, the consciousness the quantum physics – law of attraction link.

7. The Void or Point Zero Field

A field is a representation of all points in a space, in quantum mechanics, the vacuum is related to the concept of the Point Zero Field which is a field in a space where the energy is the lowest, ideally, this should be zero but since it is a quantum field, even when there are no physical particles, all systems in there have a “zero-point energy” due to its nature as waves. (huffpost.com)

So, this implies that what we call a vacuum is not really empty, this state contains virtual particles popping up and electro-magnetic waves all over the place. But what was amazing was to discover that all the reactions of matter, for example, the inertia, were interactions with the point zero field (journals.aps.org).

All this can be very complex but what it is important here for the Law of Attraction is that the scientists could see that the famous E=MC2 equation was not about two differentiated things, but that this relationship was on a description of the energy of quarks and electrons with the zero point field, in other words, there is no matter, only energy, or in other words, the mass is energy.

So, we can see that everything is energy and I can add that the energy carries information and that all that interacts with the observers or consciousness but at the same time they are no separated things, we are one with the universe, and what you think matters. So we see here our last quantum physics -law of attraction link of today.

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Conclusion about the links between Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction

Through all the principles above we found a constant: that the mind and matter are intrinsically related, so intimately connected that cannot be separated one from each other. In Newtonian physics, everything was predictable through the comprehension of external variables but in quantum physics is different, in quantum physics, we are in a world of possibilities, there is uncertainty about what is the final outcome because it depends on how we interact with all the elements in the equation.

So it is clear that matter responds to mind, the only objection that the physicians have is that all this thing about the observer only works with tiny things and not with the large ones… but what if the problem is not the principle but that we are not good at observing? think about it, we don’t really know much about the relationships between the observer and the reality, so maybe if we can have the tools and knowledge to become better observers then we can affect our reality more and more… and that’s what the law of attraction says to us, that if we learn to focus better and we use our intentions, emotions, and mind in a more coherent way we can achieve better results! here is the quantum physics – law of attraction link again.

So it requires training, and a little bit of time to find that focus, and learn to be in the present moment where all the possibilities are and there is not any prediction from the past. so here you have a list of useful tools that you can consider in your path to apply better and better the law of attraction (click on the bold letters for more info about each one of them):

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