The Three Beings in Ho’oponopono and Huna Ancient Wisdom

Three Selfs Ho'oponopono

Nowadays, many of the ancient wisdom concepts have been mixed with modern psychology terms, resulting in the New Age of “Positive Thinking”, giving birth to hundreds of books about affirmations, and love and peace. But, have you notice that many people try this “Positive Thinking” and fail?… and why is that? Because we hear about the ancient people who could make what we call miracles, but now, we cannot achieve the same results.

This is where is very important to know the relevance of some concepts that the ancients knew and we omit, maybe because our core beliefs about God and how to pray, but they are crucial to have true results.

At least seven thousand years ago a group of people knew the true principles of how to make “Positive Thinking” really effective. This was “rediscovered” in Hawaii, and had no name, but as they were known as secret keepers, two Polynesian words were related to them: Huna which means “secret” and Kahuna, that means “keeper of the secret” or priest.

They used words and symbols to make healings and miracles, and only the initiated knew about the mechanics of their methods and the true meaning of the phrases and symbols they use. But one of the most important pillars of their wisdom was the knowledge about the three beings.

Maybe we know about the conscious mind, the subconscious, and superconscious, but what the majority doesn’t know is how they communicate between them. Most of the people think that, when we pray or use “positive thinking” phrases, we have to direct them to the divinity or superconscious, but the ancient one knew that, that was not possible.

ho'oponopono the three beings

Let me explain that… look at the picture, you can see that our conscious intellect, is in the middle, this is the part of us that can experience the reality according to the memories that are in the subconscious mind (that, by the way, has ancestral memories even before birth), but if this middle self wants to do something to change… let’s say like in Ho’oponopono, start saying “I’m going to be 100% responsible” and begin with “I love you”, what happens?.

Notice that it has only one “phone line” where that petition goes… that is the subconscious mind, and there is no possibility to avoid this, this is the only way for our prayers, then the subconscious has to be influenced enough in order to open the other “phone line” to the superconscious.

And that is why many people fail with positive thinking because they think that they are talking directly to God, and don’t know that we have to influence our subconscious in order to be heard by our superconscious and then connect with the divinity, and go to Zero, the infinite.

There are many ways to become better in this art of influence the subconscious, for example, hypnosis, relaxation, cleaning methods, music, and more. But now you know that if something is not working well with your affirmations and desires… maybe you have to negotiate with the guardian of that second phone… your inner child, the subconscious. In fact, Dr. Hew Len says that to do that is one of the most important things that we have to do in order to clean more in ourselves (see more about Dr. Hew Len and inner child here).

I hope this information has been interesting to you and please, comment and share the link with your friends that may be interested in these topics.

Thanks and Peace for you,


Stela Ahau


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