Ho’oponopono Why Say “I’m Sorry” – By Dr. Joe Vitale

Ho'oponopono : Why Say "I'm Sorry"
  1. The Power of Saying “I’m Sorry”

A lot of people resist saying “I’m sorry” because they feel like they didn’t do anything wrong. Well, that’s not why you’re saying it. “I’m sorry” means you are unconscious to the beliefs in you that are creating or attracting the reality that you’re complaining about. So, you’re basically telling the universe, “I’m sorry for the limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I have.”

  1. Becoming Aware of Limiting Beliefs

I hope you all realize you’ve been programmed since birth. In Ho’oponopono, they say since before birth, you came in with some programming, and then you downloaded beliefs from your parents, from the media, from your school system, from whatever religion was around you, the people were around you. You downloaded beliefs and you did not know it. How could you? You were a kid, you were a child, you were innocent.

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  1. Programming Since Birth

So, you’re saying “I’m sorry” in the same way that you went shopping somewhere there and you bumped into somebody because it was crowded. Don’t you naturally and politely turn and say, “Oops, I’m sorry”? That’s the same level of spirit that you bring to saying “I’m sorry”.

  1. Taking Responsibility and Saying “I’m Sorry”

You notice what’s going on in your life right now that you’re not too keen about. Maybe you’re unhappy about something at work, maybe you’re unhappy with your relationship, maybe you’re unhappy with your body, your health, anything. Whatever it is, you don’t have to really name it, you don’t have to know the specific beliefs around it. You just know you’re not in this moment at peace. Something’s off. And because something’s off, you’re going within yourself, because that’s where you feel it.


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  1. Recognizing Discomfort and Asking for Help

It doesn’t matter what you think triggered it on the outside, the actual trigger is on the inside. Whatever you are blaming on the outside, you’re blaming the mirage. In Ho’oponopono, it’s all a projection, and Holoponopono, you’re really the only one. There’s nobody else. Everybody else is actually being projected from your own unconscious belief system.

  1. The Magic of Ho’oponopono

So, if you don’t like what you see out there, you have to notice that where the discomfort is, isn’t out there, it’s in you. All the work is done in you. So, as you feel this discomfort, this rage, this embarrassment, lack of forgiveness, blah blah blah, whatever it happens to be, you’re feeling it. And then you begin your prayer, your petition, your Ho’oponopono: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”


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  1. Simple yet Powerful Phrases

You’re saying this as if you got on the phone with God, and you don’t know what caused the problem. You don’t know what caused the perception. You don’t know what caused the beliefs or the mindset, but you do know it can be erased. You do know it can be, with a little help from a higher power, corrected, which is what Ho’oponopono is all about. It actually means to make white.

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  1. Check it Out for Yourself

Ho’oponopono — maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t heard of it, brace yourself, because it’s the most powerful, the most transformational, the most magical, the most miraculous technique I’ve ever come across. I’m Dr. Joe Vitale. I’ve written 80 books, I’ve recorded 15 albums, I have 200 some products, I have coaching program certification programs. But nothing ever has had the impact in my life as Ho’oponopono has. I’ve been teaching it to other people since around 2005. There is great depth to it, though it’s very simple on the very superficial level. There’s really only four phrases, and you’re kind of saying them as a quiet prayer or petition. But there’s so much more to it than that. And what I really want you to do is check it outfor yourself, for your family, your friends, and ultimately for the world. It’s that powerful. And as I like to say, expect miracles.


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