How does 4Life Gold Factor work – Benefits of Gold in your body

Gold Factor is a delicate suspension of intricately shaped ultra-fine gold particles in ultra-pure water. Uniquely developed and exclusively licensed, Gold Factor is an extensively researched activation molecule that boosts cellular vitality to sharpen mental acuity and memory and promote longevity by protecting cellular DNA. In independent laboratory studies, Gold Factor increased telomerase activity (an enzyme that protects telomeres or endcaps of DNA and a key healthy aging marker) compared to no treatment and performed as well as or better than the leading anti-aging, cellular vitality, or gold colloidal supplements currently on the market.*

From cosmic beginnings, a substance so pure, so precious that it’s been idolized for centuries, we are only limited by the end of our imaginations, our real human potential defies our wildest dreams, we were meant to run to excel to push the boundaries of the human experience. Our 37 trillion cells dictate our every bodily response as they age, so do we gold particles promote longevity by protecting cellular DNA preserving the integrity of DNA strands that signal aging for an elevated brain and body. Pure, precious, powerful, optimize your personal potential by maximizing cellular function and energy. Supercharge your cells.

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Get Gold Factor at 30% discount HERE

Get Gold Factor at 30% discount HERE

About 4Life Transfer Factor

When you have a smart and vigilant immune system, you can fight back against the threats you face every day and live your best life possible. That’s why millions of people around the world have chosen to support their immune systems with 4Life Transfer Factor products!*

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Get Gold Factor at 30% discount HERE

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