The Secrets of the man who lived 256 years – Li Ching Yun

li chung yun longevity secrets

The human being seems to live fewer and fewer years, in ancient times it was said that people could last a long time exceeding 100 years of age but now due to bad habits, added to the stress and lack of exercise among other factors people often fall ill with terrible illnesses and life expectancy decreases. This time we have brought the story of Li Ching Yun the man who lived 256 years.

On May 6th, 1933 on page 13 of the newspaper ‘new york times’ appeared the obituary of Li Ching Yun a Chinese who survived 23 wives he left 180 children and he died at the age of 256, is this obituary a mistake or an exaggeration? some researchers say this is true.

Li ChingYun died on 6 May 1933, he was an expert herbalist, He was a practitioner of the Tao and other disciplines of meditation and arts Martial, served as a tactical advisor military and martial arts instructor, he retired and spent a lot of time in the mountains of Tibet where he followed collecting medicinal herbs that according to him they helped him to stay young and healthy.

In 1927 he was invited to Huan Xin at the Sichuan province by his friend staff the general Yan Shen who was very interested in the strength and youth that he had there despite his advanced age, in the residence of this governor and caudillo was carried out at the age of 250 years only existing photograph of Li Ching Yun.

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As expected not much is known about the early stages of life, We know about Li that he was born in the Chinese Sichuan province where also he died, we also know that on his tenth birthday Li Ching Yun was literate and had traveled to Kan Xu, San Su, and Tibet, Anam

Siam and Manchuria for the collection of medicinal herbs, after this his life becomes a little blurry.

Apparently, for more than 100 years Li continued to sell his own herbs collected by himself. Is also known that he had nails on his right hand very long of more than 15 centimeters. 

In 1930 Professor Wu Chung Xie and Dean of the department of education of the Cheng Du university found in the imperial records of the government of China two congratulations from the emperor Ali Ching Jung in 1827 for his birthday number 150, and one after for the 200 years birthday, so if this data is rigorous it would be irrefutable proof of age of the oldest man there ever was existed.

In an article published by the magazine ‘Time’ of May 15 1933 entitled “tortoise dove and dog” was informed about the incredible life of teacher Li Ching Yun and quoted the answer that Li gave to the secret of his long life: “keep a calm heart, sit down like a turtle, walk fast like a dove, and sleep like a dog”.

His diet was based mainly on the rice and in the wine of this cereal, he also consumed ginseng and a plant little known “Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica”, many scientists of the time made fun of this and did not pay attention to the issue, but some few visionaries were a little more there. Jules Lépine French biochemist found a powerful alkaloid with rejuvenating effects in the seeds of this plant.

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Herbalists know of a factor of longevity that this plant has, a vitamin for youth and for the brain and endocrine glands, and also extracts of the plant are used to treat circulation and skin problems. It is also consumed in salad and the juice of the leaves is used for arterial hypertension, also as a tonic. A poultice of leaves is used to treat sores and ulcers.

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If the story discovered by Wu Chung Xien in 1930 and reported by the magazine ‘time’ and the newspaper “the new york times” is certain then Li Ching Yun would surpass in more than 130 years the oldest woman in the land, the French Jean Louis that she lived 122 years and 164 days.

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Master Li Ching-yun is reliably chronicled to have lived more than 250 years, during which he practiced the Eight Brocades on a daily basis. His longevity and personal endorsements attest to the Eight Brocades as the quintessence of qigong practice.

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