Get Rid of Resenments with Ho’oponopono

how to get rid of resentments with ho'oponopono

Hello, Today I wanted to talk to you about a technique that we can use to get rid of all our resentments, this technique is called ho’oponopono. I’ve been using it lately to release resentments and it’s a very nice process and it really works. 

So the first thing you do is you realize that we’re all sparks of the divine. We all have a spark of the divine and everybody.

So you’re going to focus on the spark of the divine in yourself and focus on the spark of the divine in the other person, the one you want to release the resentment for, then once you have that connection, then you’re gonna say I’m sorry to that person that spark of the divine you’re gonna say I’m Sorry for labeling you, for thinking of you as a monster, for judging you, I’m sorry and please forgive me and we’re a spark of the divine, but we have all this trauma and childhood beliefs and childhood experiences that make us who we are and it’s all junk or trash.

Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

So to speak, you are really in essence, a pure spark of the divine underneath all that, so you’re saying I’m sorry and we would do the same thing if we were in their shoes if we had their experiences, so they’re kind of part of our selves like we could be them so to speak, so that’s how I read it, so you’re sorry for labeling them, for thinking of them as monsters. Please forgive me, thank you. 

Then I usually use this step to Thank you for a lesson I’ve learned. Thank you for teaching me about boundaries. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to practice love. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for showing me what not to do, you know how not to act, whatever you want to “Thank you”, and then I love you.

It’s for my soul to your soul, my spark of the divine to your spark of the divine “I love you” and then you release them there’s this thing about the soul contract where, if you want to end it like if you want them out of your life because it’s too painful to be with them, you can just say “I in my soul contract with you, I’m Releasing you of this contract”. “I don’t want to play with you anymore in my reality”, so you release them.

I wish you the best love you, go do your game someplace else, I don’t want to play anymore. Yeah, and let’s talk about how does it work and that’s kind of you really have to think about it and get a little metaphysical, but I drew a little picture:

ho'oponopono get rid of resentments we are connected

I wanted to show you why I think it’s called clearing and cleaning. How it works is that if you think of yourself, you’re a little white dot and you want to keep your little white dot clean and clear, so the divine energy can flow through you and resentments and fears and resentments can cloud up your dot, so it becomes dark, you see, and we’re all connected and if your dot is clear, the divine energy can flow throughout and I please see the gray lines that show how we’re all connected. So we’re all little dots and if you take some dots and you connect them all, each dot connects to all the other dots. I drew lines. They’re all connected to everything (other dots). So if you take one dot and you move it, the whole shape will move because it’s all connected and the energy can flow kind of like an atom.

I guess it looks a little like an atom right?. The energy can flow through all these clear dots, but if this dot is clouded it’s gonna block up the energy flow, you know with resentments and stuff and fear, so you want to release it and that’s what this prayer does, it makes you a clear, clean dot where the universe of the energy, the universal energy can flow, and you can get divine energy. 

In fact, a lot of creative geniuses say they’ve gotten their creative ideas from the inspiration, creativity from heaven coming down through you and you kind of see in images, but you can only get creative energy if your mind is clear, so you can receive it, and so this is about keeping your dot clear. 

You’re responsible for keeping your dot clear and with this prayer, and there are many other ways to do this prayer you can learn more about it here:

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It’s a wonderful practice, and the more I do it, the freer I feel, it’s like huge weights being released off you every time. You say this prayer and the bigger resentment you have for someone – and you say this prayer a few times the bigger the relief it’s Amazing. 

I cannot say enough good things about Ho’oponopono, it’s been changing my life and I’ve only been doing it for a few days, so that’s it and write any comments down.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. I love you, I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You. Hummingbird 😀


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