Discovering Your Past Lives

Discovering Your Past Lives

This book Describes how to recognize past-life memories as they arise from the subconscious mind. Fate magazine. Discovering your past lives the best book on reincarnation, you will ever read in this lifetime. This book is dedicated to you to who you are now who you have been before and what you would become part one, the beginnings chapter, one reincarnation and its relationship to you as people search for a way to understand the purpose and meaning of life.

They found that all truth was within themselves. They became aware of all the spirit special essence. They possessed that they termed their soul. They learned through experiences that their soul was immortal and their awareness continued through this time.

Only the perceptions of this knowledge deferred. The truth remained the same. They became aware that death was not the end. It was a big new beginning that created a circle of life. They discovered arithmetic pattern that repeated itself in a rebirth of their soul into a different kind of awareness.

They found that what they did in one lifetime was reflected in another lifetime. Reincarnation is a belief in life. After death, the soul is reborn into a new physical body for the purpose of gaining knowledge and for understanding and resolving negative emotions and actions you occurred in previous lifetimes, the repeated incarnations.

You learn karmic lessons and you enjoy the rewards of lessons that were previously learned. As you acquire knowledge and perfect your soul, you attain spiritual union with a higher consciousness. As you travel the journey from lifetime to lifetime.

You encounter experiences in which your actions of previous life lives again present themselves. This is known as karma and is commonly known, referred to as cause and effect cause and effect are the same as creating your own reality.

You create what you experience in every moment of every lifetime by your thoughts, feelings and actions. You cause events to occur when you experience karma you are, experiencing the effect of your previous thoughts, feelings and actions that you caused and created in your past lives in the process of evolving your soul.

You become aware of all the actions you cause. You give yourself the opportunity to experience your karma and the freedom to choose what you want to do about your karma. You choose whether you will change and correct what you have done before if it needs to be corrected or whether you will continue the karma into a future lifetime.

You also give yourself the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from what you have already learned and the freedom to increase your knowledge and your quest for spiritual enlightenment. You become aware that you indeed do indeed create your own reality inside the belief in reincarnation is a world of knowledge and self-awareness.

Excuse me to know that you have lived before and to understand the apparent inequities and justices of life brings meaning and purpose to your present life. By accepting responsibility for your attitudes and actions in previous lives, you give yourself the power to make positive changes in your present life, which allows you to learn lessons and balance karma to know that you have the power to control what happens in your life and to Enjoy the many pleasures and challenges of physical existence gives you the awareness that you are the master of your fate by understanding all your experiences.

You acquire knowledge and enlightenment, which gives you the awareness of your true spiritual nature by discovering who you were before and how your past experiences relate to who you are now you gain tremendous benefits in terms of understanding your present experiences, the value of remembering your past Lives is applying the knowledge and insights acquired from your past life to the events, situations and relationships in your present life.


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