Reiki for Spiritual Healing

reiki for spiritual healing

A Doorway to Spiritual Awakening In this groundbreaking guide, Reiki Master Brett Bevell reveals how to focus the energy of Reiki—traditionally used for healing the body—toward healing the spirit. By showing how to work with the Higher Self to send Reiki treatments across many lifetimes, Bevell provides the tools for clearing karmic and spiritual blocks at the moment they were created. Through the introduction of new Reiki symbols and techniques for forgiveness, accessing the angelic realm, and more, seekers will be able to take ownership of their connection to the Divine and engage in real change in their lives.

(By Abraham Hicks) when I’m working with my patients and I’m transferring energy and helping their chakras heal and removing energy putting energy in or out taking energy out explain what I am feeling to me first we would like to say that  when you’re working with them and their desire for the benefit that you are offering is focused within them and they are in a relaxed state of expectation so that they are in an allowing state then what you are doing you are acting as a  sort of satellite dish beaming a signal that is always available to them.

But you’re beaming it in in a way that they are more likely to receive it because the factor of you makes them expect it  more they don’t need you for it but the factor of you makes them expect it more you cannot assert your energy to them they’re  summoning it so you are a cooperative component that is acting as a conduit you’re not refining the energy you’re not producing the energy  you’re not even directing the energy because it is their summoning that is calling it you’re facilitating the receiving of their energy so what you’re feeling which is a variable is completely dependent upon their desire how intense it is your alignment how ready you are and their willingness to receive what you are facilitating so that’s why what you feel moves about a bit.


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Okay so the energy that I’m feeling when it’s traveling through me is actually what they’re receiving it’s their summoning of it and you are the conduit who is consciously aware of allowing the energy to flow through you to them well I always tell them that always a figment of their imagination and I’ve just basically been made up for their continuing evolution of their soul or their abilities to clear what they need to clear up we understand why you’re saying that to them and you could further clarify to them by saying that you’re joyful in this work and that you are happy to facilitate whatever they are ready for and that their expectation as what it is all about.

But you can also now tell them as a result of this conversation that you participated in powerfully here today  that you understand that your work is to align with this non resisted energy which makes you a very good conduit to stand in resonance with them  but it still is all about them so of course whatever you can do to set them at ease that is your predominant work isn’t it well with in a relationships terms basically this is why I’ve kind of kept myself away from a relationship for a  while – to clarify well this isn’t I guess this I guess this is just for myself can you tell me how a a monk or a healer may want to keep their energy clear clean or their connection to   source clean by not bringing in another energy – for instance be intimate with well we understand it on all levels not only intimacy but anything just now someone approached dester wanting her to sign a book and she is usually not wanting to interact with anyone only because she doesn’t want her focus to be diffused and there are those who are sort of wanting to protect themselves or guard themselves from whatever but those  are sort of old pipes that a lot of humans have laid even old pipes for Esther wanting to sort of protect  herself having the attitude that she’s wanting to be the conduit for as much clarity as possible and not wanting anything to get in the way of that but  understanding it as you do today as a result of the conversation today isn’t it obvious that what your work is is  just line up with that powerful energy and just tune yourself to it as frequently for as long a period of time.

As you can consciously sustain so that you allow a momentum and want that momentum take care of everything else in other words we are really not encouragers of so we say to you you are  an extension of Source Energy and you can do all of this work blah blah blah blah to come into alignment with it and so  here you are and then we are not wanting you to then feel guarded or protective of that alignment because it is not at risk it’s not something that’s difficult for you to reach Eve over and over and  over again we don’t want you to set yourselves apart from the contrasting experience which gives you the opportunity to expand and ask for more you want to have those step one asking  moments so there is not anything to be guarded about or to protect yourself about you’re just wanting to do as much  alignment work as you can as often as you please and everything else will take care of itself.

And there are those who will come to you and this is going to be interesting for you to hear but you’re going to like it once it settles you’ll like it  immediately from what we can feel of you there are those who are not up to speed  with the energy that you commonly connect with and if you’re connected with it you are of no help to them at all and so sometimes you put a little resistor on your own  energy stream so that they can reach for you and receive through you as much as they can that is something we would never do standing in  your physical shoes because there are plenty of other facilitators for them to find and there is never a reason never a valid reason there is never a reason for you to consciously hold your energy stream back expect them to meet you that’s where the true value comes from  your work with them expect them to meet you okay thank you     

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