Manifesting with Heart-Brain Connection – Joe Dispenza

Manifesting with Heart-Brain Connection - Joe Dispenza

Coherence is rhythm, it’s a cadence and when you’re in fear or you’re in survival and your heart rate increases and your respiratory rate increases your brain waves go up into this, aroused state right and people spend 70 percent of their life.

Anticipating the worst-case scenario. That’s going to happen in their life and prepare for the worst chronic stress does what causes us to hold our breath all right, so we found you know in our research and working with the heart math institute and also some of the stuff we’ve been doing that If you slow your breathing down, you slow your brain waves down and if you teach your body to move out of survival, there’s only one other thing it wants to do.

It wants to create right. So now just imagine a big drum and now you’re so contracted that you can’t you can’t hit that drum and as you learn and teach a person how to convert from that fight-or-flight nervous system to the nervous system of relaxation.

The heart actually starts to bloom, and when you place your attention on your heart, we have the data. I can say emphatically that, when that heart starts to beat in rhythm, it starts to inform the brain that it’s time to create like taking a big sheet and going like this wave of energy goes right to the brain.

The brain goes right in the alpha and says it’s safe now to create and examine other possibilities, you’re out of survival right. So then, as you hit that drum repeatedly there’s a wave of sound, that’s produced and the more coherent it is, the more it can carry information right or if you drop a pebble in the water and you drop another pebble in the water and drop another pebble In the water, when your heart is coherent, there’s a magnetic field, and i want you to feel gratitude for the event before it occurs.

Heart Brain Coherence Theory and Exercise with Gregg Braden

Well, i can’t feel it because it hasn’t happened yet yeah, that’s the conditioning, that’s the hypnosis! So then, when you teach purple people how to create hard coherence and self-regulate – and it makes sense, then with a coherent brain – they can hold the image of their future.

They can actually then rehearse who they’re going to be. They can bring up the emotions of their future. Now. Here’S the cool part awesome if they can feel their gratitude before their healing their healing begins if they feel their abundance or their worthiness before they have their wealth, it will start generating abundance if they start being.

In love with themselves and being in love with life, they’ll create an equal, that’s the law, if they’re in awe of life or in awe of the moment, they’re going to have a mystical experience if they’re empowered they’re going to start stepping towards their success.

So then, when we wait for the outer world to change our internal state, that’s a conditioning process, because some people will live in lack and separation, their entire life, because they’re not creating anything.

When this happens, then I’ll feel happy. That’s the illusion of three-dimensional reality. That’s cause and effect, but feeling the emotion ahead of the experience is causing an effect, so the heart, when it’s coherent, tends to produce an external magnetic field.

That’s up to three meters wide now. You’ve got a wi-fi signal now when you have a coherent brain, the brain could actually lay the information on that signal and the thought of your wealth or your health can be carried on the frequency of that heart emotion.

Emotions are the end product of an experience right, [, Music, ] epigenetics says that’s the environment that signals the gene if the environment signals the gene and the end product of an experience in the environment is an emotion that person’s signaling genes ahead of the environment and Now they’re biologically believing behaving and actually becoming that person.

So if the person sustains that satan state and we look at novice meditators that come for a week and 90 of them and the metabolites not just a few – the majority of the metabolites and novice meditators suggest that their bodies in a different life – let’s demystify the Present moment people wake up in the morning and they think about their problems and those problems or memories that are etched in their brain that are connected to certain people and objects at certain times and places the moment they wake up in the morning.

And they start thinking of their problems or thinking in the past. Okay, now every one of those problems has an emotion associated with it, so when they feel unhappy when they feel bitter, when they feel fearful now, their body’s in the past thoughts are the language of the brain feelings of the language of the body, thought and feeling Image and emotion, stimulus and response, you’re conditioning the body to be the mind of that emotion, subconsciously.

Now the body is believing it’s living in the same past experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Why? Because the body’s so objective, it doesn’t know the difference between the real-life experience.

That’s creating that emotion and the emotion that person is creating by thought alone. The environment signals the gene, that’s epigenetics. The end product from an experience in the environment is an emotion, a person’s signaling, the same genes in the same way genes make proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of your body, and the expression of proteins is the expression of life.

Now the person is actually headed for genetic destiny and when people labor for the present moment – and they take their attention off of their body off of all the people in their life, all of the objects they own – their cell phone, their computer, their car, their house, they’re no longer identifying with where they’re sitting where they need to be where they live, where they’ve lived in the past, where they need to go and they’re, not thinking about the predictable future of the familiar past, they’re dissociating from everything physical and material, everything knew that Is the exact moment we call getting beyond yourself? Okay now, when we’re in that place, then at the beginning it’s uncomfortable because work survival is the unknown.

You have better chances of survival in running from the unknown, but that unknown is the perfect place to create from so in the process, no different than any rehab in the first two days of our event. Really, people, are they’re, basically, they’re, basically rehabbing from their emotional states and their habits and they’re sitting in the presence of that discomfort right and the discomfort is because the body is leaving the known, but but but if the body has been conditioned to be the mind, The moment you take it outside of its familiar territory, it’s going to start telling you ed! Why don’t you quit? You know you’re, not really good at this.

You know you’re more of a physical person. You don’t really want to do this. You’re not very this or very that and most people just get up when they do the meditation. They believe that thought as if it’s true now the question is: what’s on the other side of that thought, can you sit there long enough till that’s no longer the thought you accept believe and surrender to well then wow.

The next question side of that thought. What is the other? What’s on the other side of that familiar emotion, can i sit and work with my body and settle it down stay you stay, i’m gonna feed. You you’re not gonna die from this.

Your bladder’s not gonna explode, you’re, not gon. Na go crazy and you work with catching those thoughts. It’s called metacognition if you’re in that 95 of programming, where you’re unconscious, then the first step to change is becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts, so conscious that you would never go unconscious or let that thought slip by you unnoticed.

If you analyze anything your life yourself within some disturbing emotion, you’re gonna make your brain worse. One hundred percent of the time, in other words you’re thinking in the past, and your thoughts are arousing the brain more into that state of survival.

Now, that’s that’s when we over focus that’s when we overthink right so then so the person’s having a spontaneous love attack, they’ve done it enough times their body’s going, hey uh! It’S been about uh two hours without a little love.

Well, let me just automatically do that and so now, when you feel these elevated emotions, it activates, the pro-social networks in the brain survival creates the protective networks like i don’t trust you, I’m separate you’re different, I’m gonna do my own thing.

I’m selfish right now, it’s all about me: let’s compete! Let’s fight, let’s, let’s uh uh, you know manipulate, let’s force it, let’s control it. Let’s do matter trying to change matter. That’s kind of the program right!


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