Heart Brain Coherence Theory and Exercise with Gregg Braden

heart brain coherence theory class and exercise with gregg braden

You need to access the subconscious in order to bring about meaningful change in the patterns
of your life. Heart-brain coherence opens the door to a direct link with the subconscious

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With only three minutes of this technique, you reduce our level of stress hormones in the body
in about 23%; elevate DHEA, the precursor to all the hormones in the body, 100% and optimize
the relationship between the heart and the brain.

• Words codes are more potent and have the deepest effect while in the presence of
• The optimal frequency to harmonize the heart and the brain is 0.1 Hertz. It is a universal
frequency, and it is also the fundamental fr equency of the magnetic fields of the Earth.
• Everything in the body is connect ed to everything else.
• The harmony is not limited to the heart and the brain. It‘s extended to every organ, every
system in the body.
• When you harmonize your heart and your brain, you’re also bringing your body and all its
systems into alignment with the magnetic field of the planet.

heart brain coherence

Three steps to achieve Heart-Brain Coherence

Step 1: Close your eyes. Gently touch your heart center and allow your awareness to move
from your thinking mind to your feeling heart.

Step 2: Slow your breathing. Allow the exhale of the breath to be longer than the inhale. Continue
breathing at this pace and focusing on your heart center to the best of your ability.

Step 3: Have a positive, life-affirming, uplifting feeling in your body. There are many feelings
that work, but gratitude is almost universal. While you focus on your heart center and continue
to slow your breathing, feel gratitude to the best of your ability.

These three simple steps have been refined from thousands of years of experience

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