Reiki Healing for Beginners

reiki healing for beginners

“In Reiki Healing for Beginners, you will explore basic Reiki techniques and learn how to heal over 100 common emotional and physical ailments. Through clear, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions, this practical guide is the perfect companion for new healers who want to address everything from fatigue to forgiveness with Reiki”–Back cover.

Welcome, today we will talk about a book called reiki healing for beginners that was written by Karen Frazier thanks for visiting our blog, I hope you are well and we are going to review this book and its content together. Perhaps the title caught your attention because you are just learning about reiki or perhaps you are already a reiki master and practice it professionally or only in private for your environment, but in any case, this book may interest you since it is very interesting in the theme.

To begin with, it must be mentioned that the book has very beautiful photographic illustrations, is richly illustrated, abundantly illustrated, very well written, and in its content, we first have the fundamentals of reiki, the techniques of Reiki, and recommended treatment for more than 100 problems of reiki. health and then many more interesting things.
In the introduction, she tells you a little about what Reiki has meant in her life, but above all in relation to a particular experience and therefore the author wants to share certain things in relation to that. Also as part of this section on the basics of Reiki she mentions:
“Reiki is an ancient energy, it has probably been around since the beginning of time. In the West, the story that we are told of its origins is based on the legend propagated by Madame Takata, a Hawaiian Reiki Master who brought Reiki from Japan to the Western world. It is Madame Takata who is responsible for the spread of reiki in the west and reiki practitioners who have been trained here can trace her line and she told them this story in the form of oral tradition which sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between the reality and legend whenever it is not possible, I tried to indicate what it is about”-

In that little introduction in the first chapter you can see the origins of Reiki, so obviously it’s very interesting because it allows you to learn exactly where Reiki came from and what it was like and how it became known in the Western world.

Later she comments in more detail on what reiki can do for you, how it works, defines what healing is, how reiki can help you, etc. so I share this quote with you because it is interesting:
“For your body to eliminate the energy blockages that prevent you from moving forward on your life path, help solve your emotional and spiritual problems such as grief, your feelings or lack of self-esteem among other imbalances, and the circulation of energy in your systems of energy, which include your chakras, your meridians, and your upper Rhine. Reiki helps you find solutions for long-term problems.”

Below we have the five principles of reiki that are essential for people who practice it:

  1. I don’t worry today
  2. I’m not angry today
  3. today I work honestly
  4. Today I give thanks for everything I receive
  5. Today I am kind to my neighbor and to all living beings

And every day we are advised to meditate on these principles, even though someday we may not feel so good, we are advised to meditate on it and we are told to try not to worry. Do not give up and Live in Truth and Integrity, Show Gratitude, Show Kindness and Compassion that is very important.

We highlight these five principles because this is really important in the practice of Reiki, so how to use this book so that this book is actually a complement to your reiki training? First of all, it is important to mention that the book indicates that To channel Reiki energy you must be initiated by a Reiki Master who can teach you Reiki and initiate you in person or remotely, and the book is designed as a supplement to your training with your Reiki Master. That is to say that your teacher is the one who will give you the teachings and initiations of the first, second and third-degree, this book cannot initiate you and cannot replace the traditional reiki training.

It is important to emphasize this, so you will have to complement it with a face-to-face or distance course if you are not a Reiki practitioner or if you do not know anything about it, of course, you can obtain it to document yourself at first, but later to practice Reiki you must have received an initiation from a reiki master.

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