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dragon and tiger qigong

The people that develop dragon and Tiger Qigong was Taoist in China and they knew a great secret, they knew that if your energy flows well, you’re going to have good health and vitality.

In China Qigong is well known and there are hundreds of systems for working your Chi through Qigong, the most popular that we know in the West is Tai Chi but now many more forms of Qigong are starting to come from the east to the west.

The word Qigong consists of two parts, one is the word Qi which refers to your life energy which is just the energy you wake up every morning and say “oh I have a lot of energy or I don’t” so it’s nothing mysterious. The Chinese figured out how to how to work with it and Gong means work but we can think about is workout, so if you put the two words together you get Qigong it’s a workout for your energy.

Three key principles that you explore when you’re doing Qigong

  1. The first is how well is your energy flowing, the Chi of your body moves through channels and when they become blocked in any way or energy becomes stagnant or stuck in any way that degrades your system and degrades your health, so you’re going to be evaluating with Dragon and Tiger QiGong how well can you loosen up all the tissues of your body, all the systems of your body, to get the Chi flowing really well.
  2. The second principle is how much energy do you have? how much do you have at the moment to do what you need to do? and how much do you have in reserve for those times when you need to draw in your reserves? how much gas do you have in your tank? so it’s going to be available to you when you need it, Dragon & Tiger is excellent at doing both for you which makes it a somewhat unique form of Qi Gong.
  3. The third is can you feel your energy induce with it, for example, practice Dragon & Tiger Qigong can help you feel your energy  and then use it in a form of energy medicine called Qigong 29 so you can notice howyouI feel, you can notice how the other person feels and then you can play back and forth with our energy to bring it into  balance and to bring more energy about.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono


So Dragon & Tiger QiGong Provides step-by-step lessons in qi techniques for self-healing, martial arts, and spiritual development, and instructs on such topics as maintaining awareness, developing hyper-coordination, and working with the protective energy.

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