Gregg Braden – The Bible Code Prophecies

Gregg Braden - The Bible Code Prophecies

(By Gregg Braden) I’m going to summarize for you with a Little presentation, precisely what the bible code is, what it’s all about, what the science says about it and what it says about where we are right now about the events that are happening in our lives and in our world right now.

Scientists believe that there’s a close association between what we in the past have called prophecy and what scientists today call remote viewing. Now those of you familiar with remote viewing know what I’m talking about if you’re not familiar with remote viewing, it is the ability of an individual to sit in a moment in space and time, presumably any moment in any space and any time and through a deep State of intuition that we all have available to us, they are able to access timelines of events that are occurring in real-time or have yet to occur into our future.

Now the reason that this is possible is that Einstein, told us that time, all events in time always exist all right. So it’s a really strange way of thinking about time, but it means that the past and the present, and the future exist simultaneously.

This is what Einstein said and if that’s true, and if we have the ability, the intuitive ability, through states of conscience, to navigate states of consciousness to navigate the timelines, then we should be able to at least view and perhaps interact with the events of the past, the present or of the future, so we know this is successful. We know this works because the US military explored remote viewing beginning in the 1980s. It was actually applied in the gulf war in 1990 very successfully.

For example, when remote viewing is used to locate missile silos scud missiles in the Iraqi desert, without risking the lives of troops to go in and find those missiles, so we know that the principle of remote viewing is valid. It works.

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Remote Viewing and Prophecies

Physics is still being explored and scientists believe they understand enough to be able to apply it, and by applying it, they will develop a deeper understanding of physics. Well, I believe that the parallels between the remote viewing, as we know it today and the prophecy as we have known it in the past, are close enough – that we can use those principles to talk about the biblical prophecy, for example, and what it means in terms of what’s happening in our world today, specifically in eastern Europe today, so the idea of remote viewing or prophecy an individual is able to attune to a timeline of events that are unfolding so they’re in point a, and they are looking into The future or into the past, but in this case, we’re talking about the future of point b.

If nothing changes between point a and when the events of point b play out, then what they have seen may very possibly, very probably come to pass. However – and this is where it gets really, it’s a little real tricky because of what are known as bifurcations in the time-space continuum you and I are part of those bifurcations.

What that means is that between point a and point b on a linear timeline, any choice that is made can deviate, or can cause the events to deviate. From that point b. One little choice can cause so, for example, uh a discussion, a negotiation at the peace table may not bring an end to the war, but it may be enough to deviate from the possibility of that war escalating. So the bifurcation allows for a shift and now you’re looking down a different timeline in the original prophecy that was recorded, which may not be valid.

Nostradamus looking from his day into, he went as far as the year 3000, so many things have happened between his day and The year 3000 that have caused so many bifurcations, some of his visions, as accurate as they were in the 20th century, may not be accurate in into the future because we’re causing those bifurcations.

This is true of indigenous prophecy. The Hopi prophecy talks about this. It’s true of biblical prophecy, so I mentioned the biblical prophecy specifically because it has been studied scientifically by statisticians.

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The Torah Code – Bible Code

Mathematicians have for a long time manually known that there are codes in the first five books of the Christian bible or the first five books that are the Hebrew bible. It’S called the Torah: genesis, exodus, Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy are those first five books in the old testament and they are the Torah in the Hebrew tradition.

They share this information, there’s something unique about those first, five books that do not apply to the rest of the Christian bible. It doesn’t apply to any other known document of record, and I want to talk to you about what that is what the statisticians have discovered.

How it works to be able to query this information database and what it may be saying about our world today now, I’m going to say this now and then I’ll emphasize it in the presentation.

Prophecy cannot tell us exactly what’s going to happen and we’re talking about remote, viewing we’re talking about quantum possibilities, and in the quantum world, we can never know precisely when and where something will happen.

Quantum possibilities are all about probabilities, so we can know with a certain degree of certainty, uh when an event, a certain probability when an event may occur. Maybe it’s a seventy percent probability or a ninety percent probability, but because it is a quantum possibility, it’s not locked into stone because we have a choice and that’s the whole point.

We are never locked into any of the most frightening prophecies, no matter how frightening? No matter where they come from no matter what you’ve seen I’m going to show you in the biblical prophecy, specifically in the bible code, where the code tells us that we always have the opportunity to change what the code is showing us.

We always have a choice. We may not know that we have a choice. We may not feel that we have a choice, but when it comes into quantum possibilities, when it comes down to quantum possibilities, we always have the ability to make a choice, at least enough of a choice, to create a bifurcation to shift the timeline from the most Frightening possibilities that we’re told and we’re talking about biblical prophecy.

You know there are a lot of very frightening possibilities, in the book of revelation, for example, and in other books as well. So what I’d like to do? Let’S talk about the bible code, specifically the Torah code, more commonly known as the bible code, and from that, we begin to understand the science of how the queries are made and what those codes are actually saying to us.

So when we talk about the bible code, we are in fact talking about specifically the Torah code, the code or the codes that are embedded into those first, five books of the Christian old testament and the Hebrew book.

The Hebrew text itself is called the Torah. The torah is one of the most mysterious texts, spiritual religious texts that we have available to us today, still a lot of controversies even over where it came from and how it originated.

Scholars have yet to agree a hundred percent on where this text came from. There are some scholars, biblical scholars that believe that Moses wrote the texts as it was dictated to him. Others believe that Moses was handed the texts from experience.

In the event that he had on mount Sinai when he was engulfed in the cloud and the fire – and he heard the name of god – and he heard the voice of God – that he was actually given the Torah and yet other scholars believe the Torah was An accumulation of texts that were written by humans over a period of time as uh as mysterious as the origins are.

What we know is that it is one of the most stable texts of the religious texts available. The dead sea scrolls pushed the date of the Torah back over a thousand years beyond what the original dates had believed to have been, and we now know that 3 200 years bp before the present, is when the torah emerged.

However, that happened, now what makes this so interesting is when we look at copies of the Torah, modern Torahs that we have today and we look at these ancient copies very very few discrepancies exist in the text.

It is a very stable text. Approximately 23 letters have been changed over those 3 200 years, and that is almost unheard of when you think of all the translations. That’s gone through and different languages that it’s gone through, but this is the whole point, and what the scholars with the rabbis have always said about the Torah is that it is more than a book to be read.

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It actually is a map of time because they believed it was a map of time. They were very careful to duplicate every letter in a copy to be precisely what it was in the original before we had computers and printers.

This was all done by hand and if the rabbi, the scholar would you know, be 90 into the replication of a Torah and make a mistake, what they said was that that entire document had to be discarded because if they changed one letter in The Torah they would change one letter in the history or the future of the world, and I think you’ll begin to understand why this is there was a rabbi called the genius of Vilna.

It was a rabbi Elijah ben Solomon. He was a kabbalist and he summed up what I’m saying to you beautifully what he said, and these are his words. He said the rule is that all that was is and will be until the end of time is included in the Torah from the first word to the last word, and not merely in the general sense, but as to the details of every species and each one Individually and details of everything that happened to him from the day of his birth until the end, that’s a direct quote.

What he’s saying is that the Torah is a map of all living beings, including you and me, and I’ll, describe how specific this is in just a moment. But this takes us beyond a religious document. So I’m going to invite you to consider this conversation of the Torah as a mysterious and sacred text that was left to the people of the earth to help us to understand who we are and the potentials that we have in our lives in our future.

And the role that we play in determining how those potentials play out you can think of it that way it takes on for many people takes on a whole new meaning, so the Torah was originally received, and just I always laugh when I think of this.

Gregg Braden Q & A Series Episode 9 – In today’s episode, Gregg is presenting one of your favourite topics – The Bible Code.

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