The Way of Qigong – Book Review

the way of Qi Gong book review

Discover this book that discusses the mind-body healing method that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. This book that we are going to talk about today is a very recognized one on the subject of Chi Kung in this case by Keneth S. Cohen, this is a book published in 1997, it is practically one of the books with more scientific information related to the subject of Qi Gong and shows several studies in which anyone shows the evidence of the benefits that this therapy has as alternative medicine in several subjects.

So that is what makes this book very valuable because it contains many tests, a lot of scientific evidence, obviously, it also talks about different definitions of Qi Gong, as complementary with other therapies, as complementary with perhaps diseases that we are suffering to feel better, or even to improve.

In this case, it is very complete, it is divided into what is Qi Gong, which is one of the topics or chapters where it talks about all that scientific evidence. Then the definition, how to use it, what it is, its origin and it also talks about the use of Qi Gong as a therapeutic form, or as a more casual form as a form of exercise, then it talks about different types of methods that we can follow either at home with different types of exercises that we can do, or something more specifically aimed at certain conditions, certain diseases or conditions that we are having at that time.

This makes it a more flexible book, since there are many that are very directed and limited to a single style or application of QiGong, this book the author divides it more into different parts and that makes it a little easier to read, because yes that there is much much information.
It also includes some drawings that show the different exercises and postures that we must perform, but something that they should bear in mind is that it does not have all the exercises drawn, that is, many of the exercises are detailed only in the text, so they are written in the text but not so much the positions that we must follow visually.

Because of the above, positions will have to be investigated especially, or we better recommend entering one of the online seminars recommended here for a more visual guide.
It also contains the explanation of different types of Qi Gong that we have discussed as active and passive and also covers the topic of self-healing, how to self-heal with a type of movement and energy, with a massage that we can do if we do. we have no one else’s help to move all that energy.

It is very complete and there is also a section that indicates which exercises to start with, what type of diet to follow, at what time to do the different exercises, etc.
It is a great written guide for those interested in practicing on the QiGong path, it brings all the necessary information, it also talks about other elements with which we can complement all the QiGong activity, in this case for example water, food, the diet, the tea that is considered divine medicine, so all this information is extremely useful.

QiGong and the Body Immune System

It is also very well directed towards a western audience and tries to speak in an accessible language, so that must be taken into account and it includes a lot of the scientific methods described in the book, which can become a bit more boring for some in certain parts especially the part of the principles more in the scientific evidence but after that, it became extremely interesting with all the secrets that they give us, all the different techniques that they share.

So it is practically a small bible of Qi Gong, obviously there are other books that can be found in my experience I believe that it focuses more on techniques and the different movements that we can do during different days or different periods because sometimes they are used in periods annual, in which case it is a mixture of everything.
We have the theoretical part supported by the scientific part and certain techniques or poses and movements that we can apply to move energy for health, it brings a little of everything, the value of this book is that it has that scientific evidence and that makes it even more interesting And it’s fun if you want to investigate more and know more about the positive aspects of Qi Gong in the body as an alternative therapy and that’s all. See you in the next post.

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