Ho’oponopono for difficult times

Ho'oponopono for difficult times

When things don’t look the way you want, or your plans change, accept and let it flow, it is essential to accept and understand that we are instruments of a higher power that we are part of a perfect plan where everything has a purpose. than. Within all joy or difficulty we are never alone, we always go hand in hand with our divinity who is always acting with love for our good, his time is perfect and his plan is wonderful. 

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

In those complicated, confusing, painful and uncertain situations, you just give it up, trust, do not despair, you are not alone, you are not alone, you are valuable to the divinity, everything is delivered into his hands instead of looking only at the difficulties, everything will be more easy, we all to a certain extent have stopped to question them, am I where I have to be? is this perhaps the perfect place for me? It is natural that our human part questions, distrusts, wants to solve everything with its own reason because when we enter the spiritual path we look for solutions by asking for things to be given to us as we want, but once we understand that it is nothing but to deliver, what it is letting go and trusting, to the one who knows everything everything can, peace comes, each action is precise and free of attachment because inspiration is light.

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Every process, every situation, every person, every problem, everything we experience is just a constant repetition of memories, limiting beliefs that manifest and we must take the opportunity to correct them, the plan that the divinity has for you will always be the best, breathe, smile lovingly and say many times “thank you I love you” and move on. Accept, surrender, surrender to the divine will is the way to. What is correct and perfect when the expectations are delegated by a sincere and deep “may your will be done not mine” everything goes its way and we are guided, to inspiration.

Breathe, Relax the body, relax the mind and let go of the thoughts that come and go, connect with your heart, with your essence, knowing that this is where your inner peace resides, your inner paradise, repeat in a low voice mentally:

“I let , my past, I leave my future and I merge with this moment, I am the calm, behind this emotion, I am the solution behind this problem, I align myself to my center of inner peace, now I stop looking outside for the answers that they are inside me, key of light key of light, key of light, now I only find, my peace, loose, I believe and trust beloved divinity, I know you are working in my life, thank you, perfect source, thank you beloved, divinity, thank you Thank you, Divinity, I do not know what is the origin of this situation, thank you for showing it to me, I let go and free myself, so that you repair them and transmute them into light, allow me to recognize when something must be cleaned and enlighten me so that with your help I can do it, I give you in my body my mind and my soul so that May you purify them and may each impurity be transmuted, thank you, I love you, thank you, I love you, thank you, I love you.”


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“I surrender to this divinity in its infinite wisdom, it has a perfect plan for everything that happens in my life, although now I cannot see it or understand it, I trust in this supreme intelligence and with love it directs everything that happens in the entire universe, I let go and I trust, I let go I trust, I let go and I trust I flow I let go of what I cannot control, I learn to live in the here and now in the eternal present, the past is left behind, I only live in the present I appreciate all the learning and opportunities that this life experience is bringing to me. I bless all the good that this situation entails for me and for humanity. Everything happens for some reason, everything has a meaning and allows my growth and development, spiritual and personal thanks, everything is in perfect time and order, divine in this universe, nothing happens by chance; Thank you thank you thank you.”

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