The Charm of a Sigma Male

the charm of a sigma male

Usually, there is no discussion about personality archetypes, it is normally spoken in binary terms, for example, introverted or extroverted. The truth is that men’s psychology is much more extensive and cannot be measured only in black and white.

Throughout the history of groups, social structures of all kinds of animals do not belong to a certain hierarchy of power, if we analyze the social structure of a pack of wolves we realize that each logo belongs to some echelon or position within the hierarchy of the pack. At the top we have the leader the alpha male the one in charge of leading the pack, the strongest, experienced and cunning of the group, this alpha enjoys privileges that other wolves do not have due to the fact of being at the top.

Below the hierarchy of this alpha are the beta who are the followers, they follow their leader because they trust their ability to lead and the truth is that every beta wants to be alpha, but the vast majority will never be, this is because to do so, they need to overthrow the alpha through a fight.

Taking into account this analogy, we can understand that today there is a similar structure in another type of animal, the human, although it is a more complex hierarchy of life that we are aware of, there are alphas, there are betas leaders and followers, it is the natural order.

One of the things adapted to today an alpha male is that the extroverted leader who governs his social groups through his trust, feed his ego knowing that he has the power to move others, is a person capable of defending his position, and is at the top because he has earned it, nobody gave it to him for no reason.

On the other hand we have beta males who tend to admire or follow an alpha leader, a beta almost always wants to be an alpha to enjoy the privileges, unfortunately there is little space up there at the top and most cannot get there, but what if I told you that within society there is room for another type of man, the mysterious male sigma, that man who lives outside the hierarchy, the counterpart of an alpha male, an introverted leader.

This type of man lives life by his own rules and thinks his way, is a social chameleon capable of adapting to any situation. A sigma male is the introvert twin of the alpha male, his strength resides in him and not in the approval of others. He is a lonely man guided by his purpose and his need to keep improving and learning, he does not usually depend on others but he has friends who know they will be there when power takes over and the presence of a sigma can cause a lot of noise and normally threatens the alphas because the alphas know when they face someone of their caliber.

If an analogy could be made between an alpha and a sigma it would be a lion against a tiger, the lion is the king of the jungle and has under his command a herd, the sigma is a lonely tiger capable of living as he pleases, trusting in his abilities to survive well outside the hierarchy, do not belong to the or that, there exists and they are playing a completely different game from the others.

If we put an example from a movie a sigma male looks at any character from James Bond, he is a mysterious silent character who does not depend on others because he has the ability to get things done, on the other hand, Tyler Durden from The FightClub is a character completely apt to fit into what would come from being an alpha male.

An alpha a leader that depends on his ego or a sigma a leader that does not depend on his ego, which are you? which one do you like?

What makes a Sigma Happy?

Since they are not very expressive, here is a hint about what do they like:

The Secret Language of Sigma Males.

If you know the sigma male traits and sigma mindset, you’ll find out that they have a specific language.

First off, you should know that there are three basic rules to Sigma-Sigma communication:

1: Don’t talk about it

2: If you do talk about it don’t explain it

3: If they don’t already know what you’re talking about, then probably no one can help them, so drop it and move on with your life quietly.

Watch the video to know more…

In accordance with the Sigma Communication Style, this video will serve to describe certain aspects of communication between two Sigmas.


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