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What is it about Celtic shamanism and this training online that I think distinguishes it and that I feel draws people in and gives this practice in this tradition great appeal, one of the things that stands out for me is their reverence and their care, and their respect for the use of the word for the use of language, when you gave, for instance, your word.

We have that expression, giving our word to something making a promise making a vow. This was something that you revoked at your own peril. This was seen as a scar upon your soul and a wound upon your heritage, upon your ancestors upon your progeny because the word was sacred, and so when you broke the word, you broke a vow, it was like a sacrilege. 

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They also revered language and understood the power of the word in the sense of how it could change the circumstance, how it could change people’s attitudes, their understanding of things, how it could, as they say, turn the hearts of men and the bards were very, very conscientious about studying the stories knowing the stories, honing the stories so that when they were called upon in a situation to deliver a story where there might be discord in a village or in a community, it was incumbent upon them to not only choose the right story, but to tell it in a way that would transform that discord into accord.

In addition to that, they used language to praise and exalt the beauty of nature, in their prayers, in their blessings in their incantations, their practices. Deep listening, deep observation, and acknowledgment, and praise of what nature was delivering at that moment.

Was it the Sun coming up? and the light shining glistening on the morning dew? Was it the slope of the hill?, the step of the deer? Was it the rush of the river?, the role of the ocean?, the majesty of the mountain? What was it that caught their eye? What was it that came into their life at that moment to bless them with its majesty and its beauty.

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And then it was up to them to acknowledge it. I mean that just only seemed right. We talked about, you know how important it is to smell the roses. We forget to smell the roses. I mean these are people who not only smelled the roses, they emulated the roses. They praise the roses. They thanked the roses for being roses and extended bless the blessings of the rose to one another. 

So it’s a whole reverence. I think that they have and deep appreciation for the power of language, what it is that we can do, we can use language to commune with the nature beings, to commune with the spirit, the other world that permeates our world. 

In addition to that, the other thing that really intrigues me about this tradition and that I really like, is the appreciation for the ongoingness of creation, the ongoingness of the beauty of wonder of magic in the world as being a kind of force, and they might call, for Instance, the ongoingness of creation and the potential that ongoing creation has to nourish us to become fertile, to grow, to come to fullness, to come to harvest so that we can be nourished and we can be sustained.

They’re very comfortable with the idea of seeing that goddess, that is in charge of that ongoingness of creation as no more than a force. You know, rather than a woman of great stature and beauty which we tend to do. We tend to anthropomorphize our gods and goddesses our deities. We want to see what they look like. 

And the Celts were very comfortable with this idea of acknowledging things as a force, I mean the Fae are a force, Chaos is a force. Beauty is a force. Inspiration is a force, so how do you tap into those forces? How do you invoke them and kind of flow with them in a way that will imbue your life with that creativity with that magic with that beauty with that harmony?.

So those are the two things that appeal to me, the most in the Celtic tradition. Aside from the stories which I absolutely adore and love and never get tired of talking about or reading and rereading, it seems like every time I read a Celtic story, particularly if it’s, a beloved Celtic story I see something new and it can be like such a small detail that reveals so much about the Celtic way of seeing and being.

Sincerely, Jane Burns

Evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism and return to your true self – Online Training

Do the lush, green lands of Ireland call to you with their healing energies of the ancestors… ancient Gods and Goddesses… and the Bards, Druids, and fairies of Celtic history and lore?

These energies, the stories of these lands, and the practices inspired by Celtic shamanism offer us a medicine to bring us back home… to our true Self.

They help us reach beyond the mundane and overwhelm of our stressful modern lives and be more attentive, present, and receptive to the beauty and wisdom of the land…

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  • The Celtic way of seeing and being, and the importance of daily practices of gratitude, reciprocity, and self-protection
  • Key archetypes of Celtic shamanism — including the ban feasa (the knowing woman), the ban chaointe (the keening woman), the omen hunter, and the faery doctor — and their roles in guiding, wisdom-keeping, and healing
  • An experiential journey to the Otherworld with Brigid, the great Celtic Goddess and bringer of spring, new growth, and creative forces that will help you reshape your life
  • How Celtic wisdom can guide you to reclaim your sovereignty — your destiny and authentic Self, often lost in the overwhelm of everyday life
  • Shamanic principles and practices from the Celtic medicine wheel for grounding you in who you truly are

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to draw from the wisdom of Celtic shamanism to connect more deeply with the natural world and the healing archetypal energies of this numinous land.

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