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the divine trinity

Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len talk about the divine trinity inside us, how can we heal using that knowledge for our own benefit, and what is the most important relationship in our lives according to ho’oponopono process and philosophy.

Interviewer: So we really have… or how would you describe the three different parts of ourselves again?

Morrnah Simeona: Yeah, the superconscious is called the Aumakua and is the parental father and the Uhane is the conscious mind of the processor and the Unihipili is the computer and it remembers all the way back to your aspect of Dustin horizon.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Or another way to put it is that superconscious represents the spiritual part of your being and that’s that part that connects you into the divinity, so you’re always connected to divinity, there is never a moment in your creation where you’re not connected. There’s another part called or what Morrnah called the conscious, what we call the mental, the psychologists call it, when I went to the University of Iowa they call it conscious mind, the mental part, and then the subconscious being the physical part of our being. so who we are is spirit, mind, and body and as we understand our identity and who we are then we know that the three of them have a specific function, for example, one f the things I learned at the University of Iowa was that was important to think, but in our process (Ho’oponopono) is not, because the conscious mind doesn´t know anything, it is the subconscious who has a much of the information that you need so what we teach people is the three aspects of their being which is their self-identity and then being able to deal with that relationship between the mother and the child or of the conscious and the subconscious which is the most important relationship in all creation, that’s where the problems lie.


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Interviewer: So thinking through what has gone on through the process of us growing as human beings, we’ve learned through the educational system the importance of how we develop ourselves, we have really tune more to (the intellectual way) what is going on right now in the intelligence portion of ourselves and we’ve left behind the development of the other two selves.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: What has happened is that we no longer come as children but we come with all of our intellect, but our intellect is not sufficient to really handle the problems, for example in the area of schizophrenia we have a lot of research on mental illness but when you really look at our track record where all the information we have people don’t get well who have that problem, they must be managed with drugs or with behavior mod, but the process that we’re teaching, you’re actually going to the cause and not having to deal with the behavior. When you raise the cause much of the symptoms and the effects go.

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Interviewer: So it’s, in understanding, it is like a child being born within each one of us as we learn this and it is developing that child so we’ve come full circle… um

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: It’s actually developing a loving relationship with yourself between the conscious and the subconscious, the mother and the child, that is the most important relationship. Once you learn that relationship, that child will be able to do anything for you, because it’s the subconscious that does everything, it breathes for you, your heartbeat, metabolizes.


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