A miracle? a healing technique? Dr Hew Len talks about what really is Ho’oponopono

what is Ho'oponopono


is Ho’oponopono a Miracle?

Interviewer:  I’ve only had the opportunity to read a little about you, but what I’ve read moves into the area of what some might call miracles. Would that be a fair kind of statement to make? I heard at one point or read about a group of people in the facility that were healed of all that I owed them, all at once, without you even visiting them, and yet it was your influence that created that result.

Dr Ihaleakala Hew: It’s only about being 100% responsible. The question is what is going on in me that I’m experiencing (whatever) and being responsible for it, if I had the experience of being responsible and I experience somebody being not healed, what is going on in me that I have to let go? and if I let go that in me, then it let go in them and go home.

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Where are the problems?

Interviewer: Again that is an amazing thing to do that has been said by many, it’s been said by advertised throughout history that we are all capable of that, and yet attaining that same something that most of us miss on a day by day basis.

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: It is very easy it only requires you being 100% responsible, it requires you to be willing to know that any problem that you experience it’s in you, and more specifically in the subconscious, and more specifically what Shakespeare calls it’s a forum full of grievances going on but it’s just a memory playing so if I erase that in me I erase it on everything around me, and if I do that, if I come in peace, everybody else and everything else will do so. So the Peace begins with me.

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What really is Ho’oponopono

Interviewer: There’s a lot of people who are saying similar things at the moment about the first Ealing that needs to happen is in ourselves and then all of the problems of the world will go away Is that is that something you’re scrubbing? 

Ho’oponopono is a problem-solving process

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: the healing thing is kind of something I don’t usually say, it’s more like problem solving I’m experiencing that as a problem in me and if I’m willing to be hundred percent responsible and there’s a way there’s a process called Ho’oponopono and then things can be erased. A memory can be erased taking me back to zero, taking me back to nothing, what Shakespeare called blank, and once I’m there, then inspiration comes to me and then Inspiration comes to everything else.

What is God?

Interviewer: Is that, God?

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: What is God?

Interviewer: Well, that’s an enormous question that I get to ask the questions. (Laugh)

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: I think is Love

Interviewer: many would describe that as God

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: Welcome do that and this one describe it as love 

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Ho’oponopono and Schizophrenia

Interviewer: Well and, as I cite many avatars have said, some other things, but you’re saying now: it’s a simple thing, so is this something that I or anyone can put into practice? Ho’oponopono is a specific set of things that people can put into practice in or…

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: not so much a specific set of thing, but one has to be a hundred percent responsible. One has to say: hey something’s going on, it’s not, that’s not I’m in the presence of a schizophrenic person. That person got fully complete, perfect alright, what’s going on in me that I see that imperfection, and it’s, it’s a data replaying, the whole universe is run by data, so the data is me, is saying that there’s something wrong with the person when actually the data is in me, and I get to make amends of that, it’s called problems solving. I could ask the I am or loving me to say I’m sorry, please forgive me, and then erase it. 

Interviewer: So, when you call a problem solving, is that also to do with the baseball cap that says don’t take me too seriously, don’t think I’m too smart. 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: I’m just another person. I’m a person here on this earth, and my only purpose for being here on this earth is to make amends for the errors I’m not here to do anything else.  I’m only here to say oh If I see Mary curler there and there’s something about her I don’t like I know it’s a memory. I take responsibility for it. 

Ho’oponopono and Killers

Interviewer: Does this step out to such thing as there was a man who killed a lot of people in Tasmania several years ago, a man called Martin Bright and he went mad as far as we could tell shot a lot of people and is now in prison and supposedly, not recovering particularly well, taking 100 % responsibility would say that I am responsible for that.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: No, I am responsible for the memory of that. I’m responsible for the data in me. So if I were, if he were assigned to me at which I’m, I’m. not here to do anything of that. But if I had a, if he were a part of my caseload – and I would ask myself what’s going on in me that he is in my presence, what’s going on in me that he is… I’m experiencing it. And I can let that go.
And when I can let that go he’ll be fine. The idea is, the prisons won’t do any of that sort of psychiatric treatment, massage therapist, because ultimately they like I’m talking to you, before I talk to you, I’ve been working on my whatever times I have was you, what’s going on in me, then I’ve tried with you and your family relatives and ancestors with this tree, and the land, I’m just here to make amends, that’s my only purpose for existence, something I need to take care of. So I’m only here in this existant to erase the data in me that I see as problems.

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What about people that are “healers”?

Interviewer: When I saw that about healers that’s uh, essentially they’re people who created more problems in the past, and so they’re back to will be paid for healing this time.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: maybe I’m not here to get paid. I’m here to be free. So if I’m, I can get to that point where I’m memory free then What happens to me? I get inspired and everything around, the whole cosmos gets inspired. They get their own information in there. They get their own ability to solve problems,  but it begins with me. 

Interviewer: It’s, a beautiful concept. 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: It works too

Interviewer: that’s good

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah and it’s easy to do. For example, as I’m sitting here, I’m. I’m, saying to myself mentally, I loved you. So Jesus said: love your enemy, so my only enemies are what Shakespeare called, a rebel called a memory,  memories replaying so you have to find “what’s going on in me” whatever connection time that you are showing up in my life that I have to make amends I will do that.

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Can we really know how to heal or solve problems?

Interviewer: Do we have any of this? 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: What happened is that most people don’t you, the conscious mind, is only aware of 15 or 14 bits of information of the subconscious from 11 million per second.

So we’re clueless. We have none, there’s nobody on the earth that knows anything, we’re clueless, we are only here to erase since there’s a part of us already knows what the problem is, I will make amends.

The Problem Solving Process of Ho’oponopono

Interviewer: Will you show me a little of what Ho’oponopono does?, 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah so for me before seeing you, before coming here, I would say to myself what data, what memories are going in me that I’m here, What’s that I need to make amends for? and I simply say to the data I love you! Thank you.

So there are a variety of ways to begin the problem-solving process, but it’s about love, appealing to love to erase the data in me that I experienced as problems.

I love you, thank you

Ho'oponopono Ginger Snaps

Ho’oponopono Ginger Snaps

Interviewer: gingersnaps, we’re here to share gingersnaps?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah that’s very simple. We do. The nice thing about this, Is that you, the idea is to come as a little child, so to be open to whatever comes up our way of being so this is a cleaning process when you open it. 

Interviewer: Thank you

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: So the process is about loving your enemies, and the enemies are only the memories in you, so please… yeah. So this is about problem-solving, so it’s about me taking 100 % responsibility, and the only thing I have to do is eat it, it’s easy. 

Interviewer: So you’re eating the problem. 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: No, I’m eating the information that will release the problem. I’m eating love.This is love I’m eating. I’m saying to love. I am sorry for whatever… 

Interviewer: Then I’m taking the longer…

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Ok. I’m sorry for whatever is going in me and love is the only thing that can transform.

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