Ho’oponopono Advanced Certification Program Review

Ho'oponopono Advanced

Not so many people know about this interesting Program. But I think it is something that, if you are in love with Ho’oponopono, you should look at it.

This course is destined for those who have completed the Basic Certification Program but in fact, it is open to all public.

In this Program, we have a broader view of Ho’oponopono Practice and it includes 9 different teachers to support all the 8 hours of training:

  1. Dr. Joe Vitale. The teacher you already know in this field.
  2. Mathew Dixon: He is a musician and has a special music album with Ho’oponopono Frequencies and Messages with Dr. Joe Vitale.
  3. Dr. Steve G Jones. A celebrity in the world of Hypnosis, and it is very interesting how he contributes to this Ho’oponopono Program. In fact, he has a great program named Total Money Magnetism about programming your mind to be a Millionaire.
  4. Michael Abedin. Known in the world of Reiki
  5. Chuck Pennington: co-presenter in some Training programs with Dr. Joe Vitale.
  6. Dr. Mary Oz: I love this girl, she has a program with 7 steps to empower yourself with Ho’oponopono and such beautiful books like “Ho’oponopono a Mama’s Prayer” which is a book about Ho’oponopono for kids!
  7. Marissa Perks: who has a blog and courses about essential oils.
  8. Kit Holmes: Also a musician which infuses messages in her music to help others in their shifts. Here you can hear one of my favorite songs of her.
  9. Harry “B Happy” Bartholomew: He uses bowls and gongs in healing practices.

The Program has 25 modules, beautifully orchestrated to scale in vibration and knowledge with Ho’oponopono! Know More about Advanced Ho’oponopono Certification Program Here.

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