10 Minutes of this a Day and your Dreams can Come True?

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Can dreams really be achieved in 10 minutes? (Guest post) Can one possibly get things done so simply, quickly, and effectively yet only spend a teeny-weeny fraction of his time every day? Are there any real people who have actually done this? Can I do it too? Would you believe me when I say, “Yes, it is quite possible?”

The dreamer that I am, I never allow myself to stop looking for help on how to become a better person – somebody who can go for the gold and be victorious every time. Self-help books, consultations with professionals, inspiration from successful people – have become my resources and my guide. I try to apply the lessons to my own life and I wait for the same streak of success to land on my doorstep. Some were helpful, some didn’t work for me at all and I grew thinking, “What else is there that I haven’t done yet?”

The questions stopped when I learned about Sculptor 3. I have been around the Internet for some time now researching for things I could make some use of and this is by far, the goldmine. I have found the Holy Grail in self-help and it is quite technological. Surprisingly, Sculptor 3 has combined the spiritual, esoteric concepts of affirmation and visualization with new-age technology and it is working wonders!

I have stumbled upon the idea of affirmation upon observing some of the most successful people I have ever met. These people are so sparked-up and energized in their work, home, and community that I got so curious. I ask them how they seem to be living the good life and they share to me the same thing – they have daily affirmations of their goals every day and they keep them religiously. I had to believe instantly as each individual would tell me that that is their “secret’.

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Now I have a secret of my own to tell you. Sculptor 3 is working its magic on my life now and I am enthralled. I have set a path for myself and made some goals that I affirm and visualize everyday for just 10 minutes in front of my computer. My mantra of success and happiness became so solid that my dreams have begun manifesting themselves little by little, step by step. The great thing about it is, that I’m getting all the help I ever needed in just one box that only took me a while to start up, study, and become used to.

Sculptor 3 taps into my subconscious self and programs it to stir things up around me in such a way that it all becomes favorable. The techniques of metaphysics, which escaped me before, are now doing their process in my life and are molding my destiny for me through the affirmations I set. What’s more, there’s no long list of technical requirements – just your dreamer self, the ability to type on a computer keyboard, and the 10 minutes every day to do the affirmations and visualizations.

There are 7 methodologies that have been packed together to train the mind of every dreamer there is: affirmations, visualization, alpha sound technology (for meditative purposes), subliminal technology, sentence completion, goal setting, and total brain synchronization (for development of intuition).

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I have a brilliant career now that I see getting brighter each day. I will soon achieve my own place in the business arena and I will become successful. My family is soon going to have a taste of that European tour we’ve been dreaming about for ages. The house we’ve drawn in our minds will soon enough become a reality. Everything’s been set and I couldn’t be more excited.

What are your dreams? There is no limit to what the mind can conceive so dream big. Do you want things to start happening too on your end? Are you willing to give 10 minutes of your day every day? Would you let Sculptor 3 do its magic on you too?

Let me know so we can share stories and become more than just dreamers.

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