The Rule of Five -The Secret To Self Motivation

The Rule of Five the secret to success

Pursuing your dreams can actually feel very “un-exciting” at times, can’t it? Like, let’s get real for a second. You have a dream in your heart, you make plans to achieve this big, audacious goal… but then here it comes — you have to go to work to see this dream come to pass…

…you have to start the small, mundane habits day-in and day-out that lead you to the success of your dreams.

…or else, you just have a wish, right?

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But God gave us this little thing called motivation, and motivation will get you started. Where there’s no will, there’s no way, right? Self-motivation is a big key to success. But how do you stay motivated to continue doing the small, repetitive (but meaningful) things that lead to great success… like a morning routine?

Years ago, I found a “rule” that got me out of a rut and into a routine that transformed my entire life. I’m finally sharing this rule with you.

So, today I want to share a great tip with you this is a great concept that will have a huge impact on achieving any goal that you decided to accomplish this concept is called the Rule of Five and I got this idea from John Maxwell and Jack Canfield best-selling author.

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So what The Rule of five says:

  1. First, you need to set a big goal, a goal that could have a huge impact in your life your professional life, your personal life, etc. So first you establish what is the one thing that could really have a huge impact on your life.
  2. Then, you commit to every single day do at least five things that will get you closer to achieving this goal.

What happens? well think about it, like imagine you are in the middle of the forest there’s this huge very very big tree that you would like to take down, so it would be like every day with an axe are taking five very very strong heads to the tree. Now I don’t care how big the tree is, I don’t care how thick it is, sooner or later that tree will come down.

It’s exactly the same thing with your goals, so either is this big thing that you really really want to accomplish and you’re committed to do, what you should do is follow the rule of five. Every day do five things that will get you closer to achieving this goal.

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Benefits of the Rule of 5

Now what are the benefits, well the great thing about it is it gives you momentum every day you’re moving towards your goal, every day you’re getting closer and closer.

Another great benefit is that there will be a moment that you might run out of ideas right? run out of ideas of what to do and what five things to do but you have the commitment right? so this will force you and will push you to think outside the box to come with creating ideas that you know sooner or later may become great ideas you haven’t taught at the beginning and these are the type of ideas that will really make a big difference on your journey to achieve your goal.

So this is it rule of five, every day five things, stay committed, act, go for it and well I wish you the best, I wish that you will accomplish your goals.

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How to stay motivated to do the 5 things

A very common question about this rule is how do I stay motivated to do these 5 things every single day? And the answer is simple but powerful: you have to have a clear vision of your goal, of your dreams, that’s “the why” for you to get up and do all the things, your family, the lifestyle, your health, the experiences you wanna have and what that means to you.

“The key to your future is finding a vision that imposes self-discipline on you” – Miles Monroe

“Begin with the end on mind” – Stephen Covey

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