secret to money in marriage

Gain an understanding of how to handle finances in marriage. Discover how you can prosper greatly in the marital context without stress. God bless you as you watch this teaching by the man of God, Pastor Obed.

It is very interesting how this pastor mentions something that is often omitted or misinterpreted in the Christian faith, regarding the handling of money in a marriage.

It all starts with the question of whether a couple should give their offering or tithe together or separately.
In this case, the pastor Obed from Africa, emphasizes the fact that a key point for the finances of marriage is that the woman has her own because it is even her duty and her right. And if the man has everything and the woman nothing, a weakness is created in the marriage.

Yes, while the man could fall into the error of feeling more secure, in fact, by leaving the woman without something of her own, he is creating weakness in her own family. And if the woman works only as a housewife, it is still a job and something should be agreed that she should receive either biweekly or monthly as compensation for herself.

In that case he recommends that the woman agree:

  1. What will be the conditions of service? How much will I receive per month for not working and dedicating myself to the home.
  2. When service benefits end
  3. What are my bonuses and benefits?

And he quotes the biblical case of Joanna in Luke 8: 3
Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.

The fact that the woman has her own private property and hers and even her own bank account mention it because previously and more in a country like Africa this has been omitted in favor of the woman being only the mistress of the home. The problem with this vision is, that if the woman is not given something of her own, she is left unprotected in situations such as conflict, emergencies, or the death of her husband.
So she advises women not to be lacking in something of their own.
It also warns that the above does not contradict the fact that, everything produced must be centrally directed to the home and presented to the husband, but prior to that it must already be agreed how much of it will return to the woman’s hands to be her own.

It indicates that the woman can have her private account even when the husband does not know because that is where she handles everything that has already been counted as hers to her liking and is not obliged to give more, and can even say “I don’t have money ”even if she has her private account.

But for the male, this pastor indicates that he cannot just say I don’t have, that the male was created with the strength to look for something to bring home, but if he really left he made the effort and has not succeeded then there he can support the woman, but only under those high pressures.

I think that regardless of whether we are of the Christian faith or not, this reflection is relevant in that if both members of the marriage, man and woman, have their own, they will be strengthened and more secure and if so, then marriage as a company will also be stronger and have a better chance of success.

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