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the secret to beautiful relationship

Sadhguru decodes the mechanics of relationships and gives a recipe for friction-free and healthy relationships in life.  Yogi, mystic, and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

Basically, If you are thinking that another person should be the source of joy for you, or whatever else for you, then someday the relationship will turn bad. This applies to all kinds of relationships, not only body-based relationships (sexual relationships), because we have a relationship with all kinds of people, family, friends, business partners, even pets, the earth, etc, but now in the modern world the word “relationship” has a reduced meaning almost only for body-based relationships (between a man and a woman or any other combination), and that’s a poor way of thinking about relationships.

This is a narrow view where people think that there is no relationship until two bodies are connected, this is a regressive step in terms of understanding a relationship. This is why Sadhguru invites us to change our definition of relationships, there is a wide variety of relationships that we can hold in our lives, the physical is not the only kind of relationship, there are many kinds of relationships that humans are capable of.

Physical relationships are only for other creatures that do not have the same capacity of connection as humans, we are capable of connecting in a beautiful variety of ways, and not only with our bodies, there can be profound relationships without touching each other.

If you build a romantic relationship based on a profound connection then the interest in the body will have always fuel and will be natural, but if you have the interest in the body as the forefront the relationship will last only as much as the attraction last, but after time people will get bored and then you will try to look better or something but will be useless, so it’s important to know that.

You have to found your relationship in dimensions other than physical for it to be long-lasting and beautiful. When you build a relationship you have to think about this in a first way: how many ways can I contribute to the other person, but what about if you contribute and the other person does not give anything? well, in that case, you don’t have any relationship.

In the modern world, it is considered that good business is giving little and receiving a lot, that is why many people are reluctant to contribute in a relationship and are more interested in what they are going to receive. But if you want a beautiful relationship your thinking must be how you can pour yourself out, the secret is to know that there is a fulfillment in giving but you don’t have to allow exploitation, that’s not a healthy relationship.

If the relationship happened only because the other person satisfies your needs, at first you will be grateful and happy, but if you do not give in return or connect in more dimensions with the other person, eventually things will go wrong, and then things end up hating or you hate yourself, but there’s no need of that. Instead, you can make some compromises, yes, and please be open to this because if you cannot bend you have to break yourself right? If you have a love for somebody is worth compromising everything, but if you don’t, it’s better to move on away, because without a profound connection and without love then the proximity of bodies will become obscene, stay tuned because if that happens in your relationship it is better to distance each other.

Search for a deeper connection in different dimensions and use all your human capacity to relate in different ways beyond the body and your relationship will always have beautiful lubrication and fuel to evolve, grow and enjoy life.


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