Glass of Water – Ho’oponopono Tool

lass of water hooponopono tool

In ho’oponopono, various auxiliary tools are used to help us cleanse and erase negative subconscious memories that have accumulated and that prevent us from being able to be in the present and receive divine inspiration. Among these tools, we have one called “The glass of water”.

The glass of water technique has as its main objective to help us overcome difficulties and return to a harmonious state with our divine trinity (conscious, subconscious, and subconscious) and performs a constant cleaning function at all times.

In this article, we will present what you need to practice and what are the steps to perform this Ho’oponopono technique. Remember that Ho’oponopono goes beyond the law of attraction and focuses rather on the law of inspiration where we humbly accept that perhaps we do not have all the answers but we are willing to have more clarity to receive divine inspiration, For this reason, it is important that you do not have expectations, but that you let go and trust that you will receive everything you need so that the best, the most correct and the most harmonious for you happens.

glass of water hooponopono

What is needed to practice the Ho’oponopono glass of water technique?

To practice this ho’oponopono tool called the glass of water you will need:

  • a transparent glass cup, no matter the shape or size but it does not have drawings on it but it is totally transparent.
  • a sheet or piece of paper.
  • pencil, marker or pen to write.

The Glass of Water in Hoponopono helps to clarify or clear up confusing situations. Water clarifies and dilutes what is uncertain.

5 Steps for an Effective Ho’oponopono Practice

Steps for the Ho’oponopono Glass of Water Tool

  1. Fill the recipient with three-quarters (¾) of water and place it in the place you want, which can be related to the environment you want to have more cleanliness.
  2. As a second step, write on the sheet or piece of paper the theme or area of ​​life that you want to be cleared, that is, what you want to be cleaned.

For example, you could put “abundance”, “love partner”, “work”, etc. Also, you can put qualities that you want to increase with greater harmony and clarity such as trust, inner peace, detachment, love, etc.

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In the event that you have several topics that you want to work on, you can place several glasses of water with their notes on the paper below.

It is simply leaving it there, but yes, as part of paying attention to it, you should change the water at least twice a day. If the situation is very intense, heavy and worries you a lot, then you can change the water as many times as you think necessary, until that feeling of disgust or concern begins to fade in you.

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How to use the Ho’oponopono glass of water to heal negative emotions or pain

Generally, people focus on what they want, so they use positive phrases and affirmative language, however this tool is quite versatile and can also help us heal painful emotions that are damaging us inside, and for this you can use the negative word that describes the emotion such as “desires for revenge”, “anger”, “resentment”, etc.

The steps would be the same, in this case putting the paper with the name of the painful emotion you want to be cleaning under the glass of ho’oponopono water.

 Do not feel ashamed for working in this way, nor judge the emotions you have, it is simply something that must be transited and transmuted. Also remember that as the cleaning occurs there will be movement in your life, perhaps changes are needed or opportunities or decisions arise that you must make, simply the glass of water will help you to cleanse that process and have more clarity so that the best arises on that path. and in the experience you need to live to grow and acquire more wisdom.

In a nutshell, the glass of water ho’oponopono tool helps to cleanse the negativity from a situation or memory. Water is the best receiver of information there is and putting the glass of water will help you cleanse the negativity and start the positive energy flowing.

There is no defined time for which you have to be doing it, rather be attentive to the changes and events that occur around you and stay connected to your heart to know when you can do without the tool. Remember that it is a constant cleaning tool, it is always useful to clean negative memories and this tool helps with that.

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