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What is Reiki? How has this Japanese healing tradition evolved over the years? How are modern magick practitioners using Reiki energy in their spells and rituals? Christopher Penczak answers these questions and more in his groundbreaking examination of Reiki from a magickal perspective. The history, mythos, variations, and three degrees of Reiki are discussed in depth. Penczak also suggests way to integrate Reiki and magickal practice, such as using Reiki energy for psychic development and with candle magick, crystals, herbs, charms, and talismans. 2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Winner for Best Alternative Health Book!


(Guest Post by Sarah Smart – source YT) – Tonight I’m going to be talking about Reiki Reiki is a universal life force energy? That’S all around us! So with Reiki there are so many different traditions of so many different types of Reiki and they go through three different achievements: Reiki one you learn hand, positions Reiki two you can learn how to do Reiki from a distance r AQ setting it distance healing is just Like saying a prayer for someone, it works in the same manner as we know everything in this world.

Everything with our thoughts, it’s all about intentions. So what Reiki does? Is it just Tunes you in to the life-force energy? That’S all around us. We already have it going through us, we already have it within us.

It just helps us to focus on it tap into that energy and then direct it to a specific person place thing. Okay, so sorry, let me get back to the levels of a two minute and then there’s Ricky level, three and Ricky level, three Tunes a person to become a teacher or and to past achievements.

So I have gone through all three levels of Reiki and I read so many different books on Reiki and I absolutely love Reiki Reiki really truly does work. It’S amazing. So I’m gonna show you my favorite Reiki book.

This book is well loved. It’S the magic of Reiki by Christopher Penczak. It is amazing, it talks about not only the history which most books discuss the history of Reiki and the origins and dr. Yoo Suey and how it was brought to the United States.

But you will learn all of that in Reiki 1. If you take the class takeover the history of it, how dr. you see, he got the downloads, how he started his practice and then it goes from there. So what makes this book amazing is Christopher is an amazing author. He takes very complex ideas and diffuses distills them down into like common. You know denominator of ways that people can understand in layman terms and it’s not complex the way he describes things and it’s awesome because he Reiki one you’re taught to hand positions so you’re gonna burn the attunement so that you can do hands-on Reiki or slightly Off the body and you’re given the hand, positions, there’s different hand positions.

So the book goes through. That goes through the different hand positions and then Reiki and you get the symbol so that you can give distance Reiki and then Reiki 3 is again a two men. She become too cheap pass on the achievements, so there’s symbols that are used again, though, once you’ve been attuned, what the symbols do it’s like, turning it on or off and directing the energy, but when you’re first practicing, you’ll want to use the symbols, but after a While you can just think about Reiki and they will turn on, but I love this like you could go to the index and say you know what do I want to do? I want a symbol for chronic fatigue and in this index it says, go to the symbol of shanti, which is in chapter 7, which chapter 7 is my favorite chapter, because it has all of the symbols, as well as the index, there’s more symbols.

But I love being given symbols because they’re amazing and they’re fun to work with. I really like working with the symbols and of course I can’t find Shanti. Oh right here. Look at that beautiful symbol.

So Chandi it says: Shanti is a symbol named after a chant for peace, chanting or drawing the symbol, brings peace Healing any disturbance or restlessness by evoking a sense of inner peace. Shanti encourages us to let go of what we cannot control being peaceful in the present Shanti Hills, fear and SAAM.

Nia and chronic fatigue and gently opens the chakras and brings clear psychic vision it heals past traumas as well. Shanti is created credited to pat courtney of milwaukee wisconsin, so I love it that he does not claim to have downloaded all of the symbols he gives credit to where credit’s due he’s really great about that, he has ethics and law courser for pens auch.

I’Ve seen him speak, live about other books. He’S amazing. His school is wonderful too. I haven’t gone to take any classes yet with him, but I would love to you one day so anyway, I highly recommend this book, so why I’m just cussing Rikki right now in this specific moment in time is because Reiki as you’ve heard it.

You know that symbol, can you know insomnia, but really any of the symbols can Reiki? Is you can use it for meditation? You can here use it for healing you can use it like. I stated as a prayer, so my father is very Catholic.

He grew up going to. He went through Catholic school high school and he’s taught CCD for anyone who knows what that is: that’s Catholic catechism that you have to go through if you’re going to become a Catholic.

So my dad, even though the Pope had stated that Reiki is okay, Reiki is not a spirituality, it is not a religion, it is a philosophy. It is, I would almost say, almost like a a way of life as well. There are tenants to live by which he goes over and this I’ll just read them to you.

So this is where the philosophy asked that comes in it’s, not just a healing modality. It’S really, I would really say it really is a way of life. In the sense that Reiki will transform you it, it will change the way.

You think it will change your thought processes on religion. I would say, and not to like sound scary, but it shows you that when you pray for someone that really is working, magic and Reiki teaches us excel about asking for permission.

So you want to ask people for permission. You want them to ask you for a key. You don’t want to just send Reiki this I’m on it. That’S going to tie up that’s gonna create Karma for you. It’S going to create karmic ties to that other person.

Some Reiki teachers will tell you you can ask their Higher Self and that’s true, I would say you could do that for water waves for the earth for inanimate objects. I have Reiki everything. I worked as a caregiver and there was this vacuum cleaner.

That, supposedly wouldn’t work now, whether it would it wouldn’t, I would reiki it it worked for me. It would turn on after I gave it Reiki supposedly my coworker could not get this vacuum cleaner to work, but I would give it Reiki and it would turn on people.

You could break you, your car, you can Reiki computers, you can Reiki plants, like my awesome thing out here. It’S you know: plants love Reiki as well, so you can Riki animals. I give my pets Reiki pets with Reiki they’re, very sensitive, the it’s better to give them distance Reiki.

Hands-On is a little bit too much for them so anyway um. So this is the Reiki principle just for today I will be grateful just for today. I will not anger just for today. I will not worry just for today.

I will do my work honestly. Just for today I will respect all life. So Reiki is a philosophy and, like I said, a lifestyle way of life. It teaches us Accession for yourself and others. It teaches you that we are really all connected.

We are all living and surviving off of this universal life force energy, and so, when you send someone a prayer without asking for their permission or them asking for to be prayed, for you can be influencing that person and their life, and you know maybe it they’re Going to something that they need to go through or they on some level requested to go through and you praying for it.

A different outcome is interfering with their free will. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to go against anyone’s free will. So Reiki is used back east on the East Coast. A lot in oncology words to help with panic, pain management.

It started to be used more out here in Phoenix, but when I first moved out here, I was trying to find programs and places to go volunteer and hospitals were like. No, we don’t. We don’t do that, which I found really interesting, because I think Phoenix is so progressive and there’s so many spiritual people here I mean there’s so many new age’ book stores and shops, especially with Sedona.

Being so close. I was just really shocked that they didn’t have Reiki programs. There are some now I have a friend who does it. Of course it’s shut down now because of what’s going on, even though it’s needed even more, hopefully they’re able to still give that oncology.

Patients Justin’s Reiki, I’m hoping so anyway um. So my dad, that’s my dad. This is so scattered. I apologize guys. I don’t know why I’ve been wanting to film this for two weeks and I just been really blocked.

I have not really found the time or the motivation to film, and I don’t know this. You know I feel passionate about Reiki. I love Reiki. I’Ve been practicing Reiki for a long time now, Oh 13 years, I would say so and I could change a few people to Reiki I’ve, even given a 2 mins from a distance.

It’S amazing! I love Reiki. So, anyway, back to my dad my dad he was like. Oh no, I don’t want Reiki well, I was able to practice on my mom and my sister and my knees, my knees. She loves Reiki she’s, like Reiki Reiki.

She loves crystal. She loves free. Like I love it like, she is all for all of it. I thought my dad was like no way like you’re, not giving me Reiki like he’s really weird. He does not like getting massages, he doesn’t, but you know it’s like I could.

I can send him Reiki from a distance, but he was so like. No, I don’t want Reiki. I don’t want anything like like. No so anyway, what I was saying before was the pope states that Rikki’s okay, I told him that he did not care.

I think I read something that, like I don’t know, maybe some branch of the Catholic Church like now they’re saying that no, I don’t know who cares. I don’t care anymore at the time when I was studying, I did still care and I wanted to know that, like I had stated previously, Christianity was a big part of my life, so you know I only wanted to do things that were in line with that, Because I truly you know, wouldn’t want to do anything harmful, so Reiki is not Reiki like I said it’s not a religion, it’s not a spirituality, it’s a philosophy, and it just teaches us X and moral code and it taps you into the unity of life.

The you know the collective consciousness, the unity consciousness and it’s amazing, so my dad he um. I think this was like a few years ago. I think it was like around Thanksgiving. I don’t really remember at this point but um.

I was talking to my my grandmother and she was like you know. Your father just went to the hospital and I was like oh my gosh. What okay, so I didn’t know, so I got off the phone with her and I I called my dad cell phone and he answered and he was like he could hardly talk.

He could hardly like and my dad he is a loud New Yorker from the Bronx. He speaks really loud like yells. This is his normal talking voice whoo. So for me to hear him being like, it was really like. Oh my gosh, like my dad’s in pain, so they were in the ER emergency room waiting.

He hadn’t seen anyone. He hadn’t got any pain, medicine or anything yet so I’m like okay, let me talk to mom, so he puts my mom on the phone and I go mom, I’m sad if he wants tricky, so she asked him.

He goes yeah and I go okay, so they had to go, the doctor came out or their nurse or someone came out to talk to them, and so, while that was going on, I do my cymbals and I tap into my dad energy and I sent him Reiki so then, ten minutes later I get a phone call back for my dad.

My dad sounds almost normal he’s like hi and I’m like hello. He goes. I could feel that I felt so much better right away that got rid of the pain. Thank you. So much so you know now whenever there’s a situation or my dad’s in pain or someone’s in pain, you know he’s not afraid to ask me for Reiki and I think that’s amazing, because it really is amazing.

If you’re in pain, it will take care of the pain, so I have really bad insomnia and you would think that Reiki would help, but I still can’t turn my mind off, so it doesn’t really help with that. For me at least, but I know some people use Reiki for insomnia and it will help them relax and it will help them focus on something else, so they can go to sleep.

So I highly recommend you guys looking into Reiki videos. I know that there’s a lot of great breaking videos online, look into taking classes at your local, no metaphysical shop or even unity of any unity church.

There’S Reiki practitioners who will teach tricky spiritualist churches usually have people who will teach you could, depending on where you live, even check with local hospitals. They usually have classes like, I said, because you know they will get Rick you to oncology.

Patients who are in a lot of pain – and at that point they just try anything and everything which is amazing. So I love that so I was I’m debating. If I want to send you guys Reiki, so you can kind of see.

I don’t know if I am going to because I’d rather I don’t know, I’m not sure, really how that works. I guess I haven’t you know I’ve seen other people on YouTube. Do it send Reiki to people whoever wants it and I had planned on doing that.

But I’m not quite sure so I think I might see that for another time, but I think I will stick with my format of I’m going to pull a card tonight, I’m going to use the queen of the moon Oracle for you all did you have my Earrings and my awesome moon ring on from chive you creations, Denise is so amazing.

You guys, like she wraps up her your purchases and like nice tissue paper and then ties it really nice with really nice string. But she also gifted me this cute bracelet, and she also has gifted me another pair of earrings.

I’Ve ordered like so me. I asked her and she sometimes there was in like a little. She is so sweet like she’s. You guys. I really like supporting ethical businesses, especially businesses that are run by women, and you know it she’s a one-woman show and she’s amazing.

So you know I’m not paid to say that and she gives us gifts. She didn’t you know the first time she gave me a gift. She didn’t know like I hadn’t, given her a shout-out or anything on social media. So it’s not like I’m getting any kickback or anything I was like.

I said I don’t you know, I’m I’m trying not to be a consumer, but at the same time it’s like. I guess when I meant by that when I said that in the other, video is not to not be a consumer, because I mean yeah, we all consume.

But what I meant by that is, I guess, being on a conscious consumer being aware of who you consume from you know another great thing about this: is I really wanted to stop drinking Starbucks, coffee and Dutch brothers, and all of that – and I really have because The lines are so stupid long, I’m not gonna wait in line like I’m.

Just not like it’s not that serious. So I’ve been making a lot more coffee at home and just checking that and we’re going to local, like the local coffee shop, where they are actually like artisans, like their baristas, like they tamp the coffee.

They pour the shots, the old-fashioned way, not from a machine and like. Ah so I prefer that anyway, so I’d rather support local I’d rather support small business, and I think that’s really important right now.

So you guys look at the back of these cards like they’re. So gorgeous I love these this deck and this was the deck I was gonna use. Like a while ago I was gonna pull a card, so I’m just gonna see. I’M just gonna ask for one card pull what message we all need to hear right now interesting, so I got card number 37 fruition.

It says this is the Harvest Moon as the season seasons turn. There is always a time when all the potential of the spring beginnings is manifest. The crops grow tall and are ready to harvest, and they have done this for from a fallow field into which we have planted seeds, the trees have flowered, and now there is fruit to pick it is time for the harvest.

I welcome the joyous for the fruition of all the intentions I set when we are able to bring something to fruition, whether it be planting a project or a change in ourselves. It is the perfect time to celebrate all that.

We are grateful for and to mark our achievement. We may have worked very hard to bring this new situation into reality. We may have been patient in the way we have worked overtime and sacrificed much to make it happen.

The Harvest. Moon is the time to be happy about our success and to share it with others, our ancestors with danced and sang and have community festivals. Two things: oh thanks. Oh all, to celebrate the fruition of all that hard work and to thank the gods for their assistance.

These times of high energy are also times to really focus on your body, as they can be quite taxing to our system. If we don’t take care, it is often the time we can get ill. This normally falls on the moon, the closest to the autumn equinox and the norm in the northern hemisphere.

Companions donor metal is garnet interesting. I wonder what is coming into full fruition for all of us at this time of spring and planting and we’re just you know, getting ready mm-hmm, so I’m not sure I’m at a loss.

I have no idea what’s coming to fruition. I know that we are all ready for everything you you know go back to where we can be social and we can interact – and you know even – and paths and introverts are ready to get out of the house and mingle and have some freedom back now that It’S over a hundred degrees every day in Phoenix, I’m just ready to go, look cool so anyway uh.

I wanted to read something really crazy. I know that a a while ago I pulled a card for this time period and I pulled in the once and I can’t actually read it. I just gave you what my interpretation and what I was thinking it meant, but I really wanted to read this to you guys because I read it today.

I was join readings for myself and I got this card and I was like what the heck I have to read this. This is this is crazy. I can’t believe it so give me one second to find it. I just have to read this to you, because it is just oh, so indolence is the eight of cups in the Thoth deck.

It says the water of resignation, instinct, renouncing renunciation, self-denial resignation to one’s fate is the instinct of the car. The goal is finding purpose and meaning and the depth of seclusion hmm yeah.

We really have been doing that this time right. The light relinquishing control letting go transformation, okay, so the shadow side of this the card is depression, suicide and self-pity yeah all right.

The quality nullification of values, destruction of the form yeah well, Society – is definitely going through a restructuring restructuring. That’S for sure the end, oh and eight as a result of the poisonous seven malarious loris shows a rotting seed whose last water is mold in mud holes.

In the air there is a stench of fever, swamps where contagious viruses lurk. Listen to that, where contagious viruses lurk craziness of vapors rise to the heavens and on the horizon of Hell, sulfurous light is falling, the lotus is withered and there are only two blossoms to be seen.

Bending over the chalices, whose sighs have cracks and the handles are broken, although water still streams into the bowls and fills the ones below them, the farmland has long turned into a cesspool and their fresh water is sucked up by the morass energetically.

We find ourselves in the dark night of the soul, where there is not even the slightest sign that morning will someday dawn again. This corresponds to the hopelessness of the situation at the end of the battle of attrition, where a person breaks on the superiority of another crisis is the true leading actor of this card.

It is oriented towards complete failure. Only from this lack of success can the insight grow, that we must retract the personal ego and find ourselves anew and the gladness of being able to let things happen and word leave.

This picture warns us of the rotten swamps we are approaching or in which we have already lost our way. It shows that our perspective of the world and our attitude towards life has become moldy and is desperately in need of fresh waters, no matter if we are threatened with decay because of self compliance in the ones or have become stuck and dangerous sectarianism.

It is urgently necessary to change our ways. Yes, yes, but it is. It is absolutely time for us to change our ways it’s time and as much as I want things should go back to being social and having social interaction.

I do hope that this does share. In certain changes, and hopefully, instead of turning to the dark side of it of depression and loneliness that we can find other ways to connect with people with communities such as online or you know, meditating and going within and really finding faith and having faith and having Hope – and you know at this time – that’s what we really need and that’s why you know.

I want us to talk about Reiki because it can give you that faith in that hope it can give you a sense of belonging and as well as like feeling like you’re doing something. Anyone who is religious knows that prayer works.

There are studies that have been done, just as I know that prayer works. I know that Reiki works. It is amazing and I really recommend you all try it out and I wish you well. I send you all of my love.

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