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Hello and welcome to this blog. Today I’m going to talk about a thrilling film called “the secret number” where a psychiatrist is compelled by his patient, an institutionalized mathematician, to consider the existence of a secret integer between three and four. All begins when Simon is a little boy and he met an accident in his mother’s car which also knocked down an old man deadly, this man had some few candies in his hand which scattered all over the ground, that image was recorded in Simon as a memory of that tragic event.

As an adult, Simon becomes a psychologist, and someday he receives a special patient who is a professor with a talent for mathemathics, the professor tries to prove Simon that there’s still another round number hidden between the 3 and 4 and he calls it the number BLEEM because what he claims violates definitely the generally accepted rule in mathematics.

The professor is sent here for psychiatric treatment, but based on some background check on the professor, Simon soon finds out that he’s even won the Fields Medal, the same level as the Nobel prize in the mathematics circle, and what is more the professor got no history of mental illness before so Simon is confused by the case at hand.

So the mystery begins, all this include the reality that there are more dimensions that the human being cannot perceive, not only because of its lack of sensitivity but also because of our ignorance of mathematics, as humanity get closer to understand those other dimensions the possibility to discover a way to even support time travel became an interesting thesis in this film

More About The Secret Number:
Doctor Simon Tomlin, a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, has a disturbing conversation with one of his patients– a brilliant mathematician named Ersheim, who intends to prove the existence of a secret integer between three and four. Tomlin is compelled to dig deeper, but he only uncovers more questions. When Ersheim mysteriously disappears from the hospital, Tomlin realizes that their fates are deeply entwined.

“The Secret Number” by Colin Levy

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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Secret Number” | DUST

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