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Rainbow Reiki is a proven system of complex energy work. The basis of Rainbow Reiki, a successful combination of old and new methods, is the Usui System of Reiki. It gives us a wealth of possibilities to achieve completely new and different things with Reiki than taught in the traditional system. Walter Lubeck has tested these new methods in practical application for years and teaches them in his courses. Reiki Essences are crystal healing patterns or the forces of plants transmitted into lasting carrier substances through Rainbow Reiki. The different types of remedies created in this way can be used for holistic healing and personality development in a great variety of ways. This work is accompanied by plants devas, crystal teachers, angels of healing stones, and other beings of the spiritual world.

(By Frank Arjava Peter) Hello, my name is Frank or Peter, I’m originally from Germany. I live in Greece and I came to burn desireless to educate the public here about Blakey. I got involved in lately about 23 years ago through my brother, who was a Reiki teacher at the time in Germany, and I was living in Japan at the time.

Okay and I went to Germany from Japan to learn Reiki from my brother and I found out that Reiki was for his Japanese healing method and I really into Japan. I moved to Japan in 1989 and stayed there for about 12 years was a very important part of my life, because this is where, while being there, I got in contact with Leakey and then began teaching it there and turned out that I was the person who Reintroduce Leakey to the Japanese, then after several years after seven years of doing that, I was introduced to somebody Japanese, who was teaching Leakey for 65 years, and then I took her teaching out of Japan and that’s what I’m doing here here.

So I brought it there. I really and then brought back a different teaching to the West. The difference is that what I had originally learned was breaking that had developed in the West, so was full of, let’s say, New Age concepts and New Age spirituality things from India.

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Things from China was kind of a hodgepodge nice, but didn’t suit me really because I was living in Japan. I was married to a Japanese. I speak the language well, and I always thought something is not quite right.

It’S it’s all mixed up until I found Kyoko Yamaguchi, my teacher, who taught me the original teaching that didn’t have any of these new-age things mixed into it, and I enjoy that very much. It’S simple, straightforward, Japanese spirituality, just beautiful! Basically, as I said it’s built in our built-in knowledge, that means everybody can learn it, but we have to go to a teacher who can show you what you already have.

I live in in Greece on a Greek island and there everything is ancient. There has been civilization there for five thousand years, so everywhere you dig, you might find a treasure, but if you don’t know where the treasure is, you can’t just dig everywhere and like it’s just like that, yeah you have the treasure buried inside.

You need somebody to show you where it is. It changed my life in many ways in many many ways. One is when you learn a key. You can treat yourself and those around you, your family, your friends, so I started doing that when I was in my 30s now I’m in my mid-50s, so that has made a considerable change.

You don’t need to go for every little thing to the doctor, I’m not against going to the doctor, but for many things you can handle it to yourself. Then I have a family. I have two small children, age, 7 and 11, and they, as you can imagine, hurt themselves all the time they have fevers.

They have stomach eggs and most of the issues, the health issues that come up. We can deal with at home and it’s just really Pleasant. So increases the intimacy in the family, so it’s it’s an amazing thing that I use literally every day of my life.

Of course, it depends on the culture of the country that raki comes to yeah, so in some countries like in Latin America, actually people use it in a good way, because medical insurance and the health system is not so good.

So people use that to help themselves and that’s actually what it is for in other countries where maybe the health system is really sophisticated, people tend to use it for different reasons, maybe more for self-development, or something like that.

So it’s all all different in India, where you have a great history of student guru, master-disciple relationship, your people, news. They tend to use it in that way. They want to get into the limelight of the spiritual scene.

Then they become the great master. So you find somebody who can teach you there and the Internet is a great resource for that. You can ask mr. or mrs. Google to find a Reiki teacher near you, and then I suggested you go and visit that person and see if you fit with that person.

If you think that this is somebody who can teach you something. So how do I know if I find somebody that can teach me something? How do I know that I follow my gut feeling? I look at them and I think is this guy really happy, because in Reiki we say: Reiki is the secret art of happiness.

So is he really happy if he is not? What can he teach me if a teaching hasn’t brought result in his life, then a voice here then maybe I go somewhere else, so you trust your your intuition or your inner voice.

When you meet somebody, I think we make our lives too complicated and we create our own suffering and actually being happy needs. No effort at all and suffering needs a lot of energy, so we waste our energy, creating our suffering most of the time.

So being happy is human nature. How do you? How can you find happiness? It’s nothing that you have to look for. It’S there all the time. It’S in your heart, you just have to grab it and run. We hear these stories all the time and there are stories of personal transformation, they’re stories of somebody being very ill, becoming healthy somebody having accidents healing very quickly they’re, not miracle stories, but they’re stories of Reiki in practice.

I will tell you a few if you like yeah, so a couple of years ago we were here burners. I was actually in the same building, and somebody told us that a client of their set had an accident was a small child whose brain hemispheres had due to trauma impact had separated, and we did Leakey on this child and within two three hours.

It came together again and he got out came out of the coma. Well, that’s unbelievable! What happened? Sometimes we can’t explain it and we didn’t. At that point. We did group Reiki and if you have a difficulty, understanding how that could possibly work, it’s in a way similar to prayer yeah, and we know that if many people pray for one person, that’s a really good effect.

Basically, we don’t have standards worldwide standards. What it takes to learn the first level of ranking the second level of Reiki and then becoming a teacher, so every school has their own regulations.

Some teach it very rapidly very quickly and others take more time in the way that I teach we usually have. Six months to one year between the different levels in which the practitioner is required to work, and this work is documented and checked by our Institute.

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So somebody who has a lot of experience working with people giving treatments to people can then advance to become a Reiki teacher, and essentially it’s like that in breaking. There are three degrees.

The first two are the student degrees and the third one is the teacher degree. So in level, one and level, two, it’s a responsibility of the student to learn to work with people to learn how to watch the healing process of the client, how to watch the clients get well and then after they have well, I wouldn’t say mastered that, because You cannot master that, but after they understand the basic dynamics of how that works, they may become a teacher and when you’re, a teacher, a Reiki teacher you’re responsible for your students, the last one is called.

This is Lakey in English and it the idea for that was born after realizing that I would like to do. One book, in which I put everything that I know – and this is what I did there so the first books are, let’s say time, documents they came.

They developed as our knowledge of Reiki history and Reiki practice developed so they’re like little photographs of Reiki development, and the last book is like a whole puzzle of many pictures put together.

So what I would like to see is likely to go into hospitals and all healthcare places. I would love to see nurses and doctors practice Reiki, not because I’m against Western medical science, I’m totally for it.

It’S a beautiful thing, but we want to learn to treat the whole human being and use all the avenues of healing that we possibly can. Then I would love to see Reiki in new small young families yeah the kids are treated and grow up with natural healing.

This is my future vision for Leakey, quite simple one of the things that we like to do from our Institute. This will start an NGO to do projects in places where people need help the social projects, and things like that.

That’S the my personal future idea for me that I would like to work on. I love to help people, and this is what we do. Thank you very much.

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