Hot Chocolate Ho’oponopono tool for abusive relationships

hot chocolate hooponopono tool dr hew len

Multiple tools have been added to the practice of modern Ho’oponopono, one of the most popular being trigger phrases. Each of these phrases or words has the purpose of helping us with a specific problem, and this time we will talk about the phrase “hot chocolate”

One of the curiosities of the current Ho’oponopono that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len has left us is that He left us tools in the form of sentences, words, images, symbols, and even food!

Dr. Hew Len always left us the message that we can all do our memory cleaning even 24/7 and that it is simple, we don’t need a lot of preparation, just be constant, trust and be aware that we are doing our part for cleaning Of the memories that make us suffer.

Within the aforementioned edible tools, we have “hot chocolate” that, apart from being used as an image or phrase, also cleans when we eat it! Read on to learn more about its use.


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Hot Chocolate Ho’oponopono Cleanse for Abusive Relationships 

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re pursuing your desire to be happy using the ancient Hawaiian technique of hooponopono.

Ho’oponopono can help us overcome and resolve problems and circumstances that repeat themselves as constant patterns in our lives without us consciously understanding why this is so.

A common example of these patterns has to do with toxic relationships, where even though we have good intentions, we end up relating to people in an unhealthy way, conflicts, fights, shortages, anguish, or even accidents or health problems arise, and this is Repeat over and over again at different times in our lives.


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It is normal that we want to know the reason for this, but in reality, what is constant is how we react to these situations and that the origin of these manifestations is found in our deepest unconscious memories. And those can only be cleaned by divinity when we express our intention that it be so.

What can we do then? well, the first step is to recognize our responsibility, and remember that responsibility is different from guilt, in this way we recognize that the problem is in our memories even if we are completely unaware of how they were formed, and this implies that the solution is also found within of us, this gives us back our power.

From this point, we can begin with the cleaning of those memories and their associated memories and thought patterns and thus have more clarity to receive inspiration on how to create new, healthier, and more harmonious habits so that our reality changes.

Ho’oponopono prayers and tools such as “hot chocolate”, which is part of the edible tools, can help us in this mission. Next, we will learn more about the use of this type of tool and what it is for.

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Ho’oponopono Hot Chocolate – Food Healing Tool

The word trigger hot chocolate or bowl of chocolate is part of the group of tools called hooponopono edibles. There are others besides these, such as vanilla ice cream or popcorn.

These tools work as inspiration to put our intention in the cleaning of memories, they can be used as a trigger phrase to repeat, as an image but also by carrying out a specific action; to eat or drink.

This type of food tool in ho’oponopono helps us connect our physical senses with the cleaning action so that we visualize and feel more physically how we are removing the blockages of ancestral memories that may come from times past, from when we were children. , from our ancestors or from past lives, by

drinking that chocolate we can feel how it comforts us and it is a representation of the Mana bath that the divinity and our higher self give us as part of the cleaning. 

It also represents a reward and affection for our inner child or unihipili, since hot chocolate represents a gift to help it heal. Cleaning with ho’oponopono and a bowl of hot chocolate mmm yummy.

Recover the relationship with your Inner Child

What is the “hot chocolate” or “bowl of chocolate” ho’oponopono tool for?

Now that we are clear on the subject of edible ho’oponopono tools, now we can talk about when and what we are going to use the ho’oponopono tool “hot chocolate”.

In particular, this tool helps us to clean memories that are causing the presence of abusive relationships in our life. Whether you use the phrase as a mantra, visualize the bowl of hot chocolate or drink that hot drink, if you put your intention into it, it will help your unconscious to eliminate your limiting beliefs and the blocks related to this. issue.

In ho’oponopono the word trigger hot chocolate or bowl of chocolate is used to work on cleaning memories in which a person wants to take advantage of others, in which there is a marked asymmetry of power.

Also, this tool helps us not only in our relationship with other people but also in our relationship with ourselves, so wherever there are problems or difficulties of this kind, it is a good opportunity to use the “hot chocolate” ho’oponopono tool.


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It is important to mention that “hot chocolate” can help us heal abusive relationships where there is contempt, abuse, or authoritarianism, either towards you or that you are presenting that behavior and want to stop acting that way.

The phrase “hot chocolate”, the visualization of that bowl of chocolate or drinking that hot drink helps us eliminate those memories recorded in our subconscious that lead us to create toxic relationships where freedom, free expression, and freedom are not allowed. autonomy either from ourselves or from other people.

These abuses generate suffering, pain, and anguish in those involved, both those who feel the oppression and those who exercise it, since this often occurs unconsciously and we do not realize the magnitude of the damage.

If you have identified this type of situation in your life, it is important to start with cleaning, since if you do nothing, these erroneous memories continue to grow and damage the self-esteem and self-esteem of the people who are in these relationships. So start with a hot chocolate today!


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Tips for using the word trigger hot chocolate or bowl of chocolate 

Let’s remember that the repetition of words is the way in which we use our level of mental perception to begin to connect with the divinity in you or higher being, in this way we express our intention to purify the unconscious mind of all those limiting beliefs that have been embedded and that are only generating suffering and make us repeat harmful patterns full of anguish.

However, the repetition of the phrases must be accompanied by a deep trust in the action of the ho’oponopono tools, that is, your faith must be present in your trigger word “hot chocolate” for the healing of abusive relationships. Resonate and vibrate with the phrase, image or with your bowl of hot chocolate. Remember that to get into this state of trust you can also use the HA breath taught by Dr Hew Len to reset your mind and connect more quickly.

When you use hot chocolate ho’ponopono, you must free yourself from prejudices, and distrust and assume that you can change your reality yourself when you finally detach from the erroneous memories.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

How to use ho’oponopono trigger phrase “Hot Chocolate”? 

Its use begins very simply, as we mentioned, with repetition, so “hot chocolate” is a phrase that must be repeated as many times as you feel it is necessary.

«Hot chocolate, Hot chocolate, Hot chocolate»

f course, you can start saying this phrase just when you are faced with these situations where there is a situation of abuse of power either on your part or on the part of others, or when there is The moment has passed and you feel the pain of the emotional wound that it has caused you.

Another way to use this tool, which is a form of prayer, is to give yourself a special time for yourself and your inner child, where you play nice music in a nice place and you can be comfortable with yourself, without interruptions and you can connect with your body, mind and spirit in this present moment to use this ho’oponopono cleansing tool and have a nice cup of hot chocolate while feeling that delicious comforting cleanse.

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Ho’oponopono Hot Chocolate Tool Prayers

Sentences These sentences can be used as initial inspiration when using the trigger phrase ho’oponopono hot chocolate or bowl of chocolate. These prayers can be said out loud or just in your mind and can be used to clear and reprogram the limiting beliefs that have led you to abusive relationship situations or where there are anguish and abuse of power.

Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate

Thank you because it’s done.

In the relationships I generate with other people I ask you to be fair, compassionate, loving and to be able to receive the same from the people around me.

Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate.

Thank you because it is done.

Divinity, I ask you to please help me erase and reprogram those memories.

Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate.

Thank you because it is done.


bowl Chocolate bowl, chocolate bowl, chocolate bowl

Thank you because it’s done.

Divinity, I ask that from today and forever you allow me to relate to my peers from love, from abundance and fullness.

Chocolate bowl, chocolate bowl, chocolate bowl

Thank you because it’s done.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has been helpful and you can immediately begin your practice of clearing subconscious memories using this tool ho’oponopono trigger phrase “Hot Chocolate”

No person, neither you nor those around you deserves to be abused, belittled or a victim of authoritarianism, I hope that with the practice of ho’oponopono you can free yourself and never create this type of experience again. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank you, thank you, thank you Ceeport.


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hot chocolate hooponopono tool heal abusive relationships

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