Dr Hew Len and how to have the Perfect Relationship with Ho’oponopono

how to have the perfect relationship with Ho'oponopono

The Inner Child and Being in Peace

Miss Katz: Maybe somebody is talking very politely and then the inner child is fighting or something. So could you tell us a little bit?

Dr. Hew Len: Well, if you read the book The User Illusion, one thing you come across is that 11 million bits of information playing per second, and the conscious mind is only aware of 15 of them. And so since I don´t know and divinity knows what those memories are replaying, then I am willing to do the cleaning, cause then divinity will come down and make any changes in me. But the wonder of the Ho’oponopono is that whatever gets let go out of you by divinity gets let go of the whole universe. So as long as you are at peace, the universe is at peace. If the universe is having problems? anywhere, then the question is what s going on in me that I need to take care of them. 

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Ho’oponopono and the Perfect Relationship

Miss Katz: We always say that peace starts with us, and what about how that s applied to our relationship, when we are looking for the perfect person, then we find out the perfect person is God, that we give up more opportunities to clean…that would show us umm… 

Dr. Hew Len: The perfect person you will find in a pure heart. If you are pure at heart, anyone that you see, the relationship whether the relationship is with the plant, the relationship is with the camera, the relationship is with the, as long as you are at Zero the relationship is always perfect. The relationship has nothing to do with what’s up there, relationship has to do with you, and as long as you are at peace with yourself the relationships work

Ho'oponopono and Relationships

Ho’oponopono and Business and Money

Miss Katz: Okay, so how does this apply to business and money? 

Dr. Hew Len: Well, I think it is the same thing. If you are in a relationship with a business or with money, as long as you’re at zero, that money and that business can do what it means to do. But if you put money first, you put the business first, then you are going to be in trouble. Like you see now, the whole stock market the whole business community oozy. But for me, the money… all that comes from God. The perfect relationship only comes from God. And my job is to make sure that I am at zero so the divinity will give to me what is perfect in life for me. Yes. 

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The first step in Ho’oponopono

Miss Katz: So for somebody who doesn’t know anything, what would you say? Where do we start? Because people say how do you start really trusting yourself, how do you start the cleaning, you know, how do you start trusting on…you’re just like “thank you”, and you let go because you know God is taking care of it? 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Well, I think first of all one has to realize that one is created in the image of God, perfect in every way. And for us perfect means being infinite and being zero means no constraints, no borders, no nothing, no judgments, no right, no wrong, no good, no bad. As long as you are willing to be at that state of mind where you are pure in heart, everything will work for you, and everything will work for everybody else. 

the first step in Ho'oponopono

Why you are here?

Miss Katz: You say that problem is not a problem unless we say it’s a problem, and the problem is not the problem, but how we react to the problem? Could you comment on that? Because you know some people come to Ho’oponopono because they think oh, they will not have any problems. 

Dr. Hew Len: Well, first of all, you are only here as a prodigal child, what does that mean? You are here because divinity loves you so much that divinity is giving you a chance to make amend so that you can be free of your past. Once you are free then everybody else is free and then everybody…you get what you need which is inspiration and everybody else gets it. So ultimately you are responsible, 100% responsible. 

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How to work with problems using Ho’oponopono

Miss Katz: Well, that s great, you know for me for realizing, as you know, you know, I had to take a couple of trainings in order to get to that place but I want to share with people how I was once one of those students that came and told you, “I clean and I clean but it doesn’t work.” And you came back and said, “No expectations”. So, I don’t have any doubts since I let go of expectations and being willing to be patient, you know, but how do you work with the problems again, you know, because when something comes up what is that you do? Because people say OK, OK you always tell us clean, but the question is, OK, how does it look, the cleaning, to you? 

Dr. Hew Len: If you are looking for the bank, let s say you are looking for wealth you can only find it with a pure heart, you can only find it at zero. So, the idea is that you have to give up the world, you have to give up what you think is money, what is good about money, what is good about it, you have to give it all up. And so the way you do it is you do it simply by saying I love you, thank you, drinking the solar water, doing the Ceeport product; but ultimately, you will find the divinity only at zero, only at pure heart. And if you are not there you will be forever a problem. 

clean problems with Ho'oponopono

Cleaning or Desire?

Miss Katz: OK so many people say I’m cleaning I’m cleaning, cleaning… So tell us how does that look — to clean 

Dr. Hew Len: Well, first of all, you can t treat the eye of God as a concierge. You can’t say I m going to clean it and I want this. Wanting something is really a desire and you know the definition of desire. Do you know the definition? 

Miss Katz: No, please share it with me. 

Dr. Hew Len: The definition is being away from the Father. ‘De’ means ‘away’ and ‘sire’ means ‘Father’. So anytime we want something, it’s a desire— you are looking away from God. So Ho’oponopono is about erasing desire called memories replaying so you can be at zero, at a pure heart. Ho’oponopono is only about getting you back to the original state of a pure heart. So who is your enemy? Wow, Jesus said to love your enemies, but who is your enemy? Can you tell me who your enemy is, Mabel Katz?

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Who is your enemy?

 Miss Katz: The memories inside of us?

Dr. Hew Len: So, and, who are your neighbors? The memories inside. So Jesus, all these points that Jesus made, and so with the Buddhas, and so with them: your enemies are only your memories replaying. Your neighbors are your memories replaying. Ho’oponopono is about erasing those things and taking them back to the pure heart, or zero, or what Shakespeare called blank. 

What do we have to put first to succeed?

Miss Katz: Well, before you mentioned about, you know, like the crisis with this economy, and how that means putting money first. So you are talking about Ho’oponopono being putting ‘love’ first. 

Dr. Hew Len: No, we gotta be more specific. We are talking about putting yourself first, yourself being ‘infinite zero’, created in the exact likeness of God. So you are putting that part of you that is zero first. Because at zero that’s where you are going to find the right relationship, the right ideas, the right source of wealth, but you can only find it in a pure heart. You can’t find it in any other place. 

Miss Katz: OK So when we are saying Thank you, Love you, it’s those enemies really inside of ourselves; our neighbors, like you said, are inside of ourselves. Everything is inside. 

Dr. Hew Len: What we got to be clear of, is that the problems are in us. They’re nowhere else in the universe. So it is like giving up the world. So what is the world? Giving up our past memories of what we think is right, what we think is wrong, what we think is good, what we think is bad. All of humanity has a belief in what is right and wrong. And what divinity says is there is no right and wrong. At zero you are perfect. You don’t go into right and wrong. 

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What about Good Memories?

Miss Katz: Yes, you know, that reminds me of a…I always have a question of, what if I have good memories? 

Dr. Hew Len: Yes, there is no such thing as a good memory. You are either at zero and infinite, or anything wrong with, what about my love for my children, well but if you are at zero your children will get divinity’s love, not yours. You want the love of God, not the love of what you think is right for your children. Yes? 

Ho'oponopono and Divinity

Divinity is always talking to you

Miss Katz: Yeah. So, going back to all this movement of the Secret and the Law of Attraction that we mentioned before, people say “”visualize”, “think positive”… Could you refer to those 15 thoughts per second that we are maybe… 

Dr. Hew Len: First of all you have to know that divinity is always talking to you, always. But we blunt that, we blunt the talking, the hearing of divinity with what we think is right and perfect for us. And as long as we think—think being memories replaying—this is right and this is wrong this is right or good or bad for me then we don’t hear the voice of divinity. The voice is always there, the light is always there, it is always there but we blunt that by having opinions, beliefs about what is right and wrong. So Ho’oponopono is about erasing the memories allowing the light to come through and the light was always there. Always. 


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