Dr Hew Len Talks about the Light of God and how can we hear Divinity

Dr Hew Len Light of God Hooponopono

How the Cleaning Really Works in Ho’oponopono?

Miss Katz: Could you explain a little about how this cleaning works? It s not that we are the ones erasing. But how really it works—we are giving permission… but maybe you can explain it better. 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: It is really simple. What we are saying is, the problem is in me, the problem is a memory replaying, and I am saying to God I would like to make amends for that memory replaying my problem, replaying disease, replaying suffering; and I am sorry, please forgive me for that whatever is it. And the divinity has the ability to erase it, called transmutation, to erase it. If we don´t say we are responsible, it’s never gonna be erased. And most people think: It’s you. It’s the Argentinean in you. 

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What about Visualization, Do We have to visualize what we want?

Miss Katz: And maybe they are right! I always tell people that when I found that out I was 100% responsible, I actually found freedom. I found freedom of not depending on other people’s doing, on changing, or saying, for me to be happy. So finally I am happy with my problem, really. Because I am choosing. Ok, so what about that sensation, that feeling, or seeing you’re sensing your house already, driving the car already… 

Dr. Hew Len: Well, the Light is always on, the light of divinity. And that light is saying I know what’s right for you. I can give you everything that’s perfect in life for you. Why would you visualize? Can you ask me that? Why would people visualize, if whatever is right and perfect for them they already have? Why would you visualize anything? Can you explain that to me? 

Miss Katz: So well, because we are not in zero. So we don t know who we are and we think we need those things in order to be happy. That’s the way I think. 

Dr. Hew Len: For me, I clean with that notion that “I know better for me than what God knows for me”, I am always cleaning on that. Cleaning that only God knows what’s right for me, what’s right for you, and as long as that I am zero and pure in heart, whatever is perfectly right, I get. I never worry about money, I never worry about relationships, I never worry about any of those things, I only concern about what I am cleaning. That’s what I’m concerned about. 

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Clean to be as God created you

Miss Katz: When you were In one of our last classes when you joined us in the teleclasses, you mentioned something that really got to us. Every time we remember we actually share. When you say I don’t know you guys, what you guys clean to have money or to have a relationship, you said, “I clean to be with God.” Would you please tell us a little bit? 

Dr. Hew Len: I am cleaning to be as God created me, pure in heart. That’s what the message of Jesus, being pure in heart; the message of Buddha, being void; the message of Shakespeare, being blank. Only at blank, and I am in a perfect relationship with God. I mean, there is no other perfect relationship than being a pure heart, one lined up with God.

Pure heart ho'oponopono

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The Light of God

Miss Katz: Umm I would like to share. You have shared in this year many stories of Morrnah and I’m going to mention some and see… uh…you told me that Morrnah was afraid when she was a small child, to walk across the street that she would see this huge hand coming from the heavens. Could you tell us that? 

Dr. Hew Len: That’s… the presence of God always. So when we are fear… when we’re into fear, or we’re into lack, then we’ve shut off God’s light. But the divinity’s light is always on. I mean, it’s never not on. So the idea is, to let go, to cleaning being repentful and say “I am sorry, please forgive me. For whatever is going on in me that I’m blocking the light which is always present. Yes. 

the divinity light is always on Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len

Morrnah and Talking to Plants

Miss Katz: What about like talking to plants? Morrnah used to go, and I know you mentioned, she was able to fix her own mother, like talking to…asking plants. 

Dr. Hew Len: Yes, for example. I remember one-day Morrnah was asked about a particular person. And she said, okay, you give me a day. And during the day, the next day, she went out and she visited a field. And she said to the field, “Here is a person that needs our help, can you raise your hand to let us know.” So, certain plants put up their hands, she went and gathered them, she did whatever, and she gave it to the guy and the guy got exactly what he needed. So everybody has a different need. And so you can’t be treating people like their cattle where everybody gets the same medication. The Ho’oponopono is about divinity knows exactly who you are, exactly who we are talking about and giving you, releasing what is perfect in life and then giving you in return what is perfect in life for you. It’s so simple, I mean. 

Miss Katz: Of course some people would say “simple for you!”… 

Dr. Hew Len: I think that can be cleaned. We are only stuck because we don’t clean. Somebody says that I don’t believe in that. I say, thank you, I love you, thank you very much, and move on. Yes, Jesus said that there are going to be certain people to which you will offer something and they will turn away from you. Not a big deal. You just say, “Okay, see you in the next endeavor.” Yes, yes. 

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The Story of Shoes and Cars Talking – We can hear Divinity

Miss Katz: Can you talk to us about you can hear cars talking? How your… you heard… Remember when you told us about your shoes telling you that it was going to rain, remember that one? 

Dr. Hew Len: It’s not such a big deal. The idea is if you are at zero, you will hear God, whether it’s a shoe, a plant, the sky, my friend over here, and you. As long as you are at zero, you can hear things talking to you. That’s the divinity and everything. So one day I came home from work, and I took my shoes off as I do here, and I was gonna put my shoes in my closet, and my shoe said: I don’t want to be in there. Then I said: Okay, where do you want to be? I wanna be outside on the balcony. And I say Okay. So I was walking out and put the shoes on the balcony. Then I heard the shoe say, I change my mind, I want to be inside. I said Where do you want to be inside? I am getting annoyed and irritable now. Inside of the glass. I put the shoe down, and I said to the shoe, How come you first of all you want to be in the balcony, why is it you don’t want to be there? The shoe says it’s gonna rain. So I look up right here, and it’s perfectly cloudless. And I go, listen, there’s no cloud out there. The shoe said, In an hour it’s gonna rain. And in an hour, it rained. Because the shoe had its own awareness, and it’s an awareness with us. Yes. So everything is sacred, what you do with your shoe, what you do with your clothes, it’s sacred. Yes. 

Miss Katz: You told me stories like, you know, getting on a stop, and the car’s talking. “Oh, because my owner doesn’t change oil doesn’t take care of me

Dr. Hew Len: I remember one-day Mornnah and I were on the way to Washington D.C, and we came up to a stop sign, and a motorist’s car came up. And my car, the car I was driving said Hello, how are you? And the other car says Ah, I just feel horrible! And my car asked, How come? it said, The owner doesn’t care for me, doesn’t change the oil, doesn’t do any of that, but he wants me to be okay!? I said, “Well…” I heard my car saying, You can clean with it, be 100% responsible! And that car said, Screw it! So the car, like most people, doesn’t want to be 100% responsible. 

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Where is the turbulence?

Miss Katz: What about like that time that you were with Mornnah…at the train? I think it’s some kind of…oh no, the plane, started moving and turbulence and, you looked outside and Morrnah said, That’s not where it is. 

Dr. Hew Len: So like anything else, whether the plane is rocking, or whether your dog is having problem, or whether your child is goofing on. The question is that you have to ask yourself: What’s going on in me that I experienced that? As long as you are willing to clean with that, everything else will be fine, the plane settles down, your kids go off with drugs, your dog doesn’t have any problem. I mean, in the end, it is in you! 

cleaning with ho'oponopono

Flypaper Ho’oponopono cleaning tool

Miss Katz: Okay, we have some tools we use like the flypaper. People love the flypaper. I talked about flypaper in my book. Umm, could you tell us the day you heard a noise and you said what’s that and you heard somebody throw the flypaper? I mean, because for us, we say “Thank you, I love you, flypaper”; and we say, “Yes something really happened when we do that thing?” 

Dr. Hew Len: Well, I think, first of all, you have to say to those things, like “flypaper, I appreciate you.” People don’t say it. They just do it, but they don’t have the appreciation of what they are doing. So for me, I am always talking to the cleaning processes. I’m saying to them, “I love you, thank you for helping me get out  of this.” And so they really appreciate that. They will talk back to you. So one day I heard the things go up, I just heard in my mind, they went, Woah! flypaper and I said, what was that? The flypaper said, “It’s only me, cleaning up”. But one, one has to have an appreciation for life. With the plants. Cause this plant for example, if I say, “ice blue,” and I touch the plant, the plant will give me a treatment that I don’t have to pay for it. but I have done my cleaning. “Ice blue!” “Ice Blue” is the cleaning tool removing whatever ties you have with the plant. Then I touch the plant, the plant will give me whatever is perfect in life coming down from the divinity. Yes. 


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