Chi-Gung: the Ancient Chinese Path to Health, Vigor, and Longevity

Chi-Gung: the Ancient Chinese Path to Health, Vigor, and Longevity

This book is a guide to the history, theory and practice of chi-gung, the ancient Taoist system of health rooted in movement, breathing, meditation, and massage
Chi-gung, which literally means “energy work”: is a system of cultivating health, vitality, and longevity that is based on the fundamental principles of Taoism and the laws of nature. Practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years, chi-gung works with the energy found in all living things to help rid the body of the imbalances that sap our strength and give rise to disease. The simple, meditative movements, breathing exercises, and massage techniques that are the basis of chi-gung can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness.

Originally published under the title Harnessing the Power of the Universe, this book provides a detailed overview of chi-gung, describing the techniques of movement, breathing, and massage that are intrinsic to this ancient Taoist system of health.

This book provides a good overview of the territory of chi-gung for both the curious and long-time practitioners who are looking for a summary view, a worthwhile read.

Daniel Reid takes you through the history, theory, practice and goals of Chi-gung with some of the most fantastic and clear writing ever seen before as in his other works including the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing, The Tao of Detox, Chinese Herbal Medicine and others.

The Secrets of the man who lived 256 years – Li Ching Yun

The book is very well researched and written and takes you from the beginning and history of Chi-gung all the way up to the fantastic powers and achievements of the monks and beyond.

While this is not so much a how-to book as a serious book sharing the knowledge of chi-gung itself, he does include a solid section of various meditations, physical exercises, and other chi-gung techniques showing the steps with numerous diagrams and clear instruction on their practice.

Here is information that can truly change one’s perspective on Qi and breathing and many things in life. Very informative, detailed, and well-organized book. If you are a beginner, there are lots of information you should know.
If you are familiar with chi-gong, it is a very good refresher.

The exercises in this book are some of the best, safest, and most powerful. Warm-ups and cool-downs are also included…which is VERY important!. Also, a history of Chi-kung and its development is included.

If you do not trust “complete guides”, try this book. The title is right. You may not need to buy any other book on Taoism and chi-gung for years. So much information this great teacher and master delivered. Just read, practice, and read again…

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