Gregg Braden and Erich von Däniken – Human Evolution influenced by higher intelligence?

gregg graden eric von daniken human evolution influenced by higher intelligence

Did you know that Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods book was a big influence on Gregg’s life? Join Gregg Braden and Erich von Daniken for an enlightening conversation about human evolution and unsolved mysteries of our past…
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(By Eric and Gregg) hello, everybody, my name is Erich von Däniken. I am the author of chariots of the gods and some other books, and I am very proud to interview today Gregg Braden. He is a five-time new york times, bestselling author.

He is a scientist, of course, Gregg’s research has led to 15 film credits and 12 award-winning books published in 40 languages, he’s a nominee for the Templeton award and he is and so on, and so on he’s a brilliant man and I call him he’s genius.

Greg looking back at your career from problem solver for many companies to science and spirituality, how did your journey begin? Uh? You know, that’s uh, that’s an interesting question. A lot of times.

People ask me, how I made what they believe is a quantum leap from the worlds of corporations and technology into the kinds of things we’re talking about into ancient civilizations and spirituality.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

And I have to say for me: it was less of a leap and more of a progression. It simply made sense. I’m a scientist, I’m a systems thinker, I’m a problem solver and rather than doing that for the corporations, I felt like it was a good thing to do for humanity for our planet.

Uh through my scientific studies. I recognize that earth is at a very rare and precious point in the history of our planet and our civilization is in a rare and precious moment we’re making decisions now that will affect and influence and determine the fate of our entire species.

(Eric) You know my passion for extraterrestrials I for myself. I am sure that thousands of years ago this planet earth was visited by extraterrestrials. They beheld themselves, like today’s ethnologists would do they studied a few groups.

They taught a few of the humans, probably in astronomy and probably some other techniques, and then they left the planet again with the promise to return in the far future. Now, what do you think about this idea? Is my idea possible, or do you think it’s all nonsense uh? It is not only not nonsense, but the theory, the theory of us uh, being influenced by a higher intelligence, is now where the evidence is leading.

The best science of the modern world is now leading us here and I have to say my primary degree is as an earth scientist, I’m a degree geologist but uh in geophysics, but I have a strong background in life sciences, so molecular biology, molecular chemistry, Math physics, computer, science and archaeology – and I say that because it is that multi-disciplinary background that allows me to stay current with the new discoveries, and I have to tell you.

The technology is pushing the discoveries so quickly and they’re, simply not being shared in the mainstream media. So many of these discoveries they’re they are pop they’re peer, reviewed, peer-reviewed discoveries, but they are published in very obscure scientific journals.

It’S very difficult for the average person to read these and what they’re, what they’re telling us eric uh and I have to be very honest. I uh – I am not against the theory of evolution uh as a geologist.

I’ve seen an evolution in the fossil record uh for plants, insects, and animals. However, science now tells us that evolution is not the human story. The theory of evolution breaks down when it comes to the emergence of what are called anatomically modern humans.

We are not only humans, but we also have a mix, we are a mixture of something you know eric the new archaeological discoveries coming out of Mexico and the Yucatan uh. The Yucatan peninsula is actually reflecting what you’re saying they are.

They are showing images of our relationship to other worlds, they’re showing diagrams of our solar system perfectly, showing the dimensions of the planets. The rings around Neptune that we only discovered in the 20th century are in these archaeological artifacts and they are showing the birthing process of humans that have been influenced by these other intelligences.

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