5 Steps for an Effective Ho’oponopono Practice

5 steps effective ho'oponopono practice

1. Preparation: Relaxation and HA breathing

Now that you’re ready to begin the cleaning, look for a comfortable place and position, You can squeeze your whole body and then release it several times to relax on a physical level. Then do the HA breathing to clean and create Mana Energy, if you don’t know how to do it you can see the instructions here: http://zeropointawakening.com/mana-energy-in-hooponopono-and-huna/

After about 10 rounds of HA breathing, you’re ready to free yourself with Ho’oponopono.

2. Awareness

Be aware that the conscious mind or Uhane has created or accepted a belief in the subconscious mind and that this repeating memory is the creative source of the situations that we wish to clear.

It is important to recognize that the conscious mind has no idea of what exactly these memories are, it can only participate in the intention of cleaning, but the cleaning comes from the divinity that knows everything.

If you need more information about the 3 selves of your mind please visit: http://zeropointawakening.com/the-three-beings-in-hooponopono-and-huna-ancient-wisdom/

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3. Ask and use the Mana you have generated.

Ask to the Unihipili or subconscious mind, with love and humility, to raise your prayer of cleansing to the divinity (superconscious).

Also, ask it to carry the charge of mana or vital energy that you have built with your breathing as an offering so that your request to clean is heard.

Now you know that the superconscious participates in the process, that evaluates the memories and can send you inspiration.


4. Use the four phrases

Now, keep your mind focused on the 4 phrases: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. Only that. Do not try to look for explanations or evaluate situations, just rest your mind on the four phrases.

Connect with change, cleaning, love and gratitude.

You can repeat just one phrase, two, three and at the end try them all.

Give thanks to your subconscious mind (unihipili) and superconscious mind (aumakua).

Thank yourself as a conscious mind (uhane).

It appreciates the participation, communication, work, cleaning, and results that come, whatever they may be.

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5. Receive the Cleaning and Bath of Mana.

Remain in a state of openness to transformation and change. Receive the flow of healing energy, erasure of memories, and inspiration.

Trust that divinity will bring the best for you, especially if you continue to clean and erase memories with this practice.

Stay tuned for inspiration and if a new perspective arises on situations in your life.

Close the practice by declaring that it is over and that you are deeply grateful and full of love.

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Final Suggestions

Keep practicing, in this way you gradually free yourself from memories, you can free yourself from guilt and resentment, and your vision and attitude towards life will improve.

Repeat the practice as much as you can, since that increasingly improves the relationship between the 3 parts of your mind (conscious, subconscious, and superconscious), and that way they will work more and more efficiently every time there is a problem to clean.

The cleansing will be deeper and your ability to receive inspiration will become wider and wider.

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I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank you.

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